Suit of the Week: Ann Taylor Wool Sateen

Wool Sateen Collarless JacketFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

I’m loving the menswear-inspired pieces this week, apparently — this collarless jacket with a faille insert seems both interesting and professional. The jacket (Wool Sateen Collarless Jacket) is $218, and the pants (Signature Wool Sateen Pants) are $128 (regulars and petites) (all available online exclusively).  Ann Taylor is running a sale at the moment: use code SHOPANN to take 20% off 2 or more full-priced items, or 30% off 3 or more full-priced items.  Nice!

Wool Sateen Collarless Jacket Signature Wool Sateen Pants



  1. Ooh, I really, really like this!
    Seems like a great basic suit that you can also dress up for evening with a fun top if you’re going out after work to some sort of function. Has anyone tried this in person? I hope the quality is as good as the picture.

  2. Today’s koan: Is a jacket still a jacket without a collar?

  3. Interesting looking. I fear that the collarless jackets will look dated too quickly…I always try to get classic looking suits bc of this (except for that one bcbg suit I got from ebay back in the day…)

  4. everytime I see a woman in a satin/sateen suit I think it looks cheap. . . like some highschool intern trying to play “NY office” and be sexy. Pass

    • Agree. I actually think Ann Taylor has gone way too sexy-secretary since they got their new designer. Between that and the ever-cheaper materials and construction, I don’t think the majority of their clothes are appropriate for a professional woman post-college anymore.

  5. Will someone with more clothes knowledge help me out here – what is a “faille insert”?

    • If you go to the ann taylor website and hit zoom you can see it– basically its the front insert part of the jacket that looks like a vest. The texture is kinda like grosgrain ribbon.

      • Thanks! My monitor is apparently crappy b/c it all looks the same to me- this is definitely the type I need to see in-store.

        • I zoomed in and the difference is barely perceptible on my monitor. In fact, the pattern/texture changes depending on how much I zoom in, so I’m not sure what to think at this point.

    • Tried it on in the store. Didn’t love it. Pretty much a “fail insert”.

  6. can i take a minute to vent? I’m a May law school grad who was having trouble finding a job, so I took a political job until I could find a law job. I had 2 interviews with a firm the past couple of weeks, and I really thought I was going to get the job. I got a rejection e-mail last night, after getting home from watching an election my boss lost. Which means I’m effectively unemployed again, and knowing how long i’ve been looking for a job, I’m not too hopeful about finding something before January when my paycheck runs out. Argh. I was so looking forward to not having to constantly job hunt. Are there any other May grads out there who have found something recently? I’m getting really discouraged.

    • sittininla :

      I’m so sorry. :( No advice for you just words of support. I am also a May graduate awaiting bar results still and working but at a temporary position. Some of my friends have been getting offers, just interviewing at everything that comes their way, working as law clerks, etc.. Wishing you luck!

    • my sympathies :

      Hang in there! I’m not a recent May grad, but I was once in your shoes…I found that a lot of places begin making offers in January so hopefully that will be your experience. If you haven’t already done so, consider responding graciously to the rejection e-mail by asking them to keep you in mind if anything opens up in the future. Good luck.

    • Jules' Law :

      I’m a May grad, currently clerking, but I’m still stuck in the job search for next year too. It really sucks. We’ve just got to hang in there and something will come along soon enough. At least you were able to do something in the interim to show you’ve been making use of the time.

      • Hang in there. I’m not in law. However, I quit a miserable job a few days before September 11 (who would have seen that coming?). It was so unlike me–always the straight A student with a plan, but everyone has a breaking point. At any rate, the openings in my field were suddenly scarce. I did some freelance work, but I didn’t get another job until the following March. I’ve been in my current position since then and absolutely love my company and what I do. But I remember that period as being one of the most difficult of my life.

        It’s hard to continually put yourself out there. And the uncertainty of when income will come in is maddening. I even questioned whether I was in the right field since so much education, excellent internship, etc. didn’t seem to matter. However, the right opportunity will come along. You just need to keep at it and stay confident. You will get through this and be stronger for it. Keep your chin up.

    • Another Sarah :

      May grad, haven’t found anything, so temping until I start studying for the bar (again….argh!!!!). It makes me feel better to think (a) it’s not me, it’s the economy (well, it might be me…); (b) I’m going to work for the rest of my life, what’s the big deal not working for a few (more) months. But keep your chin up!! If you’ve only got one rejection email, that means there’s still an email outstanding; not to mention all the interviews that you haven’t gone on yet. It’ll happen!! Good things come to those who must wait :-D

    • anon in FL :

      Don’t feel too discouraged. I know plenty of people who graduated in 2009 who are in temp jobs, non-attorney jobs, or have nothing at all. We just got a new temporary attorney who graduated in 2009, is barred in two states, and this is his first legal job. It sounds like it is going to be strictly doc review. That’s just how bad the market is right now. I do think that my sympathies is right that there should be more options in January.

      • This is my SO’s situation as well. Class of 2009 at a top-50 school, still looking for an attorney job.

        • anon in FL :

          FWIW I went to a top 25 school. The sad reality is that so many people with experience are applying to entry level jobs that many employers aren’t willing to consider any true entry level applicants.

  7. Lindsay (threadjack) :

    I sympathize with these posts. My girlfriend got laid off a year ago and no one will even interview her. It’s not her, it is the economy. Anyway, back the subject, I love the look of this Ann Taylor wool sateen, but can’t wear it because the cut is way too small for me. Unfortunately, I am a little wide in the rear so it REALLY shows. I have committed to myself that I will lose 10 (most in the butt) so that I can look good in Ann Taylor. For now, though I have to be more discreet.