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  • Racked looks into the environmental impact of the fashion industry, which at this point hasn’t been measured. (Have you seen our Slow Fashion Shopping Guide yet?)
  • Mic tells you “how to look professional without spending a fortune.”
  • Road Warriorette shares her recommendations for must-have gear for business travelers.
  • In Vanity Fair, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explains how the tech industry can better support women employees.
  • The creators of the app Happify write in Harvard Business Review about how they analyzed user responses to find out how job factors affect happiness and gratitude.
  • The Economist reviews Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book, Unfinished Business.
  • Ozy talks to Lauren Naturale, the woman behind Merriam-Webster‘s entertaining Twitter account and the company’s first social media manager.
  • NPR made a page that tells you where your congressperson stands on the new health care bill.
  • NBC News explains how to clean all kinds of stuff with … vodka.
  • Here are your Laughs of the Week: The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts shares an Ivanka Trump “interview,” while Buzzfeed offers some work memes.

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  1. I now wonder why NBC news wants to tell us to spend alot of money using VODKA to clean things when household cleaners are alot cheaper and more effective. I told my Dad about this and he threw a fit when I wanted to use his STOLI vodka to get rid of a stain. He said I should stick to the law, and not pretend to be MRS CLEAN. FOOEY! Dad now thinks I am a dummy that actually uses VODKA to clean thing’s. He said he is going to cut my household allowance now. I think he remembers how Sheketovits went thru my liqour cabinet like a buzz saw and thinks I have learned nothing from that experience! I have! I know not to date a drunk that uses me for his s-xual pleasure. That was a VERY expensive lesson for me that I wont forget, and I encourage the entire HIVE to follow my lead.

    I am goeing with Myrna to see her relatives in Virginia this weekend. I hope there are decent guys there that are dateworthy! I will p’ost to keep the HIVE updated. YAY!!!!

  2. Someone please talk me out of buying these shoes. So unpractical, right?
    Alice + Olivia MULTI COLBY SUEDE HEEL.

  3. Anonymous :

    kat- there is no way to contact you on your website. your contact page has all dead links. wanted to make you aware of a potential trademark issue if there is a general email address or form i can use

  4. On the hunt :

    Need some shopping help ladies! I need some nice short sleeve shirts to go under suit jackets. That said, I don’t wear jackets unless I’m in meetings so it needs to be wearable in the office on its own, too. I have broad shoulders so most of the options I find are too loose elsewhere and look unprofessional. Help!

    • marketingchic :

      I have narrow shoulders and can’t wear any structured top from Ann Taylor or Loft because they are always too big in the shoulder. So, maybe those brands would work for you?

  5. Oh, mean-girling on Ivanka! Classy and feminist!

  6. Didn’t Unfinished Business come out 2 years ago?

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