Thursday’s TPS Report: Admiral Shawl Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Martin Osa Admiral Shawl CardiganWe’ve never been to a Martin & Osa store, but we’ve heard good things about its quality.  Today we’re liking this cotton cardigan — we like the buttons on the placard, as well as the horizontal ribbing.  We’d wear it with trousers and a nice blouse or tee to the office.  It’s $79 at Martin & Osa, available in red, navy, and light blue.  Admiral Shawl Cardigan

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  1. Martin + Osa is owned by American Eagle Outfitters, so I’m guessing the quality is about the same.

    • Actually, the M&O quality is much better than A&E. They have great clothes that are affordable and stylist. Highly recommend them for those starting out their career and want something professional with a slight twist.

      LOVE this sweater too!

    • I would think a higher price point line would not be the same quality. Although far from perfect, Banana Republic is much better quality wise than Old Navy — and both are owned by the same co.

      This sweater looks cute, and the way it’s paired makes me wish for white jeans & summer!

  2. This is adorable!!

  3. Did anyone ever end up buying this dress and if so, how does it fit? I think C or someone on this site commented on it a while ago. I have been eyeing it for a while and I love the color, but I’m slightly pear shaped and am worried this may not look right on me. I think it’s so elegant.

    • they say a wrap is good for pear shapes because it moves the eye up to the narrow waist. fwiw.

      • newassociate :

        i bought this dress thinking the same thing for my pear shape. unfortunately, it didn’t fit well but i can’t remember specifics anymore. i posted a review of the dress under this name, so if there’s a way to search the site for it, you’ll find it.

        • I read your review, thanks. I’m going to pass on that dress, but I couldn’t resist buying this one —

          I love the sleeves and I’m loving gray right now. Not sure if it will work with my body type but I guess I will wait and see!

    • I love this dress, too, although I haven’t purchased it/tried it on. I think that Suzi Chin stuff tends to be generously cut, if that helps. I think it would be lovely on just about any figure.

      • I bought this dress and have mixed feelings. I loved it in the picture and many things work well–it’s a rich, flattering color and attractive and form-fitting without being revealing. This dress is true to size, not oversized. The problem is the waist. It shows every bulge and extra pound. I’m not overweight and even with Spanx, I wasn’t sure this looked that good. You’d have to order it and try for yourself.

        • MplsJD – thanks for your feedback. I’m not overweight either, but the bulge issue would probably apply to me as well. I’m probably going to hold out on this one.

  4. Coupon alert! 20% off at Macy’s, online or in the store. If you go to the store, you must wear red, according to the fine print. Anything red counts: lipstick, shoes, etc.

    Apparently, February 5th is National Wear Red Day. Who knew?

  5. I am a sweater-oholic and I love this one! SO cute and different from anything I’ve seen lately. I wear a white-coat at work to see patients, but then want something cozy for sitting at my desk. Must get!

  6. Woman of Color :

    This is a rather lovely sweater. The orange is oh so fabulous.

    I also wanted to add, a few weeks back I asked my fellow Corporetters whether or not I should send along my resume with a scholarship application (even though the application did not ask for one). Well I took your great advice, and I did send it along. I just found out that I am the recipient of the award. Yeah! I will receive the check at a gala event, which is the state’s annual women lawyer’s association big to-do. My new question is: What should I wear? I went online, and saw pictures from last year’s event. People were in a range of outfits, from suits to dresses. Being that I will have to stand up, go to a podium, and get the award, should I have certain “pops” in my outfit. Ooh, so excited thinking about what to buy.

    • Wonderful news – congratulations! I would wear my most elegant skirt suit, probably with a piece of statement jewelry. Remember that you’ll have your picture taken, so be sure it’s something that will also photograph well. Congratulations again.

    • Congrats! That is so awesome.

      Re: dinner. I’d wear a suit and a statement necklace. I’d also carry an eyecatching bag. Remember that you’re in a position to do some serious networking — you’re being recognized and in a year or so you’ll be asking all of these folks about jobs.

    • Congratulations! I agree with MJ’s outfit suggestion.

      One tip I’ve carried with me since high school graduation is to pay extra attention to footwear choice if you’ll be walking across a stage in front of an audience. You should be able to walk gracefully without making lots of noise and your shoes should fit perfectly – if your heels are coming out with each step, everyone will notice, because your feet are at eye level.

      • Congratulations! Good for you.

        Wearing shoes you can walk gracefully in is so important! I still remember at my high school graduation I was walking across the stage and my foot came out of my shoe.

      • Congrats!!! Definitely go with a suit — as the honoree you need to look your most professional. I like the idea of a fun accessory though.

        • CONGRATULATIONS! Yay! I’d wear a suit with just a hint of razzle dazzle beyond a working-woman suit (you’re the queen of the ball, after all). Maybe a little brocade pattern, a velveteen texture, a tie-waist belt that cinches your waist, something that goes SHA-ZAM. That’s just me. I roll like that on special events.

          Since you’re tall, you might be able to carry something like this gorgeous print skirt Michelle Obama wore with a nice cropped jacket… It would take some confidence, but you got that, right? ;-D

    • Congrats! I’d wear an interview suit with a nice blouse that photographs well. I wouldn’t go too fashion-forward since you will be looking to make connections for future employment. On the off chance that you’ll get to say something at the podium, I suggest preparing a few words of thanks.

  7. I also love this sweater. And like pp said, the white makes me long for summer. Or at least not dreary rain day after day.

    On another topic–I need some help from ladies who have been to Boston. One of my meetings scheduled for next week got canceled, so I will have almost a whole day in Boston free. Is there anything that I absolutely must see or do while I am there?


    • Boston is a great walking city. If you’re used to the cold, I would say bundle up and take a walk from the North End down through downtown, Beacon Hill, hit Boston Common and the Public Garden, and take a stroll down Newbury & Boylston Streets and end at Copley Square. There’s a self-guided walking route called the Freedom Trail that takes you to a bunch of Revolutionary War-era sites like Paul Revere’s house.

      If you’re not used to the cold, or can’t really take enough warm clothing with you to wander around a city, I’d recommend the Museum of Fine Arts. There are a ton of really great museums and historic sites, though, so you can’t really go wrong. There’s a last-minute theater tickets booth at Copley, so if you’re interested in taking in a show, stop there first.

  8. I just bought my first Martin+Osa sweater last week. I was in a different town, walked into the store, and got a darling striped cardigan on sale. Its gorgeous. Nice fabric, on the thin side, good buttons. Fit tends to be on the fitted, slim side. I would buy them again but would probably try on before buying. It seems like for their sweaters they run a bit small. I also tried on some skirts I didnt buy and they were about the same sizing as Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc.

  9. Ladies use coupon code 88588193 and save 20% I just ordered this sweater in Navy and of course had to order a few order items to meet the $100 free shipping!!! Great find C, I can’t wait until it comes in the mail. I can see wearing this sweater to the office and on weekends.

  10. I’m constantly cold, so I recently invested in a few sweaters like this. After a few months of wear, they have all stretched out. I washed one of them (none are dry-clean only) and laid flat to dry — it was all bunched up in the wrong places & completely ruined. Anyone have any other care suggestions, or is the useful life of these types of sweaters just really short?

    • Although they are not dry-clean only, I have been using the dryel bags in my home dryer for these types of sweaters since I do not want to foot the dry-cleaning bill for an item that is not dry-clean only and for the relatively low price of dryel, this system has been working out for me and has increased the life of these types of sweaters in my closet

  11. Woman of Color :

    Thanks everyone. I am definitely going to go with a suit with some “razzle dazzle.” Corporetters, you’re the best!

  12. Cardigans are terrific. They have a softer look than a jacket, but still give you that additional level of psychological security and help take the focus away from your body and to the clothes instead.

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