Suit of the Week: Oscar de la Renta

For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

This green Oscar de la Renta suit is giving me some serious kelly green #suitgoals because it’s just stunning. I love the cut of the blazer and the single button, and the fabric looks very luxe. I think you can really tell the difference between the nubby little fabric that Oscar de la Renta is using here with a virgin wool suit and, say, the much more affordable bright green Topshop suit that we posted a few weeks ago. There are only a few lucky sizes left for the blazer, so if one of them is yours and you also have $2,900 to spare on a bright green blazer, get there soon. The jacket (Oscar de la Renta fitted suit blazer) is $2,990, and the pants (skinny trousers) are $1,190.

Psst: Why is it not April 1 yet?

For plus sizes (and others), Talbots has green suit separates (in a more subdued green) in their seasonless crepe line.

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  1. Hobbies for two :

    What are hobbies you enjoy with your SO? I’m looking for new ideas because DH and I are stumped.

    Hobbies are something SO and I would like to cultivate together, but are stuggling to find commonality. I don’t think of myself as a hobby person because I’m not interested in things in building or making something nor do I want to study anything. I love to get any kind of exercise and I read a lot. Oddly, I like doing errands and don’t mind cooking. SO is a hobby person: he likes to work on cars, is a techy who builds computers and loves listening to music (is that a hobby?). He doesn’t read and I don’t want to build things. We cannot seem to think up any hobby-like activity that we would both enjoy other than we lift weights together, which is great.

    Suggestions appreciated.

    • Rock climbing was a hobby I shared with my most recent ex.

    • Geocaching? You get a little bit of traveling around, and hubby can do the techy GPS portions.

      • It’s a hike with a treasure hunt! Or a bike ride. It’s an excuse to visit all the parks you didn’t know about in your city, and a neat way to explore a new city.

      • True story: I called the police once because I mistook geocaching as folks doing some sort of drug buy or other illegal exchange. Officer had to explain to me that it was really popular with the neighborhood kids. (DH told me to lay off the ID channel a bit.)

    • Anonymous :

      Hiking, biking, get a pet, learn to cook (or bake or some other kitchen skill), join a volunteer organization together.

      For a counterpoint, my SO and I don’t have joint hobbies necessarily but we like to explore our local area. So we read a lot of local papers and ask people for local recommendations for museums, day trips, overnights, new restaurants, new bars, etc. We just keep a running list of things we want to try and diligently work on checking things off the list.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      Could you do fun cooking together? Master homemade pasta or work your way through a Cantonese cookbook? Once my husband came home with some sushi tuna he got a ridiculous price and we had a little Iron Chef type battle with it — it was super fun.

    • Anonymous :

      Maybe your hobby can be trying stuff? Each one of you picks a one-time ‘intro’ class to do each month. Try a different class each time – kayaking, indoor rock climbing, pottery, furniture refinishing? See how many different things you can try in a year?

    • Kayaking, learn a new language, painting, glass blowing. bike riding, beer making, beer consuming (try a different brewery every weekend), furniture restoration

    • DH and I picked up hiking this last year and go 1-2/week now. We really like it. I really want to do indoor rock climbing together next.

    • We play boardgames sometimes. Seven Kingdoms, Duel is a recent favorite (though the instructions could be better written). Pandemic, Legacy was _awesome_. We also like to go to the natural science museum when they have an exhibit that rotates through that interests us. We’re nerds, we like to look at cool sciencey stuff.

    • Linda from HR :

      We love board games and movies – not just venturing to see the latest blockbusters, but going to screenings of old movies at indie theaters. We go to board game cafes, he and his friends host game nights, and sometimes the two of us will just play a game at his place. The Bloody Inn is awesome, as is Forbidden Desert and Dominion, and he has several expansions of this Marvel comics deck building game.

    • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

      It sounds like you already have at least one hobby you do together – going to the gym. What about other fitness-related things? Cooking together?

      Hobbies my husband and I enjoy together are surfing, weight lifting, running, cycling, swimming, playing basketball, cooking, and eating. I know some people don’t think those are hobbies, but meh.

    • We like hiking, geocaching, canoeing, going to live music particularly outside venues, and trying new, unique restaurants. Also, I don’t know if this counts as a hobby, but we also like going to our local liquor store and finding something new to try. Sometimes that is a new beer for him and wine for me, and sometimes it is a new hard liquor which we then also look up weird cocktails to make, haha. We are also both competitive and like to play board games and card games.

      Other than that our interest are pretty varied. I like to read and go to museums, he likes to watch sports and go to the shooting range. We also compromise a lot and he will go to a museum with me and I will go to the range with him or watch our local college team play. But we don’t always do things together and now that we have kids sometimes we all split up and me and my son go to the museum and he takes the girls to the football game.

      • The first paragraph is me and my partner working out, board games, food and alcohol.

        We both lift pretty heavy so that’s a 4-5 evening commitment. We are cider fans and try a new one any time we see one! We did the math and over the 5+ years of our relationship we’ve tried nearly 100! We play all the games from strategy to funny. We also live near a national park so we’re working our way through every trail at that park. Plus all the yummy food to fuel those gains (kidding, kind of)

    • Anonymous :

      Beer brewing – build a recipe and listen to music while you brew

      • Senior Attorney :

        Oh, yes! We actually grow grapes and make wine and it’s a blast!

        • You can grow grapes in Pasadena?!

          • Wildkitten :

            Yup! It doesn’t make the *best* wine but neither would amateurs anywhere, I reckon:

          • Senior Attorney :

            Yeah, this year we called our red wine Dancing Dog Cabernet Sauvignon (“it is not done well but you are surprised to find it done at all!”).

    • You two should cosplay. Crafting to make your own costumes is a lot of work and definitely something that can be shared.

  2. I just literally said “Wow” out loud. Somebody please PayPal me $4,000 so I can buy this and wear it everywhere.

  3. I’m one of the posters who has written lately about having work-related anxiety. I finally went to the doctor last week and was diagnosed with moderate depression. My doc gave me an SSRI and I’m ramping up my medication. So far, my moods aren’t quite as volatile, but the anxiety is still there. The medication is … okay. I feel a little loopy at times. And, I feel dumb and angry for working myself into a depression, which isn’t helping matters. I will be checking in with my doctor next week to make sure the medication is working the way it’s supposed to. I’m still getting counseling through my EAP but will have to switch therapists soon when my free sessions run out.

    All of this is going on while I’m dealing with some insane work deadlines and I’m doing a lot of solo parenting. DH is kind of freaked out and encouraging me to take it easy, but right now, trying to coordinate extra child care and help while he’s away is more than I can handle. Please reassure me that things will get better? I am having an extra-hard time trusting myself right now.

    • Anonymous :

      Where is DH in all of this? He needs to step in and coordinate some of this for you. Can he call babysitters, get relatives to take the kids for a weekend, etc.? Also, you might talk to your doctor about whether an anti-anxiety medication is appropriate. I take Lexapro for work anxiety and it is extremely helpful, though not perfect. It does not make me feel loopy at all – just tired for about the first week, but I think that was mostly because I hadn’t been sleeping at all with the anxiety beforehand.

      Things are going to get better. This too shall pass. But you need to get your team involved to help take care of you, and your husband should quarterback that effort.

      • pugsnbourbon :

        +1 to things getting better. Meds can take a month or so to really take effect and unfortunately, it can be trial-and-error to get the dosing and combinations right.

        And I second the comments below – you did not somehow do this or bring this on yourself. You’ve already taken major steps forward by seeking help and going to counseling. It’ll get better, and you have a lot of internet strangers rooting for you.

    • while i can’t tell you how to feel, as you acknowledged feeling dumb/angry at yourself is not really going to accomplish anything. everyone goes through a hard time sometimes and different things trigger different people. do not beat yourself up about it.

      you will be OK! Take it one hour, one day at a time. if your kid eats pb&j every night for dinner for a month your kids will be fine. Hang in there!

    • My psychiatrist prescribed 3 supplements to me: 250 mg of magnesium, 1000 mg of sublingual B12 (sublingual is important since apparently the body doesn’t absorb B12 well through the stomach), and 200 mg of l-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea). All available at GNC for about $35 total.

      My meds were working well with no side effects, but they weren’t quiiite there and I was still struggling with constant (but lower level) anxiety. This combination of supplements has made an AMAZING difference in my anxiety. It took about 4-5 days to start feeling calm, confident, and free of constant worry. I seriously want to tell everyone who suffers from anxiety about this combo, the difference for me has been so remarkable.

      • Anonymous :

        OP, be careful about supplements as some of them can interact badly with other meds.

        • Anonymous :

          +1 Please don’t add supplements without speaking to your GP or having a physical/having blood work done. I wouldn’t add B12 unless you knew you were deficient as a result of blood work.

    • Anonymous :

      Hang in there. SSRIs usually take at least 2 weeks to start working, so you are probably feeling side effects more than anything else right now. (Most of those will go away too after a couple weeks).

      Don’t blame yourself for being depressed – would you blame a friend in the same situation? It happens. Even if this was preventable (a big IF), you would have made different choices if you knew this would be the outcome, but you aren’t clairvoyant. I spent a few weeks in an outpatient program when I was really depressed in grad school with people with all kinds of problems, and my big takeaway was mental health problems can happen to anyone, and I was very lucky to be dealing with something relatively easily treated.

    • What you are doing right now is enough. You are doing great. You wouldn’t judge yourself for breaking your arm or catching the flu; you get a cast or take the meds and move on. Don’t judge yourself for depression. Treat and take care of yourself – you’re already doing that. The only way out is through, and trust yourself that you are getting through it.

      I really love this Caitlin Moran quote I recently saw: “I am getting incredibly high on a single, astounding fact: that it’s always sunny above the clouds. Always. That every day on earth – every day I have ever had – was secretly sunny, after all.”

      You’re just seeing the clouds right now in your life. There’s sunshine behind there.

      • I love this. And thanks for all the reminders that I’ve already done the hard thing (seeking help).

    • I’ve been through something similar, and it totally gets better. Communicating with my SO helped- we called it a ‘sanity check.’ When the anxiety and sense of doom welled up, I’d just check in with him and he’d ground me again. It sounds like you’re struggling with issues of permanence- when you’re anxious or overwhelmed, it’s hard not to think that you will ALWAYS feel that way, but it truly is transient and will pass. As you get more acclimated to the medication, the anxiety spirals will get less frequent and severe, and you’ll have an easier time pulling yourself out. It’s a process, and you’ve already taken some great steps!

    • If your medication is making you feel loopy, tell your doctor! It may be a dose issue. My OBGYN put me on anti-depressants for PMDD, and I had weird instances of just forgetting what I was thinking about and being dazed. The weirdest example I’ll share is when I was in a yoga class and just froze during cat/cow, forgetting what I was doing. Changing the dosage along with additional lifestyle changes to pay attention to self-care has helped. Breathing exercises such as 2-min relaxation/meditations are great for anxiety. And, all medications take time to work, and are not magic fixes. I wish you all the best in finding what works for you.

  4. Gift help needed. My friend/former boss/mentor is throwing a big black tie bash for her 60th birthday next month. We should give a gift, right? WHAT DO WE GIVE?! I’m feeling alcohol? Wine is a no go. They have their own excellent cellar and are fairly particular. (Which is fine if you’re the sort of person who has your own cellar. But I’m not going to try to pick out a bottle for you.) I’m not sure what else she drinks. I’ve often been offered various brown liquors at her house, but I feel like it was usually her husband doing the offering. As for other interests, she’s a hedgehog fan and has a collection of figurines/stuffed animals/etc. She’s British. She skis. She’s a lawyer. Obviously she’s very wealthy so anything we buy has to be thoughtful or quirky or something since we can’t afford anything she couldn’t buy herself. Also, the party is at a venue she’s rented, not at her house. So do we bring the gift to the party? That seems awkward. Or do we have it sent to her house earlier in the week?

    • Anonymous :

      I wouldn’t bring a gift to the party — simply bc they’ll have to carry it home. Why not send something the day of or week of? I don’t know why this was my first thought — but art? A book? If all else fails, flowers or an upscale food gift sent home on her actual birthday?

    • Flowers. She doesn’t need more things.

    • Anonymous :


      What is a “hedgehog fan”?

      • Anonymous :

        Someone who likes hedgehogs obviously! I am not one though. They’re cute but they’re MEAN.

      • She’s a member of this organization, which is about the most English thing ever (I swear the newsletters I’ve seen on her desk are full of pictures of people with no chins and big teeth and names like Neville Wiggleton-Smithers.)

    • Never too many shoes... :

      Send her a big bouquet of flowers to her house so she has something gorgeous to enjoy for after the party.

    • Anonymous :

      Why not send flowers after the party with a note about the great time you had?

    • OMG Flowers! Perfect! I can’t believe that never occurred to me. Thank you!

    • Anonymous :

      Chocolate hedgehogs! Or hedgehog jewelry. I too, am a hedgehog fan, obviously.

    • I suggest 60 small gifts: 60 oragami cranes, 60 fortune cookies, 60 pennies (bonus if they’re all from a significant hear for her) or mail her 60 post cards. Or something 60 years old (I’m thinking 60 yo scotch, but have no idea how much it would cost.)

      • networking :

        Gosh no way. This is so overkill. Go with flowers.

      • Senior Attorney :

        I’m gonna be 60 next year. Please don’t mail me 60 post cards.

        I would be interested in 60 bottles of scotch, though…

      • There are hedgehog chocolates:

        This is probably not in budget but its an antique silver hedgehog pin cushion.

        • Or if she wears french cuff shirts that need cufflinks, what about silver hedgehog cufflinks. I imagine you could find some on etsy.

      • That’s so wasteful. Nobody is going to save 60 paper cranes or postcards and they’re just going to take up space in a landfill. If you get 60 of something, it should at least be easy to consume or pass on to friends who might enjoy.

    • Senior Attorney :

      We are throwing a gigantic party for my husband’s big birthday, tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

      We debated about whether to say “no gifts,” and we decided to follow the old etiquette rule that it’s rude to mention gifts on the invitation, even to say please don’t bring any. But honestly the last thing we need is for people to bring a bunch of things to the party.

      That said, I think a bouquet of flowers the day after is fine. But really, honest to goodness and for reals, it’s perfectly fine to just send or bring a nice card.

    • Anonymous :

      Or you could make a donation to her hedgehog charity – – she might really appreciate that!

  5. I just realized I am really boring!! Instead of working, I am thinking about what I am going to wear to a smallish-venue Son Little concert tonight . . . and this is what I came up with:

    (1) black skinnies, flowy grey tank, blush moto jacket, pointed-toe black suede flats; or
    (2) ripped/distressed blue jean skinnies, flowy grey tank, blush moto jacket, pointed-toe black suede flats.

    I don’t have any cool distressed logo/saying tees or any cool non-work shoes. I haven’t done anything remotely interesting with my hair either. I would rather be boring than uncomfortable though!!

    • T-shirts with sayings on them are definitely not “cool.”

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Counterpoint: I have a teeshirt from a lady-centric club I’m in and my objectively cool brother was like, “hey, nice shirt” last time I wore it, before he even knew it was from my club. Though I guess it’s more “name of club and logo” than “saying” on the shirt.

        • I wouldn’t put those in the same category. And I don’t mean all graphic shirts. I’m just talking about things like these

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t think a blush moto jacket is at all boring. So either your outfit is not boring or we are both boring.

    • Lana Del Raygun :

      Hi, you’re going to a Son Little concert, you’re not boring.

  6. Ugh, stuck in moderation. Quick version: What do you buy as a birthday gift for a much older, much richer friend? And if you are attending a big birthday party for said friend, which is not at her house, do you bring the gift to the party or ship it separately to her house?

    • Anonymous :

      You get her a card and maybe a bottle of champagne or flowers.

    • Anonymous :

      I have a much richer friend (and we are both older). For her last milestone birthday, I cross-stitched a lewd expression she was fond of saying when irritated and made it into a bookmark.

      So: small, priceless (in that it didn’t cost you $) or inexpensive, unique

      Or flowers.

  7. Green Hat :

    I have a black-tie-optional wedding in a few weeks and need to buy a dress for it. I’d prefer not to wear a floor-length gown because I really don’t have time to get anything hemmed (I’m only 5’3 so pretty much anything would be too long on me). But I’m not liking the options I see browsing department store sites – I am very much NOT into the cold-shoulder, ruffly look that seems to be all the rage right now. Any thoughts on where to look?

    • Anonymous :

      Rent the Runway?

    • Rainbow Hair :

      I would order a few things from Macys or Nordstroms (for simple returns, assuming there’s one near you).

    • Senior Attorney :

      I was in this situation recently and just marched myself into my local brick-and-mortar Nordstrom and tried on every single dress that I thought might be even remotely appropriate. The one I ended up loving was one I’d never in a million years have picked from the web site.

    • petite rec :

      Lots of the Eliza J options at Nordstrom come in petites and I think would be fine without hemming based on my recent 5’3″ experience with their regular sizes (a little long but not bad).

    • Anonymous :

      I was just in a similar boat and scheduled an appointment with a stylist at Nordstrom. It was fantastic – I was in and out in an hour with the perfect dress.

  8. I will need the pot of gold on credit before I can afford this Leprechaun look. But I want.

  9. Hormonal acne :

    Looking for suggestions to help with hormonal acne? I went off BC a few months ago to TTC. No luck yet but man my skin has broken out in ways it hasn’t in years and years. I’ve tried Differin, benzoyl peroxide, and just got the neutrogena makeup with salicylic acid, but I hate looking in the mirror right now and am super self-conscious. Any suggestions on things that have worked?

    • Anonymous :

      Eliminating dairy from my diet
      Drinking WAY more water

    • I have had success with spironolactone, which is prescription only (at least in the US). I started out with 100 mg a day and am now down to 50mg. My dermatologist suggested I try it before we talked more seriously about other alternatives (including accutane) and it was sufficient. However, I’m not sure whether it is an option if you’re trying to conceive.

      Around the same time I also switched to Paula’s Choice cleanser and toner, specifically the CLEAR regular strength, which I still use and am happy with.

      • +1

        Also had good luck managing hormonal acne with spironolactone.

      • Anonymous :

        Ask yours, but my derm would not permit me to be on spironolactone if TTC. In fact, she forced me to get BC I don’t need before she would prescribe. (This is frustrating since I don’t want an IUD and the pills they will give me at my age cause, rather than cure, acne. So I have a lot of unopened packages of pills and also acne at 40+ because I haven’t made it back to the derm yet. Rooting for menopause to kick in.)

    • Anonymous :

      One note is to be careful what you use on your skin while TTC and pregnant. I am a sucker and bought a bunch of stuff from the Belli line. Not as effective as the hard stuff, but made me feel more secure. My dermatologist also prescribed an anti-bacterial cream that I liked (can’t remember the name) but stopped using when I ran out, because my skin actually gets better acne-wise when I’m pregnant. I’ve also been using the Neutrogena blue light mask. Not sure if it makes a difference, but it’s funny that I look like a serial killer in it.

    • All of the products you listed are very stripping and drying. Check out the Asian Beauty reddit for guides, but your skin needs moisturizing and balancing, then you can add in some active ingredients to help clear it. Also, my skin was terrible for about 3 months after going off the pill, then cleared back up after that. I’ve heard it’s pretty common

    • The same thing happened to me, and I feel your pain. I had good luck with Finacea, which is safe to use while TTC and during pregnancy. I also limited dairy and sweets, and drank a lot more water.

    • Anonymous :

      For makeup, I really like Clinique Acne Control.

      • Anonymous :

        And nothing works as well as Dial gold bar soap plus the 3 step Proactive kit (Walmart/CVS “Acne Free” knock off is great, too.).

    • same issue here! a lot of the items you’ve listed have ingredients that it is recommended you avoid while pregnant. (i’m newly pregnant and find all of the rules exhausting/confusing) Baby Center has an article called “safe skin care during pregnancy” granted, once you are pregnant your skin might change again. i’ve sort of given up for now and am dealing with my bad skin and will resume a better regiment once i’m done breastfeeding.

    • Anonymous :

      Largely eliminating dairy from my diet help my hormonal acne significantly. I also really like the sticker spot treatments that you use to treat bumps overnight- CosRx Master patch is very gentle. Some other Asian bueaty brands have tea tree oil (salycylic acid) as an active ingredient so they do work, but read the labels if you are trying to avoid. Also, ask you OB. Mine was okay with me using a single acne product with salycylic acid, but not a whole routine full.

    • You might consider something sulphur-based (if OK with doctors). When my skin is angry and I am off BC, then sulfur plus Purpose wash is best for me (Cetaphil breaks me out). Good luck–I know having adult acne is THE WORST. I like the Rodan + Fields sulfur mask.

      Also, definitely double cleanse–I have found that really helps my acne. Get gunk off (like makeup) and then clean once more to make sure pores are clean. Use gentle cleansers for each.

    • Are you sure it’s not periorial dermatitis? I developed it after going off of BC, and it took me months to figure out what it was. I thought it was hormonal acne, because it looks a lot like acne, it was right around my chin/jawline and it was so stubborn and wouldn’t respond to any of my usual acne treatments. It turns out it was this type of dermatitis. A derm can give you an antibiotic cream. I’ve actually been using diaper rash cream with zinc on it (no antibiotics since I’m now pregnant) with a lot of success.

    • What worked for me was stopping all acne products and switching to the most gentle version of everything. cetaphil face wash, sensitive skin moisturizer,etc. I think all the stuff I was putting on my skin just irritated it and made it worse. Maybe try to eliminate products rather than add?

    • A Korean beauty regiment saved my skin. I was having hormonal breakouts, but I also was NOT helping things by using harsh, stripping products. When I switched to ph-balanced cleansers and a solid moisturizing routine, my skin healed itself. Keep ONE salicylic acid or retinoid product, but everything else should be focused on soothing and moisturizing your skin.

  10. Anonymous :

    Do you remember the House of Harlow station necklaces? Were those more trendy, or would you/do you still wear them? Like the “boring” person above I’m not sure.

    • Wildkitten :

      If someone in my office wore one, I wouldn’t give it a second thought, but I work in a business casual midwestern office. If I was general counsel for a fashion company in LA/NYC, I wouldn’t. Which is your situation?

  11. Yay! I love this thread, but am late to the party, again. I wish I did NOT have to bill so much this month, but I was away on personal issues, but the manageing partner did NOT give me any relief on the # of hours I need to bill for the month. He want’s his 600 hours irregardless of my personal issues, so I have been working long hours all month. FOOEY!

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