Thursday’s TPS Report: Charter Club Sweater, Cashmere Ruffled Henley

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Macy’s has a ton of cute cashmere sweaters on sale right now, and we’re liking this cashmere henley with just a few feminine ruffles.  We like the small, pretty buttons, the bright pop of color, and the plain edge at the bottom.  (In our experience, ruffles never look good at the bottom of  a sweater.)  This one is on sale for $94.99 (formerly $130), and is available in black, blue, red, purple, and gray in sizes S-XL and petitesCharter Club Sweater, Cashmere Ruffled Henley

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  1. Cute, though potentially not-so-cute for women who possess actual breasts.

    As for ruffles on the bottom of a sweater …. Many of us (especially those of us who are long-waisted) look much better with our tops left untucked versus tucked in. It’s nice to have some level of finish on the bottom of our tops so that it looks intentional versus sloppy.

    • Funny — I’m super short waisted with an hourglass figure and I look TERRIBLE with shirts tucked in, too. Maybe you have to fall into the perfectly normal waisted category to pull it off?

      As for the sweater, I like it. I especially like the red color. I’d like to see how long it is, though — I can’t tell from this picture.

      • I can tuck shirts/sweaters in with no problem and I have a long waist. I think with shorter waisted women, tucking in the shirt almost gives an empire waist look. I don’t think that’s a particularly flattering style in separates, while when I tuck in my shirt I think it helps make my legs look longer and my torso look a little more proportional.

        I’d like to see how long this sweater is too. It looks fairly long from the gray picture, but I find that too-long sweaters end up giving you a lump around the butt area when you try to tuck them in. The ultra-long look just doesn’t work for tucking in.

        • Yes, that’s exactly the problem. There is so little difference between my actual waist and the “empire waist” that I end up looking like Steve Urquel (even when the pants are reasonably low rise) no matter what. *sigh*

          • Anonymous :

            I generally find charter club brand sweaters to be on the short-side. And, I am short myself, but still find the sweaters to be too short most of the time.

    • Most women possess actual breasts. I believe you mean large breasts. So tired of people insinuating that women who do not have large breasts are somehow “less than” or not “real women.”

  2. This is really cute. Maybe it’s just the pick — but I want one!

  3. pretty!

  4. I like this, but it’s too expensive for the Macy’s Charter Club brand. Check out the sweater in gray to see what the finish looks like at the bottom.

  5. Beautiful! I love this.

  6. Definitely look at the gray one. I think this looks really cute the way the model is standing in the picture of the red sweater, but when I see the full look in the gray sweater picture, it is much less appealing. Also agree that $100 is way too much for a Charter Club sweater, even cashmere.

  7. The gray photo makes the sweater look too long and too skinny to look good over a skirt. Too bad because it is cute, with not too many ruffles.

    • I agree with Abby; the photo of the red one is very cute but it looks like a cardigan with a ruffle down the front, the henley ruffle part way on the long sweater doesn’t look good to me

  8. Cute, but I agree about the price point (I think I must be a cheapskate!).

    • I agree too — but only because it’s macy’s! Shouldn’t have to pay that much there.

  9. I don’t trust cashmere that’s less than $200. Pass.

    • Anonymous :

      so true. charter club “cashmere” is terribly scratchy and uncomfortable. I bought three such sweaters on clearance last winter, and dont wear any of them. ever.

      • I disagree. I am generally a bit of a snob about macy’s and never go there (sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone who does — just a personal thing), but someone gave me a charter club sweater for xmas last year, and it was surprisingly nice: soft, holds up well, survives the washing machine w/woolite, etc. Certainly defied my expectations.

        My only gripe w/CC is the fit — something about these sweaters makes them a bit looser & boxier than I prefer. Not exactly body conscious, and seems like it’s cut to go with some “mom jeans” . . . but that said, it is always great for days I feel bloated ;)

  10. Cute! But I’ll wait until it hits Marshall’s for $20

  11. I really like this, but I’m a sucker for a ruffle in any shape or form. I agree though, Charter Club cashmere can be lower quality, but in general I think it’s soft, surprisingly pills less than my J. Crew cashmere, and it’s at a lower price point. Unfortunately, for those of us more amply blessed in the chest, most of Charter Club’s sweaters are too short, riding up in the front. And you can’t really size up because they’re too boxy. I’ll wait until it’s on the 75% off rack and then maybe pick it up to wear under jumpers or tuck into high waisted pants.

  12. Macy’s Charter Club cashmere has gotten scratchier this year!

    I just went there on a Saturday, opened a new card account because my old one had lapsed, and also had 20% off that day, plus their cashmere sweaters were on sale, so I got more than 50% all in, plus 10% back in rewards. In other words, I paid approximately 50% of sale price.

    The sweaters are a little scratchy at first, which has not been my experience with them in the past. Makes me think they are not 100% cashmere. (I read an article when living in the UK a few years ago that said that based on the growth of cashmere sales in the past X years, there was simply NO WAY that all of the “cashmere” out there really was cashmere. I digress.)

    At any rate, some of their sweaters are scratchy, but all good cashmere needs to get used to your body oils to soften up (gross but true!)–that’s why you should never dry clean cashmere.

    I love Charter Club sweaters over button-downs. They are my winter staple. I am slightly short waisted, and they seem cut really well for me.

    I am pleased with my bargain. I ended up spending about $70 per sweater, and they will last years.

    I did not like this ruffle cardi in the store. And their red this year is very orange-red, not a true red, FYI.

  13. housecounsel :

    I never buy cashmere before Christmas – there are too many great sales in February.

  14. I’m going to give the million-th ditto: beautiful sweater, but a bit too pricey! I bet you could find something similar from TJ Maxx!

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