Wednesday’s TPS Report: Belle by Sigerson Morrison’s Blue Suede Flats

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison - 5736 (Blue Suede) - Footwear
We’re lusting after these lovely blue leather flats (with suede insets) from Sigerson Morrison today. We’d wear them with pretty much anything, but particularly gray slacks and a yellow or green blouse. Now $165 at Zappos (they were $299). Belle by Sigerson Morrison – 5736 (Blue Suede) – Footwear

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  1. As an extra added benefit you can hum Elvis tunes with legitimacy. Presley, not Costello, although I prefer Costello. Those shoes are great.

  2. awful – awful. The heel is too clipped, the back is too high, the contrast between the colors is not marked, and the stripes are oddly placed. I bet they’ll be at the DSW 80% sale soon.

  3. housecounsel :

    Wow. I would normally never consider wearing flats, but those are seriously cute.

  4. Note that the customer comments say these run a half size smaller than marked.

  5. Beautiful – and the first flats I have seen in a while that have just a tiny bit of lift (which is a good thing).

    Great find!

  6. I’d love them if it weren’t for the rounded heel. If it had a kitten heel instead it would look a lot more updated and less dowdy.

  7. Yuck! Hideous square heel!

  8. I have been lusting after these for quite a while….

  9. The heel is throwing me on these, too – it reminds me of the heels on my dress shoes when I was about 6. If it were either shorter or less blocky, I’d vote for cute!

  10. Hate hate hate the heel. I much prefer ballet flats. also, agree with PP that the shoe goes up too high, likely to cut into your heel.

  11. The heel looks geriatric.

  12. I think these are cute. They look like the type of shoes that might look better on the foot — not much “rack” appeal, but good in real life. They are from Sigerson Morrison, which is a good brand, and in my experience good brands wear much better than similar shoes from cheaper designers. Just my two cents — I think these are definitely worth trying on.

  13. Yuck – very matronly.

  14. Re: suede in general. I have a pair of green suede flats, but I’ve designated them as fall/winter shoes because I though the material was not spring/summer enough. Is this not the case? (They’re so comfy I’d wear them all year long if I thought I could!)

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