The Best Girl Power Songs for Women

girl power songsHere’s a random open thread for today: do you enjoy listening to female empowerment anthems — aka girl power songs? Which are your favorites? I rounded up a few of the ones that I’m thinking of here, but they’re all very dancey…

For my $.02 – a political commentator I follow on Facebook just posted a link to the new Kesha song Woman (link goes to YouTube; NB that the lyrics NSFW!). Sample lyrics:

I buy my own things
I pay my own bills
these diamond rings
my automobiles
Everything I got I bought it
boys can’t buy my love…
I do what I want
say what you say
I work real hard every day

I was listening to it for the first time this morning and thought, oh, I like this genre of song! It’s like a two-second decision for me to buy this kind of song on iTunes. Other songs I’d put in this “self-empowered woman” genre (links go to YouTube and are probably NSFW for the most part):

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