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  • Une Femme d’un Certain Âge rethinks her scarf storage.
  • Sally at Already Pretty has some cool fashion resolutions, and polls her readers on what theirs are — You Look Fab also thinks about style resolutions for 2014.
  • The Washington Post looked at an interesting new study that explored the link between elected female leaders and a country’s GDP growth.
  • Belle at Capitol Hill Style offers some tips on how to maintain weight loss. Meanwhile, SheFinds rounds up celebrities whose weight loss stories inspire them to work out.  Over at Popsugar Smart Living, they round up some great ways to make your resolutions stick.
  • Rachel Roy interviewed Daily Worth founder Amanda Steinberg on women and money — in the short video there are a ton of good tips; I may have to try her budgeting alternative.
  • Road Warriorette has some good travel etiquette tips.

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  1. I feel so impressed with myself – this is how I’ve been storing my scarves for years!

    • This is genius! I’m heading to Container Store to buy two – one for the coat closet and one for my walk-in.

    • Same here, I’ve been storing mine like this for years too, and I also store winter mittens/hats/etc. like this in the coat closet, so much easier.

    • saacnmama :

      My son came up with a use for hanging shelves like these that I think is pretty impressive–it’s how we organize his school clothes. He wears gym clothes one day, uniforms others, so just sticking a stack of khakis in his closet doesn’t cut it. Now when we do laundry, he puts one pair of folded, matched socks in each section, the appropriate shirt for the day, a pair of undies… essentially we lay out the entire week’s clothing on Sundays. Doesn’t work for most adults’ work clothing, but could be a start of a system there.

  2. Needing some advice!

    Husband and I are probably going to be relocating this spring to a city where 1 of the “hub offices” for my firm is located. I work for a mid-sized, regional financial company, have been with them for 4 years and have a strong desire to stay. My firm is big on hiring interally, or people who have previously worked for the firm.

    Currently, there is an open position that I’m interested in but it’s posted as being located in a different “hub office” then where I’ll be moving to. It’s absolutely an upward movement from my current position, but I meet all of the qualifications and have more than the requested amount of industry experience.

    Is it appropriate to ask if the hiring person would consider allowing me to work from a different office? I know many operations people in our firm who have moved to different locations and kept their jobs – this position is of a similar nature. Also, at what point is it appropriate to inquire if the position is salaried? The job description doesn’t specify.


    • Coach Laura :

      I don’t think there’s ever any harm in asking. Before you do, you can assess your company’s culture – do they let people have “alternative” working arrangements, like remote working or telecommuting? Or is it an inflexible company? Companies that like to promote from within might be receptive to this type of move.

      If you know any of the operations people, call one or two and ask them how they finessed their move(s). If you know any managers in other areas, you could have a discussion about it and if you have any mentors, this would be the type of question to ask.

      Regarding the hourly/salaried question, many companies have codes for positions and you can look at the code to see how it’s classified. Otherwise, once you express your interest to your HR department, this would be a good question to ask them and certainly is not a “forbidden” question. Ask them for a job description, which also might give you a clue as to the classification grade.

      You might want to re-post this question on the Weekend Thread for more responses. Hope it works!

      • Thanks for your input! Our company is fairly flexible in terms of alternative working arrangements, which is why the thought occured to me in the first place. I have a good working relationship with both my branch manager and our regional supervisory manager, so I think I’ll look to them as well. Probably going to re-post on weekend thread… Thanks!