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Untitled pictureDesignBoom reports on an office chair designed specifically for women:  the Lei, by Monica Forster (pictured).

The WSJ notes the rise of “power denim,” worn by world leaders and executives alike.

Forbes has footage of Indra Nooyi talking about the challenges facing women in business.  Meanwhile, Hiring Partner posts some thoughts on women as rainmakers.

Shine suggests 10 drugstore shampoos you should avoid.

– Finally, from The Onion: “Group of Popular Girls Reduces Nation to Tears.”  (We’ll bet they insulted the nation’s shoes.)  Also:  Fashion Under $100 has a ton of fun Halloween costume ideas.

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Reader Mailbag — Which dry shampoo is best?

Today we got a request from a reader:

Which dry shampoo does Corporette recommend?

We must admit, we’re new to the dry shampoo genre — we’ve only tried two, an expensive one from Sephora ($24 per can) and a cheaper one from Ricky’s (also available at Drugstore.com).  The first one felt like our head was encased in a cloud of perfume — the scent was truly overwhelming.  The second one, Psssssst, is what we use when we have to skip the shower, for whatever reason.  It’s available at Drugstore.com for $5.99: Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo, Unscented.  We’ve also heard very good things about the Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo, but every time we go to a store that sells it they seem to have every color in stock but ours.

In all honesty, though, we’ve found that what works best is to take a shower, soak your hair — massaging your scalp with your fingers — but to skip the shampoo.  Perhaps add a bit of spray-on, leave-in conditioner when you get out of the shower, and style as normal.

Any other suggestions from readers?

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