Tuesday’s TPS Report: Bob Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Reality in Style Bob DressWe’re loving this “Bob” dress by Reality In Style, which is a new brand to us. In addition to a ton of cute, work-appropriate clothes, we like the way they use women other than professional models to model the clothes — for example, the woman pictured is a pre-school teacher; others are grandmothers or physicians.  Regarding Bob — we love the sleeves, the knotted detailing at the waist, the flattering V, and the stretchy jersey. The dress is $265 (and comes in black and gray), but Reality in Style was kind enough to offer a discount coupon just for Corporette readers — use code “corporette” to get 25% off until 7/31, bringing the price down to $198.75.  Reality in Style Bob Dress

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  1. HotInTheCity :

    Love the dress, but that’s a bit pricey for jersey, imho.

    Ok, off topic quick advice needed, button-down shirt is gapping, can’t find my emergency saftey pin I usually keep in my desk, but a paper clip is working to keep my shirt closed. I have court in 20 minutes. Do I wear the paper clip (yes, it’s noticeable and recognizable) or do I just try to keep my shirt from gapping (which would mean constantly pulling it together since my suit jacket pulls it open)?

    • legalchef :

      Is there a drugstore on your way to court? They will usually have a sewing kit. Or even a dry cleaners? If you go into a dry cleaners and beg a little, they might be nice and give you a safety pin.

    • I assume you can’t just button your jacket to hide it? I’ve actually sewed a few quick stitches to keep shirts from gapping in an emergency; do you have a sewing kit with somewhat matching thread?

    • I may be too late, but what about some double sided tape?

      • Or some of that wide, clear packing tape, applied to the inside of shirt where the gaping is happening?

        • Hope it went well. In similar situations, I’ve gone to the mail room and grabbed packing tape. Not the most comfortable, but it worked in an emergency.

    • Anonymous :

      I think a staple is less noticeable than a paperclip, and it’s pretty secure. Far from ideal, of course, but heaps better than flashing people. (yes, I confess, I have engaged in “emergency stapling”)

      • Staples rock in a pants hem emergency. Way down by the floor, no one will see the metal staple. Unhemmed pants are a major tripping hazard.

  2. Do you have a needle and thread? Or can you borrow one quickly? I would sew the shirt together before I wore a paperclip into court. Another option: staple it shut. It might be less noticeable than the paperclip.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I have stapled the cuffs of my pants before when the hem came undone. No one commented. I would bet if you leave the paper clip people are going to keep telling you “hey, you got a paper clip there.” Good luck!

      • If that happens, look them in the eye and state in a deadpan voice, “Yes, I like to always have one handy.” Then hold their eyes until they look away. What were they doing staring at your neckline, anyway?

  3. I really like this designer! The dresses seem great for work – they all have sleeves and seem long enough! Hooray! Thanks Kat!

    • I own the Bob dress (and have no affiliation to the site, promise!) I love it–excellent quality mid-weight jersey, great finishing, and excellent style. Sizing ran small, at least in last year’s collection. I’m a 10-12 and ended up with an XL! However, I think they’ve worked over their sizes. Also, the Bob dress is definitely above the knee. Super customer service, so don’t hesitate to purchase if you like their items!

    • I have never heard of this designer before, but I guess that’s why I read this blog, right?! I’m definitely going to order one of these dresses.

  4. legalchef :

    Thread jack – I have huge problems keep shoulder bags on my shoulder. Anyone have any advice or tips? It is worse with a bag with two straps. I just got the coach madison maggie tote – in the lilac color – as a gift and though I love it, the outer strap keeps falling off my shoulder. This happens with pretty much all of my leather bags.

    • I have that same problem but my advice isn’t very good. If I use bags with two straps, I make sure they’re pretty thin where they sit on my shoulder. But what I normally do is only buy bags with one strap (which are harder to find) or just carry them in the crook of my elbow.

    • jumpingjack :

      I have the same problem with many shoulder bags, and I don’t understand why, because I don’t have slope-y shoulders. Some brands are worse than others. Coach is actually the worst offender — I have never found a Coach bag that stays on my shoulder. I don’t know how anyone can keep them on.

      There are a few brands that have somewhat sticky leather — doesn’t feel sticky to the touch, but seems to cling better than usual. B. Makowsky and Furla are both good, and I had great success with a BCBG Max Azria bag.

      I know this isn’t helpful for your current situation (especially since you got the bag as a gift) but might help for future purchases.

    • Forestgirl :

      I always make sure the outside strap is under the inside strap, so that the inside strap holds the outside strap in place. Works with leather straps (not with other materials, though).

    • When I have this issue as a quick fix I cross the straps when I put it on my shoulder. Cross the outer strap under the inner one, depending on how bulky or flat the straps are it should keep the outer one secured. Also try rearranging how the weight is distributed in the bag (if it has compartments etc). Too light on the outside won’t keep enough pressure on it, but too heavy will weigh it off.
      Hope this helps!

      • Yep, this trick works for me too. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the smaller the opening, the more likely the strap is to slip because it gets jostled by my jacket, bumping into something, my underarm fat, etc, and has nowhere to go but slip down. Bags with longer straps generally are less likely to fall off if jostled.

    • Anonymous :

      I have similar problems, and I’ve also noticed that when I carry a bag on my shoulder for a long period of time, I get serious pain in my neck and shoulders. My short-term fix for this is to buy purses that have both short handles (to carry as a tote, which I do most of the time) and one shoulder strap (to throw over my shoulder as needed).

      Of course the long-term fix would be to learn how to relax and let go of the tension in my neck and shoulders … but who has time for that?

      • Sigh. I would love to be able to carry a bag over one shoulder like this. So many lovely bags would be possible for me, then. Unfortunately, a car accident many years ago made my shoulders so sensitive to that kind of weight that I can only carry quite small cross-body bags.

  5. Ladies- I have a job interview this morning! wish me luck :)

  6. I need help with what to wear to a wedding!

    I have short, very wide feet (7 EW) and I have very few shoes that fit. I am going to a wedding this weekend and I am stumped on what shoes to wear wtih my dress. I am wearing a modified halter-style, knee length dress in a very bright watercolor floral print. The predominant colors are pink, orange, and green (it is bright, but not as garish as it sounds, I promise). I know that I will not be able to find cute new shoes that match before this weekend (since shoes NEVER fit me), so I need to know which of my current ones will go the best.

    – office pumps in either dark brown or black leather. They look pretty office-y.
    – dark brown flats
    – black flats (both sets of flats are just boring flats).
    – orange and yellow leather slide sandals. These are pretty casual, and wearing them to a wedding would definitely be an act of desperation.

    No kidding, these are the only shoes I have (besides my snowboots!). Do any of them sounds like the best choice for the wedding??


    • This is almost exactly the print of the dress, although the style is different: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/calvin-klein-watercolor-multi-pleated-dress-9?refItemId=AAAAA0ksCnwAAAAAAaEMAQ&fromStoreDomain=smartbargains.com

      • That’s a really pretty dress. My comment is in moderation though the gist of it is: make your own chiffon flowers to put on your shoes that match your dress. Although, if your dress is THAT colorful, I think it’d be fine if you wore black flats (assuming they are leather or patent) and just match with a black clutch and a black bracelet.

        You might still want to consider the shoe-flower making idea though, it will extend your flats a lot.

      • IMHO, that pattern isn’t really meant for black shoes. I’d go with white or flesh-toned shoes if possible.

    • I’d wear the black flats and then see if you can find a wide, black bracelet to pick up the color.

    • None of the above. Find a DSW or something and try on stuff until you find something appropriate. Either that or wear a basic black sheath dressed up with jewelry and your black pumps.

      How do you not own any evening appropriate shoes? What do you usually wear to weddings or formal events?

      • Flats girl :

        I wear flats to weddings and formal events.

        • as do I. Especially since the last two weddings I’ve been to have been at a beach or have involved being outside at some point. Heels and soft ground are just a bad idea.

        • I have as well — especially when they’re outdoors (I hate having heels sink into the ground!)

      • I don’t own any evening shoes becasue 1) none fit, and 2) it has been a couple of years since I have had a formal event to attend. The last wedding I went to was informal, and the one before that I wore shoes that tore my feet up and I don’t want to do that again.

        • have you tried Endless.com? TONS of styles and sizes. Also shipping is always free, usually overnight or 2-day.

        • Makeup Junkie :

          Clarks has some really cute sandals out, and I’m pretty sure they have them in wide. If there’s a local store, you might want to check them out. Otherwise, wear the black flats and some black jewelry.

        • SF Bay Associate :

          Another place to check for unusual sizes is Arthur Beren – arthurberen.com. It’s a family-owned store with two locations (SF and Palo Alto) and a website that specializes in uncommon sizes, though they of course carry standard sizes, too. My aunt wears a 10AAA, and before Nordstrom, Arthur Beren was the only place she could buy shoes. Same for my grandmother, size 4.5.

      • As someone who also has wide feet, I know that the chances of something appropriate at DSW (or any regular shoe store) fitting is extremely slim.

        My 2 suggestions:

        1- Go with the black flats, black jewelry, black clutch, black shawl, etc.

        2- If you have enough time, as a last ditch effort try Zappos.com. If you are a VIP member they have free overnight shipping. Actually, if you call them and explain the situation, I bet they would overnight them to you for free. Their customer service has always been great for me. You can search for things in your width and they have quite a large selection. You could even order a bunch of pairs that might work and either send them all back if they don’t work or keep the pair that works best. I regularly return stuff to them because my wide feet can be hard to fit as well and the returns process has always been quick and goes smoothly. Return shipping is free as well.

        Good luck!

        • Seconding Zappos – actually, the last several times I’ve ordered from them they’ve automatically upgraded my shipping to overnight for free.

        • Second the Zappos suggestion. Great customer service and they are going to have choices in your size and width. In the future, you may also want to consider having your shoes stretched at a shoe repair shop to ease the break in period and create a little extra width.

        • I’ll add another plug for Zappos – best customer service online I think. Even if you don’t have overnight shipping they usually arrive the next day. I’ve even ordered after 5 pm and received shoes the next morning. I’ve also ordered 3-4 pairs at a time and sent most of them back. It is almost the only way I buy shoes any more. Incidentally, this is also how I purchased a swimming suit last summer. They have a wide selection and it is so much better to try those on in the comfort of your own home and mirror.

          • s in Chicago :

            Agree with Zappos (or finding another online that offers appropriate sizing). Any sandal in a silver or color of the the print will work nicely, so hopefully that will give a variety of options.

            You also may want to call a few shoe stores in your area to see if they can recommend someone who may have anything in stock. I used to drive by a wide width shoe store that was located in a strip mall where you would hardly notice it unless you were stopped at a traffic light. I suspect they are one of those things that are around but just may go unnoticed until you start looking.

      • This is terrible advice. As someone with very hard to fit feet due to an orthopedic issue, I can tell you that one of the worst feelings ever is walking into DSW, spending a ridiculous amount of time going through all the shoes, and finding NOTHING (besides, perhaps, sneakers).

        • That’s like saying, I have a hard time buying jeans so I won’t because it’s too frustrating. You shouldn’t give up just because it’s difficult.

          • Yeah, but there’s no reason to waste your time in brick-and-mortar stores that you know from experience don’t have anything to fit you. That’s just depressing.

          • I don’t think so – If someone has a size that DSW doesn’t carry, what’s the point of going there?

    • If I were in your shoes, I’d wear one of your black flats and make 2 big chiffon flowers that match/compliment your dress’ color to go on the flats. Here’s a tutorial, there are many online (it’s really pretty simple): http://calamitykim.typepad.com/calamity_kim/2009/05/how-to-make-chiffon-flowers-by-calamity-kim.html

      I’ve bought shoe clip findings from etsy before: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50372943/6-shoe-clip-findings-jewelry-making?ref=sr_list_3&ga_search_query=shoe+clip+findings&ga_search_type=supplies&ga_page=&order=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title but if you can’t get a pair before this weekend, experiment with hair pins.

      I’ve made many of these flowers to go with my more plain but comfortable shoes and they’re a great way to get lots of wear from your shoes!

    • That is a lovely print! I second the vote for the black flats, and the previous commenter’s advice to get a black bracelet is a great idea, too. Another option would be to wear a black cardigan/shrug/shawl; it wouldn’t be a perfect match with the colors of the dress, but I think it would look fine and would pull everything together. Hope it works out!

      • I recently picked up some cute silver sandals (kind of that gladiator style that is all the rage). They go great with everything and look a little nicer than a basic sandal.

        I second the idea of going to DSW and picking up a cheap pair of flats or sandals. If you find a cute pair, you can use them the rest of the summer!

    • I like the shoe flower idea, but I would put them on (1) the slides or (2) a pair of flip flops that you find in the next couple of days that fit you. You might also find a flower pin in one of the accessories stores (claire’s or sim?) to put on the flip flops. I wouldn’t wear the black flats, that seems too un-summery to me. Good luck!

      • I wouldn’t wear flip-flops to a wedding, unless it’s a beach wedding or a picnic wedding. Even the shiny/sparkly/wedge-y flip flops.

    • I like the idea of black flats (although I think the brown would work too) with your own home-made flowers – otherwise you can search Etsy and find cute shoe clips.

    • I agree with the Zappos idea. You can shop by width, size and color, order 5 pairs and pick the one that works for you. They don’t mind one bit if you send them all back (free shipping on returns too). Then you will feel great in your fab dress.

    • Anonymous :

      Here’s one from Zappos that sounds like it could work, and they have it in your size and width: http://www.zappos.com/bella-vita-sante-champagne-satin

    • Anonymous :

      Here’s another one: http://www.zappos.com/bella-vita-wow-bone-kidskin

      Just search all women’s shoes in your size and width. There are a number of good options.

    • Zappos or endless are definitely your best options. (Both are owned by Amazon, so there’s really no competition between the two.)

      I would search for dress shoes, narrowed down by size, and then order 2 or 3 pairs. Both sites have great return policies (I’ve had a good experience with both), so just return the ones that don’t work.

      • Endless has a 100 dress sandals in size 7E or 7EE:

    • My vote is for either dark brown or black, either the flat or the pumps, and wear a shawl, bracelet or cardigan that matches them.

    • I would recommend a shoe like this from Zappos: http://www.zappos.com/j-renee-whirl-gold
      It’s available in several wide sizes. The gold doesn’t look to be overpowering and you can use them again. They also have a wedge heel so you can wear them on the grass or beach without having to worry about a heel.

      • Unless you’re freakishly tall, I wouldn’t wear the flats with a knee length dress. Hell, I wouldn’t wear flats with just about anything in a formal setting. I’d try to dress up the sandals with a clip, as suggested by the other readers. But please, no flats!

        • If I followed this advice, I could never leave the house. I have a medical problem that precludes EVER wearing heels of any kind. Flat are not some sort of insult to the bride, but absolutely necessary for some of us.

          And what the hell is “freakishly tall”? We are all as tall as we are, and there isn’t much we can do about it. Using terms like “freakish” is really unkind and unnecessary.

          • I secretly believe that many people who scoff at wearing flats in business or dressy settings are merely bitter that some of us look gooooood in flats – regardless of length of hem.

            I hate heels, so I don’t wear them. If you hate flats, don’t wear them! But I couldn’t care less whether your heel height is flat or 5 inches, so I’m not so sure why you care about mine.

  7. I don’t like the front of this dress. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think that much ruching (or whatever you would call all that gathered fabric across the stomach) just doesn’t look good for work, and the v-neck just draws extra attention to that so that it’s the only detail you see.
    Not so much a matter of “I don’t want that much extra fabric gathered on my stomach” — I don’t think that it would be unflattering per se & I don’t have an issue with drawing attention to my stomach area — I just think it makes it look too casual or maybe too trendy to work for too many workplaces. Sure, it’s black & long sleeved so I don’t think you would get too many looks or comments, but it just doesn’t say “professional” to me.

    • I think I agree with you. I like the dress, but I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in it at work. You actually just reminded me of a woman I saw yesterday walking through my building – wearing a short-sleeved, conversatively cut sweater. Memorable bc the sweater pattern had a large (we are talking maybe 6 inches across?) bow right in the middle of the chest. Not an actual bow, just as a part of the pattern that was otherwise just horizontal stripes. Off-white bow/stripes, black sweater. Horrible. You couldn’t help but stare at her chest.

    • There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” and this dress is hitting that upper limit… I like ruching generally – who doesn’t want a little extra tummy camouflage? – but too much and I just feel like a mummy…

    • Owners/Designers: Thanks to all for your honest feedback. Both owners worked as attorneys at large law firms and some of the line was designed to wear for long hours at the office. It sounds like we missed the mark for some of you. For those who found the BOB dress to be too much ruching, would you mind quickly looking at these photos http://apcontestsgiveaways.blogspot.com/2010/02/reality-in-style-dress-review.html. We want to take your comments into account for our Spring 2011 line and wondered if the photo may make the dress appear to be more ruching than in fact exists. The dress is in a lighter color in this photo and, if you don’t mind providing more feedback, we would be grateful. In addition, we are producing these dresses a little longer for the next run (for those of you who want below the knee). Thanks again! Denise & Rachel.

      • Thanks for soliciting feedback! It’s nice to see designers who care enough to ask and aren’t afraid of constructive suggestions :)

        Yes please to longer lengths – I won’t buy a skirt or dress that doesn’t cover the top of my knee when I sit (I have seen WAY TOO MANY coworkers unknowingly flash a large amount of side-thigh in an otherwise appropriate knee-length skirt and I don’t want to be one of them).

      • legalicious07 :

        Please consider making a petites version of your clothing options. I’m not sure if you realize it, but petites clothing is a hot topic in the blogosphere right now (thanks to blogs like Alterations Needed, Extra Petite, Really Petite, Shortcuts, etc. <– disclaimer: one of these is my own) and there are lots of women 5'4" and under who need work-appropriate clothing that is not simply short, but also proportioned to their frame. How about adding an option for us?

  8. I just bought the Mark —


    More flattering front, wool, and the corporette 25% off code works

  9. Sorry for another thread hijack, but I’m hoping for some advice from you classy ladies.

    I’m thinking about getting a friend a gift certificate for stationery as an engagement gift – figuring they could use it either for wedding-related items like invitations or thank you cards, or for new address labels when they move, or for new personalized stationery with their Mr. and Mrs.

    All I know is Vistaprint – does anyone know of a nicer option for not-too-expensive labels/cards? I know there’s Crane’s for really nice stuff, but I was thinking of one of the online shops for more flexibility.

    By the way, my backup plan is a gift certificate to an online photo site like Shutterfly, so any input there is welcome as well!

    • If they have a wedding registry I would get something from there first and foremost.

      • I agree with that statement. But perhaps it’s too early for a wedding registry? If they don’t have it, I recommend adorama.com for a photo site. Their photos prints are professional quality and they have much better photo books than Shutterfly (I’ve bought both before). Their books are actually amazing. I don’t know of any printing companies so I can’t help there …

    • iomoi might have what you are looking for.

    • What about Papyrus? Its a chain in NY, check to see if you can get something from them online or if they’re near you. It’s nice stuff but not nec. as expensive.
      You can also check finestationarydotcom. Haven’t used them but might be nicer than vista print.
      I think it’s a very thoughtful gift!

      • I 2nd Papyrus. Im engaged and was bee bopping on their online store today. www.papyrus.com The site/store has many options for the couple including: save the dates/invites/thank yous, or just general gift items, they have picture frames, wrapping material that could be used for favors, etc.

        • I used to work at a Papyrus during college – they’re all over the (northern) east coast. You could also try to go for one of the stationary companies – William Arthur is a classic.

    • Go for something more versatile if there isn’t a registry. You can always always get a gift card for a place that is a likely choice for a registry like BBB or Pottery Barn because chances are they’ll be able to find something they need/want there even if they don’t choose them as registry locations.

      If they haven’t even set a wedding date yet, it seems too soon to be doing anything related to stationery. They probably aren’t going to be making invitations/thank you cards for quite some time and you don’t want to risk somewhere going out of business before they can even use the gift. Unless you know for sure what the name change situation would be, I would not assume that your friend is going to change her name. It was definitely a sore spot with my friends who decided not to change their names.

      • anon - chi :

        I vote for getting something off the registry if there is one. Thank-you cards are actually a nice idea because they will probably need them for whatever gifts are given at the engagement party. (My understanding is that this is not really a gift-giving occasion but that close friends/family may get the couple something anyway.)

    • I adore r-nichols.com! Somehow the designs just appeal to me! They will personalize–you could go with first name only if you are worried about a name change. And the quality of the paper is truly excellent. Very very thick, and the boxes the cards come in is excellent too. I’ve been buying from Nick for years and feel almost like I know him (I don’t!). Gosh, my second product endorsement in this one post. That’s a bit much for me…. but I like giving independent designers a shout-out when they’ve been good to me. :-)

    • That’s a great idea! I’ve had success with American Stationary.com –
      lots of options there and the paper is good quality.

    • http://www.paper-source.com/

      I walk in here sometimes and dream about getting married (not going to happen for a while) just so I can make the invitations. :)

    • I second the Papyrus suggestion (oh, and their stores are so much fun!). But maybe also ask if they know where they want to get invitations – I knew I was going to use a local letterpress, so an online gift certificate wouldn’t have helped. But if someone had offered to pay for some quantity of thank you cards from my letterpress? I would’ve ADORED that.
      I think the Shutterfly/picture site gift certificate would be really useful. Lots of wedding photographers now give you a CD with all your pictures on it, so you can get them printed yourself at on online site. If they are doing an engagement photo session, they could use the gift certificate to print photos for showers, the wedding, etc.

    • American Stationery Co…should be relatively quick if you want a gift card. Their personalized materials come in a large variety of sizes, types, ink colors, fonts, etc…should allow the new couple to make a choice that represents them well.

      Have used them for years and even given personalized items as gifts. FYI, I use their cards w/personalization as communication directly from my practice, so the quality is good – to – wonderful.

      great idea!

    • Embossed Graphics (http://www.embossedgraphics.com/). I am generally all about Crane’s but I used Embossed Graphics for this exact same gift. The bride-to-be loved it and she was so grateful to have notes on hand for the early engagement presents she received.

      They do the traditional, ecru, embossed, fold-over notes that Crane’s Blue Book of Stationary recommends for bridal thank yous.

    • Anonymous :

      Thank you for all the replies so far! I will definitely check out those stores – I didn’t even think of Papyrus even though I love buying cards there!

      The couple does have a registry (that was the tip-off that they expected gifts at the engagement party, when the registry cards came out of the invitation – although they’re not the ones hosting the party), but it’s full of either the type of gift I would give at the shower (think kitchen appliances) or various decorative items (vases, bowls), and I wanted to do something a little more personal than just the standard silver frame.

      I didn’t have a formal engagement party, but some close family members gave me wonderful, thoughtful gifts like a beautiful menorah (we’re Jewish) and silver candlesticks for the Jewish holidays. I wanted to “pay it forward” the idea of an unexpected and useful gift.

      My thinking with a stationery gift card was that they could use it for whatever they wanted, but it would show more thought than a less-specific gift card. I would never automatically purchase something in someone’s married name, but I do know that they are moving in the near future so figured they could use address labels or “we’ve moved” cards.

      By the way, I remember a conversation here recently about whether engagement party gifts were expected, and I will warn you that I did a search on a local wedding website (NY area) for ideas, and it was full of brides complaining about the “tackiness” of people not bringing gifts to engagement parties. So beware!

      • “I would never automatically purchase something in someone’s married name, but I do know that they are moving in the near future so figured they could use address labels or “we’ve moved” cards.”

        I would want to pick out my own “we’ve moved” cards, personally. I might do whimsical, preppy, classic, somber … Don’t really know, but that seems a very personal choice and not something where I want someone else to pick it out for me.

        • I think the OP meant she could use the gift certificate for “we’ve moved” cards. I don’t think anyone is talking about picking out stationery for the giftee.

      • We gave our attendants stationery from Cake and Milk Paperie: http://www.cakeandmilkpaperie.com/

        Their ribbon notes and sewn notes are especially unique (and classy!) although the paper is a little thin.

  10. Today’s dress – very pretty and different – but surely not to wear to work, right? I have some fitted jersey dresses for work, but they are pretty plain in style. Nothing drapey.

  11. Anyone else find it somewhat strange that the pre-school teacher is wearing an outfit that she couldn’t possibly be teaching pre-schoolers in?

    • Just to clarify – this is not a snarky comment about the model (pretty!) or whether or not she would wear this outfit in her off-hours time (irrelevant) – I just can’t imagine (1) those shoes at any education-related job or (2) sitting on the floor or running around after 4 year olds in that dress.

      • Yes! My mother teaches four year olds… even if she wasn’t in an inner city area, she would never wear that dress b/c a. she’s always on the ground with the kids (she wears out the knees in her pants), b. it costs way more than something that’s likely to have paint smeared on it should cost c. teachers go outside for recess so standing in stockings from October to March is waaay too cold d. the shoes… ok, there are no words for the cute-but-totally-impractical shoes

    • presumably she’s not ALWAYS teaching pre-school

    • It seems a bit unrealistic for each model to be wearing something that fits her job description. It’s just for work clothes generally, not for work clothes that a person in the model’s profession would wear.

  12. threadjack for the ladies that bike commute and wear suits on occasion…

    how do you transport your suit on a bike…or do you even bother? i bike commute during the school year (rising 3L) and it hasn’t been too much of an issue until this year. i’ll be in a clinic in the fall and will have to wear a suit or nicer clothes several times a week to meet with clients, and i’m worried about transporting my suit around and keeping it wrinkle-free. i currently have panniers on my bike that i use for transporting everything (texts, lunch, laptop, gym clothes), and i think i could fit my suit and heels in there if needed, but it just doesn’t seem like the best way to do things. i have a locker at school i can hang my stuff in, and i am thinking that might be the best way to cut down on my baggage. any tips? am i worrying too much?

    • I can’t bring my suit to work when biking. Better option is to leave the suit in the office the day before and change there.

    • A-n0n-lawyer :

      Everyone I know who does something similar (runs or bikes to work) generally brings a certain number of outfits one day per week and leaves them at the office to change.

      I want to commute on my bike, but it gets so hot and humid here that I think I wold be a complete sweaty mess :(

      • i’m a hardened winter biker (although it’s just rainy here) and what I usually do is have stuff stashed all over campus. I play basketball every morning before school, so I have a locker at the gym with all my toiletries, my shoes, a couple of towels, flip flops, and enough sports bras/shorts to last the week. I bring the clothes I’m going to change into, and ride to school in sweats. The hardest part is hauling my textbooks to and from school, and making sure i get coffee in my system early enough to be functional for the rest of the day.

        Sometimes I think driving would be easier (and it is), but I am so GRUMPY when I don’t get my morning bike ride in!

        • Until I changed jobs, I rode and carried my suit in this suit pannier from Two Wheel Gear: http://www.twowheelgear.com/

          It would hold a suit, blouse, (sometimes) shoes, lunch, wallet-on-a-string, cell phone, sunglasses, umbrella, reading materials (magazines, work papers, novel). Some folks even carry a laptop, but I carried that in a front basket. I put the suit in a drycleaners bag and in never wrinkled or got wet (and I’m in the rainy Pacific NW).

          I think that this would be great for you, except that you’d have to have your books in a front basket or backpack.

          • I’m Pac NW too – I have ortlieb classic panniers right now. I’ll check out those other ones (because I can never have too much bike gear). I have a road bike right now that barely supports fenders and panniers, and unless i switch to moustache handlebars, won’t hold a front basket…so unless I get another bike (possible), I may stick with the Ortliebs, which I’m super happy with for everything but suit portage. Thanks for the rec, though!

    • Roll it. Fold both pieces in half length-wise first, and then roll each, not too tightly. Don’t cram the pannier full of stuff, and it will probably be okay to make if from your house to school.

      This may not work with a suit that’s made of a crumple-prone fabric, however.

      • This sounds like a good option. If you are in the market for a new suit, look for one that’s specifically designed for traveling. I have a suit made of indestructible, wrinkle-proof material (the one time I will pay more for a synthetic!).

        • L from Oz :

          Depends on your bike, but I ride an extremely upright bike (Dutch style – actually, a Dutch brand) and have a basket on the back instead of panniers. (Though you could attach the panniers as well – I just don’t need that much storage.) Judging by my experience hauling my dry cleaning home, a suit pack put in the basket would work pretty well at keeping things uncrinkled.

          My current European location is seriously unglamorous, but one thing I do love is that I can cycle everwhere on bike paths and wearing regular clothes. Climate helps too, but it’s not that hard. (Certain skirts/dresses involve contortions and bike shorts underneath, but most of the locals don’t bother – I just don’t want to show that much thigh!) Mind you, were I commuting 30K in traffic I doubt I’d manage it, even if the Copenhagen locals, to take one example, look a hundred times better than I do on foot while hauling all their wordly goods around on a bike.

  13. Threadjack – If you own these pants (or have tried them on and rejected them) can you please give me a review? How do they fit, sizing, prone to wrinkles etc?


    I’m in the market for new pants and I like that these have a defined “waist band” without belt loops. And that they are lined.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I just ordered and returned a wool crepe suit in the dark grey color from J.Crew. I have the gabardine and the stretch wool suiting and love them both. The wool crepe pants fit fine, similar to the gab, but I didn’t like the fabric. There was a strange texture; the weave was a bit more “open” looking than the gab or the stretch wool i.e. tiny little holes in the weave instead of a tight, smooth fabric. It looked less formal to me, less court-worthy, so I returned it and am waiting for the gab or stretch to go on sale again.

      I wonder if you could just get belt loops removed?

      • This seems unlikely to be successful without ruining the fabric…

      • I have all the jCrew pants including these. The wool here is my least-favorite, though still okay. Agree that it’s a little strangely open weaved.

    • I tried these on. They were a little long in the crotch for me. I agree with SF Bay that the fit is similar to other J. Crew pants.

      I’ve had belt loops removed a couple of times without ruining fabric; it depends on how the loops are sewn in. Many times, they are sewn into the seams, so you can have the tailor take the waistband off (he/she will likely also need to take the seam out of the top of the waistband) and then re-sew the waistband together and back on to the pants. It was sort of pricey, though, since it wasn’t as simple as just removing the belt loops. My sister’s father-in-law is a tailor, so she gets all of her tailoring done for free and she has had him do this with several pairs of pants.

    • I have two J Crew suits, and I like both of them, but the 120 s pants stretched out considerably (they are probably a size larger now than when I bought them). The wool gabardine pants are lined and built more solidly, I think – they haven’t grown as much. I don’t know the construction on these pants, but it might be a good idea to check them out in the store.

  14. I just bought the Chris dress! Great wardrobe staple- classic style & sexy. Can’t wait to wear it. Love the separates too!

  15. Funny name for a dress, but I like it.

    My stepfather, who died a few years ago, was named Bob. As we travel around the country, we always keep an eye out for “Bob” businesses such as Bob’s Taxidermy or Bob’s Auto Repair. The first one to see it shouts out, “Signs of Bob!” It’s our little way to keep him in our memories, since he was so supportive of our decision to hit the road full-time.

    Being a crusty old grump, his response to having a dress named after him would be, “Harumph!” I say, it’s just another Sign of Bob :-)

  16. This dress is too revealing :

    First I would like to say that I get daily compliments on how flattering my outfits are.

    What area of the country are YOU in? Perhaps the South is more conservative. This dress is too short and the neckline too low. I am not looking for a burka, but anything about mid-knee cap is too short for law practice. Add a couple inches to the hem and pin the v neck closed about 1 or 2 inches higher and it would be fine.

    I pay $4.88 for my dresses and $2.88 for skirts and blouses at the thrift store. Proceeds go to a women’s shelter.

    • As has been noted time and time again on here, this blog is not intended exclusively for attorneys.

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