Weekend Open Thread

OK, we thought we’d give the coffee cups a rest and try something new for the weekend open thread — a recommendation for weekend/casual clothing. Today we’re liking this cotton sweater from Jones New York, which comes in pink and black. It’s a wee bit too casual for every day at the office (unless your office is already pretty casual), but it’s a great look for running errands around town or just lounging around the house. It’s on sale at Macy’s — now $89, was $119, available in sizes S-XL. Jones New York Signature Sweater, Button Pocket Cardigan

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How to Wear Jeans to the Office on Jeans Friday

How to Wear Jeans to the Office on Jeans Friday

2017 Update: I still stand by this basic advice on how to wear jeans to the office on Jeans Friday — but you may want to check out our latest discussion on what tops to wear with jeans to the office.

We’ve heard from a few readers about their offices allowing jeans to be worn on Fridays.  As one reader put it, “I am a bit confused, however, about what type of shirt/top I should wear with the jeans.”

It’s an interesting dilemma — on the one hand, yay jeans!  You feel more comfortable, you can go out after work, and jeans need to be washed less than a lot of trousers.  On the other hand — yay, sartorial conundrum.

Pictured: These bootcut jeans from Gap are now sold out! You may want to check out our 2017 discussion on the most-loved denim at Nordstrom.

jeans Friday

My initial thoughts on how to wear jeans to the office on Jeans Friday are thus: [Read more…]

Reader Mail: Semi-Formal Attire

semi-formal-attireWe recently got this request in from a reader…

Hi. I have a question about semi-formal attire I was hoping you and/or your readers could answer. I have been invited to attend a law firm event (cocktails and dinner) in early April and the invitation says attire is semi-formal. I was hoping for your thoughts on what is and is not semi-formal and maybe two or three suggestions for dresses that would fit the bill. I am still in law school, so I’m looking for something I could wear to more than one occasion. I’m hoping to keep the price to around $100. Thanks!

Semi-formal: the bane of everyone’s existence. It isn’t formal, it isn’t cocktail, and no one knows what to wear. So… where does that leave you?

Our advice here is to go on the conservative side of cocktail. Your goal is Jackie Kennedy, not Marilyn Monroe (or, ahem, Romy and Michele). [Read more…]