Weekly News Update

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– The Kate Spade wedge shoe: it’s everywhere! First the NYT mentioned it, and then Shine covered the resulting stampede.
Fashionista rounded up some of the best vintage shops on Etsy.
DesignSponge had a post on great desk lamps under $100 — which, you may recall, many readers swear by as their way of personalizing their office and making more liveable.
– In the less-exciting-until-you-have-to-spend-a-lunch-hour-trying-to-figure-out-your-statement department, the Bucks blog has a nice roundup of the latest bank fees to watch out for.

In Admin news — during last weekend’s open thread we had an interesting discussion on the difficulty of finding appropriately “nude” toned shoes for ladies of color, as well as getting into some more serious stuff. One of the posters and I are thinking that it might be a great idea to have a “round table” kind of discussion with a lot of the readers of color. Would anyone else be interested in participating? Please e-mail me at kat at corporette dot com if you are.

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