Coffee Break: Gold & Crystal Barricade Babe Earrings

Tom Binns Gold & Crystal Barricade Babe EarringsIf your taste runs more edgy than classic, Ssense has some great sales going on right now on accessories, bags, and clothes. I like these small “barricade” post earrings from Tom Binns — they seem like an interesting take on a trend I’ve noticed for small, skinny post earrings. (Only one of the earrings is pictured here.)  These were $110, but are now $55. Tom Binns Gold & Crystal Barricade Babe Earrings



  1. Heh – it’s glam barbed wire!

  2. Wanted to share my relief…I just did my first salary negotiation (for a raise convo). I didn’t actually get anything extra out of it (they had no room to move), but I’m glad I did it…I think. I’m glad when they said “You get X”, I at least said “I was expecting Y because…” Worth a try, right? It was super uncomfortable for me both being the first time and because I hate negotiating, but I tried hard to not do any nervous giggling and just go through it calmly.

    I was pushed to do it because of one of the commenters here who told the story about a man and a woman both going up for a raise and the guy asking (and getting) more. Thanks!

    • Yay! Congratuealation’s for being a great trooper and representative for us women! HUGS to you for standeing up for you and all of us! That is how we all get ahead! When I came to my job, the manageing partner said I was a real bargan, and I knew it b/c I did NOT want to keep doeing process serveing, getting my tuchus pinched by all these sleazebag’s in the garment district. So I worked for very littel. But the next year, when it came time for raises, I told Dad I was worth more then the manageing partner was paying me. Dad taught me a coupel of tricks, so when I used them on the manageing partner, he of course doubeled my salary b/c he did NOT want to loose me. Fast foward 3 year’s and I am a PARTNER, all thank’s to DAD. YAY DAD, even tho Dad is alway’s telling me to loose wieght! FOOEY–it is NOT easy to stay a size 2 when sitting on my tuchus all day writeing breifs for the judge.

      So now that you too have brooched the subject of a pay raise, you will make more and open the door for all of us women to get what we deserve for hard work. FOOEY on men that do not want to pay us women full pay for what we do, and think of us onley as sex object’s. Even Butch think’s I would be better as a mother then as a lawyer. I said why can’t I be BOTH! I will alway’s be a lawyer, but need to be a mother VERY soon, or as grandma Leyeh says, my eggs will go flat. FOOEY! I am thinkeing that Butch onley want’s me in Bed, not goeing to work every day on the LIRR or Metro North, if we are to marry and move to Chapaqua. My other alternative is to marry the manageing partner’s brother, who also thinks of me sexueally, but will probabley let me do what I want, as long as he has his libido satisfied. FOOEY! I am not anxius to have to have him slobbering all over me 2x a day. It will take me an extra hour each day to shower off afterward’s! DOUBEL FOOEY! But if anything should happen to him while he is haveing sex, I will need a large insurence settelment. TRIPEL FOOEY! For now, he is being somewhat of a gentelman, keepeing his hands (and his other stuff) to himself. But Myrna say’s it wont be long before he proposition’s me for sex and marrage. FOOEY!

    • Spirograph :

      Congratulations! The mental hurdle is the hardest part… And now that you have experienced first hand that you can’t lose anything by asking, it will be easier the next time around.

    • Asking for a Raise :

      I’m the one who posted that the other day. Awesome! I’m really glad that you did this and shared it. Even though you didn’t get more this time, I’ll bet that they’ll keep it in mind for next time.

  3. “gold-tone metal and Swarovski crystals”?

    These should be like $11.

  4. Baking threadjack :

    Looking for recipes for a (birthday) cake that will last well (2 days) at room temperature. I’m going on a camping trip for a friend’s birthday, but buttercream will melt. My normal better-the-next-day cakes are all wintery (like, Guinness chocolate cake, gingerbread, those sorts of things).

    Ideas? I do have a cake keeper….it doesn’t have to be super-birthday-y, but I’m trying to avoid cakes with cooked fruit (birthday girl hates cooked fruit), so no upside-down cakes.

    • Wildkitten :

      What about birthday brownies? They’re my personal preference and travel much easier than cake. If your friend is a cake-enthusiast they may not be sufficient.

      • Clementine :

        What if you combined Birthday Brownies with birthday smores?

        I’m thinking you bake and bring brownes and then people toast their own marshamllow so it’s like brownie topped with melted marshmallow and graham cracker square. It’s festive, it’s camping-themed, it’s void of cooked fruit.

        • Diana Barry :

          I like this idea a lot. But I would also bring chocolate to melt on top. :)

        • SoCalAtty :

          I like this idea a LOT! We do quite a bit of camping, and I’m stealing it. Thanks!

        • Anonymous :

          Dear building management, I apologize in advance for making this using my space heater as the “campfire” because I have no willpower and needed it OMGRIGHTNOW.

    • Can you just bake a regular cake in whatever flavor, bring a can of frosting, and frost the cake just before you’re ready to serve?

    • For a camping trip, my vote is nix the cake and make birthday smores instead.

      Or Hobo Pies.

      • Spirograph :

        +1 Unless this is “glamping,” I can’t imagine cake on a camping trip.

      • Or I saw these “campfire cones” where you take a waffle ice cream cone, stuff it with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and whatever else you like (peanut butter, banana, strawberries, etc.) wrap them in foil and throw them over the grill and they come out all melty and yummy (well they looked yummy. I haven’t tried them yet.)

        Also, I have made the Hershey’s chocolate cake and frosting recipe a day early and it held up fine. Don’t know how well it would do while camping though. . .

        • We’ve made those cones when camping – and they are yummy. They were a hit with all 3 generations that were there.

    • Texas sheet cake, maybe? That might not melt and if it does, it’s in a dish anyway. Or maybe a coffee cake, or a cookie cake.

    • I have actually taken a cake camping before. I am going to assume you are car camping rather than backpacking. Bundt-style cakes do reasonably well. If the one you choose has a powdered sugar glaze, you can mix up the glaze (powdered sugar and a small amount of water, maybe some lemon juice) and put it on the cake right before you serve it. The America’s Test Kitchen Pecan Bourbon Cake travels reasonably well. The glaze is just powdered sugar, bourbon, water and molasses. I believe this is the recipe here:

    • hoola hoopa :

      Angel food cake with sliced fruit.

      Although my vote is technically with brownie smores.

    • lawsuited :

      What about a lemon bundt cake with a glaze? Bundt cake keeps well, and lemon is summery – particularly if you take some fresh raspberries to eat with it!

      • This is my go-to lemon bundt cake, but not sure how it would work with the buttermilk in the glaze?

        I suppose you could leave the buttermilk out of the glaze. I throw frozen blueberries into it, but you said no fruit. Also, if you bake it as written, check it earlier than 45 min. I don’t use the lemon extract.

    • Baconpancakes :

      Tres Leches cake keeps pretty well, although I am also a vote for the smore’s brownies. I find that mixing in mini marshmallows with brownie batter elevates it to inspired.

    • cavity maker :

      google cavity maker
      it’s a chocolate cake with kalhua, and it’s super easy and so rich that it doesn’t need frosting.

    • In the 1970s, my mom used to make Nestle toll house cookies as a cake in a 9 x 13 Pyrex pan. I think the recipe is on the choc chip bag. It would last, and it is pretty good.

    • How about baking a chocolate cake in advance and bringing chocolate chips and a can of evaporated milk to make a last minute ganache? You can melt the chips and add milk to make the ganache then pour it over the cake. You can even add chopped nuts or sprinkles to make it look prettier.

  5. I am moving to an apartment with a bar area, and so I need to buy four stools. Any recommendations or warnings? I usually default to ikea, but not sure whether ikea stools will be comfortable enough. I’m similarly undecided on leather v cloth, backed v no back, etc. Thanks all!

    • DC Association :

      OOPS, I hit “report” instead of “reply”. I’m sorry!

      I was going to say, go to Home Goods / TJ Maxx / Marshall’s. You can often find stools there at better price than elsewhere. I’ve seen so many different kinds there. If you see some and are undecided, BUY THEM. You can always return them…but if you wait, they will probably gone by the time you go back to the store again.

    • It really depends on how much you will use the stools. For a quick bite, backless unopholstered stools are fine. But if you will be sitting longer, back support and cushioning are more of a need. In addition to Ikea, check out worldmarket.

    • World Market has a lot of choices. You generally have to assemble their furniture but it holds up well and is easy to assemble.

    • Anon independent :

      Make sure you know if you need bar height or counter height before you go shopping. Some bars are only counter height and those chairs seem to be harder to find.

  6. I’m going to be in Spokane area for about 6 days starting Wednesday. Any recommendations for fun things to do in the area, don’t miss coffee shops, or great places to eat?

    • go to the Steam Plant Grill and drink their craft beers (the stout and Huckleberry ale are my favorites); walk in Riverfront park for the scenery; go wine-tasting — there are 15 wineries in Spokane and most are quite good, particularly Arbor Crest for whites and scenery; if you have time, drive to Coeur d’Alene for little shops and gorgeous scenery. there are lots of good places to hike if you like that (Mount Spokane is nice).

    • National_Anthem :

      Yeah Spokane! There are a lot of worthwhile wine tasting rooms in Spokane – downtown I recommend Barrister or Patit Creek. The Patit Creek tasting room has a really fantastic 10 flight tasting where each type of wine comes with a delicious food item.
      Not sure what type of food you like, but Casper Fry and South Perry Pizza in the Perry district are both pretty tasty. Wandering Table just opened but I’ve heard only fantastic things – I haven’t been there yet but it’s on my list.
      I also second the Riverfront park – go feed the trash-eating goat. :)
      My favorite coffee shop is Cannon Coffee and Cone – it’s a weird tiny shop but they have really good coffee and locally made ice-cream that is to.die.for. Coeur Coffee is also really delicious in the coffee department.
      If you have any more specific questions feel free to post’em!

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