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  • Refinery29 reminisces about Steve Madden’s iconic slide (pictured), which has returned.
  • Fashionista shares a list of eight brands that are petite-size-friendly.
  • Racked wonders what will happen to brands like Carol’s Daughter and Dark and Lovely as they try to expand their customer base beyond black women with natural hair.
  • From MSN Lifestyle: A former H&M employee dishes on the chain’s best-kept shopping secrets.
  • Wired tells you how to erase files and back up what you need when you leave a job.
  • Levo lists some common passive-aggressive comments you might have heard at the office.
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at the increasing popularity of hugging — as opposed to handshakes — at some offices.
  • Inc. reports on a study that found that “a collaborative work environment can make top performers — the innovators and hard-workers — feel miserable and socially isolated.”
  • TIME takes a look at Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joyand her path since her husband’s sudden death in 2015.
  • The Huffington Post says that a possible strike by the Writers Guild of America would affect commentary that’s critical of Trump (from shows like “Full Frontal” and “The Daily Show”).
  • The artist who created the Charging Bull sculpture is asking for the Fearless Girl statue to be moved, says Gothamist.
  • The Washington Post has an essay on “Girls” from Elizabeth Wurtzel.
  • Inc. reports on a study that shows the effectiveness of interval training.
  • Your Laugh of the Week, from The Onion: the pros and cons of quitting social media.

Earth Day is tomorrow! Did you know that we have a shopping guide to slow fashion? Also tomorrow, the March for Science.

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  1. Products designed for African American hair seem to be the ONLY products available at the drug store that don’t contain sulfates/sulfites or salts of some kind, which strip my expensive keratin treatment right out. I’ve been shopping the ‘ethnic’ section for years now, despite being white… not sure why they had to change the formulations.

    • This is ridiculous. I have a dry scalp and coarse wavy hair that does not like to be told what to do, and for years I’ve been using shampoo designed for black hair. It is the only stuff that doesn’t annoy my scalp and locks; my hair went from annoying to amazing when I made the switch.

      I’ve been particular to Shea Moisture and Jessie’s Daughter for a few years because of their availability, and now they’re changing? To attract the population of women who have *all the options*, who are the default standard to which hair care products are made?

  2. New Tampanian :

    I twisted my ankles SO MUCH wearing these in the 90s.

    • Me too. When I was in junior high school, my Grandma Leyeh thought I would look taller if I wore these, while still appearing causal. I did, but I slipped around alot, and when they got wet, I went flying. FOOEY! I threw them out b/f Granma Leyeh found out, so when she stopped by to see me in them, and asked how I liked them, I told her they were downstairs b/c I had stepped in poopie, and was soakeing the bottoms to get the poopie off. That is one time that haveing the poopie excuse actualy helped b/c she did NOT want to go downstairs to see the Madden slides soaking in water to get rid of poopie. (in reality, I had no idea where the garbage men dump their garbage)! YAY!!!

    • S in Chicago :

      I was just thinking how much I put blisters on the TOP of my feet by wearing a Calvin Klein knockoff (or maybe they were Maddens) all day on a city exploration day. They hurt so bad that I stopped for bandages. They were horrid!

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