Repeating Outfits at Work: How Often Do You Do It?

Repeating Outfits at Work | CorporetteHere’s a great question for today, ladies: how often do you repeat outfits at the office? A lot has been said lately of capsule wardrobes for work — decluttering closets to winnow your wardrobes to things that “spark joy” — and a lot of that may leave you feeling like you’re totally repeating outfits at work. So let’s discuss — how often is it acceptable to do? Does it matter if a certain outfit is memorable in one way or another, such as by pairing unusual colors or prints together, or involving unusual pieces? And here’s a bonus question — how versatile are most items in your closet, anyway? For example, will you only buy a new item if it will “go” with at least three things in your wardrobe?

We had a great discussion on how often one can repeat outfits at work back in 2013, and I agree with a lot of my advice from there:

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Poll: How Far in Advance Do You Plan Your Outfits?

Reader L wrote in to us with an interesting idea for a poll — how far in advance do you plan your outfits? This is particularly interesting given that we don’t think our personal system has been working. Long ago, in our early 20s, we decided to let the “mood” of the morning decide what to wear each day — it seemed true! and right! and a lot of other things that now sound somewhat naive and overemotional. Whatever the basis for the decision, though, the practical effect of each morning is that, oh drat, we’re-running-late-yet-AGAIN and quick-just-grab-the-suit-or-dress-and-jacket and run out the door. (This seems particularly sad given that, you know, we write a fashion blog.) So we’re rethinking. Photo credit: Closet, originally uploaded to Flickr by Becaberry.

Readers, how far in advance do you plan your wardrobe? We’ve tried to hit broad strokes in the poll, but please tell us in comments why you’ve taken that particular plan of attack. Obvious things factor into the decision — the weather, what’s clean, what fits — but what else?