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Slimplicity Lingerie Strap CamisoleThis post is sponsored by Freshpair, but written by your friendly blogger Kat Griffin.

New Year’s Eve approaches, and I hope all of you have fun plans — and great outfits!  If you need any help making a dress or top look *just so,* though, you may be turning to shapewear — and it may be a bit of a mystery which piece is best for your outfit.  I do my best to de-mystify it, after the jump… Also, do note that Freshpair.com has free 2-3 day shipping for all orders over $30. Nice!

Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh BodysuitThis kind of bodysuit is for those serious “I WILL fit into that dress” moments — and they work. They nip the waist, smooth the thighs and butt, flatten the tummy — and then snap to your bra so that they don’t fall down. I like that you can wear your own bra with it, though. This bodysuit is $72 at Freshpair (black and nude). Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit
Torso Trim Peek-A-BooIf you’re more a “festive sweater plus jeans” kind of girl, but still want to look nipped and tucked, a shaping camisole can be a lifesaver. I like this one because it’s extra long — perfect for tunics — and the gradual compression still, you know, lets you breathe. I’ve heard great things in general about the Sassybax line. The cami pictured at left is $68 at Freshpair: Torso Trim Peek-A-Boo.Another great option for the simple camisole is the Spanx Simplicity line, which just looks clean and simple. At the very top of this post is the Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Camisole — it’s $46 at Freshpair.  (It’s also available in plus size for $50.)
High-Waisted Body-Shaping Tight-End TightsI’ve mentioned these before, but these tights look like they’re amazing — talk about multi-tasking! They suck you in, aren’t impossible to take off to go to the bathroom, and don’t look like you’re wearing shapewear. Fabulous. They’re $26 at Freshpair. High-Waisted Body-Shaping Tight-End Tights
Pretty SlipAnother option is a bodyshaping slip. Obviously, you can only wear this one with a dress, but just look how pretty it is… The lace bottom helps keep it from riding up. It’s $118 at Freshpair.  Pretty Slip
Slimplicity Open-Bust CamisoleThis is an option I’ve only started seeing in the past year or two, but I like it — the open bust camisole.  You may be thinking, but part of what I WANT my camisole for is to raise my neckline!  But this one has its place, too — especially when you want to wear that low-cut dress but still want to smooth out your tummy!  It’s $44 at Freshpair (also available in plus size for $48). Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole


  1. Shapewear is the greatest, even if you are not overwieght. It is like a different set of muscles, so comfortable and sleek. Becaue it is very expensive, it’s important to buy just the one(s) you need. I bought a black extra strength top (Spanx) that takes the place of an underwire bra and goes down to mid-hip. If you don’t put it on just right it has a tendency to roll up at the bottom. It definitely takes an inch or more off my waistline, wonderful when you think some clothing item is slightly too small.

  2. Divaliscious11 :

    I heart my Yummy Tummy camisoles for creating a sleek line and eliminating the dreaded Muffin-Top!

    • I have one and it does just the opposite – it crawls up my torso and creates a worse muffin top than I had before. Maybe I am not the right shape for it to work properly.

      • Your camisole might be too short for your torso. You can anchor it with controlling shorts/pantyhose or even stick inside your underwear.

  3. I haven’t ever used shapewear on top, only the panties or bike shorts for the bottom half. I have a big ribcage so things never fit right if they are covering both the boobs and the ribcage.

  4. I have a couple of leotard-like bodyshapers: built-in bra, crotch closure. They’re great for smoothing, meaning they don’t eliminate my bubble gut, but they do make my dresses drape nicely over the no-longer-there lingerie lines. If only they weren’t so hard to reclose after using the bathroom.

  5. Has anyone had good experiences with any cheaper brands of shapewear?

    • Depending on what’s “cheaper” for you: mine are by Flexees. I remember seeing them at Macy’s for $60 and buying the identical product at Kohl’s for around $38. Its being holiday dress season, they’re now on sale for $29. Direct URL is hellaciously long, but you can go to Kohl’s and search some variation of Flexees® One Fabulous Body™ Everyday Control Body Briefer.

      Cut-n-paste makes me feel so sexy sometimes.

      • Makeup Junkie :

        I’ve been pretty happy with Assets at Target

        • Divaliscious11 :

          I tried the Assets camisole, and it tends to roll unless I tuck it . Maybe just my body shape ….

  6. I’ve just started using the open bust camisoles and I love them. Being a bit big in the top, normal shaping camisoles either fit my chest and don’t do their job on the tummy or work on the tummy and squish me up top and give me the uni look. I wear them under almost everything now when I don’t feel like fighting the Spanx in the morning.

  7. I havea huge rib cage too and I think you would find Spanx works fine in that regard.

  8. I’ve gone as far as bike shorts & thigh slimmers (flat stomach, thanks Ma!), but my new sweater dresses need a little sumthin’ sumthin’ … (Btw, Boden one in pink is super cute: http://bit.ly/ik03po). I’m tempted to buy some shapewear online, but seems risky. I’ll print this out and take a stroll to Loehmann’s (who seems to carry lots of high-end “undergarments” like Spanx, Wacoal, etc. at steep discounts)… Like the word “undergarments” for some reason, reminds me of my Grandma!

  9. I need something that will move some of my “excess” weight up from my stomach to my breasts. I am not sure if this can be done, b/c I don’t think I can all of a sudden look like Angenlina Jollie, but if there is a way to get a thinner wasteline and bigger bustline, let me know.

    • Spanx such as the open bust cami or high-waist panties and a padded bra. Otherwise… consult a plastic surgeon.

      Ya know, Alan, they do make Spanx for men now.

  10. Thanks to this blog, I have become a shapewear convert (I used to limit myself to slips). I am a big fan of the Assets line, by the creater of Spanx…it is at Target and Freshpair. The “Terrific Tights” are quite nice, and are on sale right now ($2 off all styles). I also like the vneck and scoopneck shaping camisoles. The only drawback is hit or miss availability of sizes/styles at both vendors. Spanx is my go-to for reining in the lower half, I prefer their girl shorts and “mid thigh smoother/shapers” to the Assets variety. Finally, I am a devotee to the Spanx wireless bra because of the smooth back.

    • *creator…sorry for the typo!

      Wanted to add, I bought a Yummy Tummy knockoff (Teez-her brand) at Marshall’s and it was soooo uncomfortable, awkward length, not flattering in the bosom area. :( On the bright side, the Soma intimates camis I bought there worked out very well.

  11. I love the idea of the shape wear clipping on to your own bra! What I hate most about the Spanx shorts I own now is that they always roll down and end up creating a bulge around my middle. I think I might be sewing on some fasteners in order to attach the top of the shorts to my bra after this post…

  12. I am a recent convert to DuMi Shapewear. It’s so pretty, and their tummy control thong is the great for smoothing out the tummy area with no panty lines. I buy them directly from their site, www.du-mi.com

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