Tool of the Trade: New-Skin for Papercuts

In this new feature, we’ll explore one tool that makes the busy woman’s life easier in some small way.

newskin for papercuts

I always feel like the more paper-cuts you have, the more vulnerable you are to infections, colds, and so forth — so whenever I get a paper-cut I do my best to keep it sealed.   When I started my corporate job, I was fine using Band-Aids for the occasional scrape.  But, after a few years and a few thousand paper-cuts — including those nasty cuts from redweld folders — I realized regular Band-Aids weren’t doing the job.  I now swear by by New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage for patching up my skin.

I like it because one bottle lasts forever, and is easy to apply as soon as the cut happens.  It doesn’t come off when washing your hands, and it doesn’t leave a sticky mess on your fingernails.

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