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  • Domino tells you how to do a spring cleaning of your beauty products.
  • Have you heard how Ivanka’s clothing was labeled as Adrienne Vittadini at Stein Mart (Business of Fashion)?
  • Forbes shares Stacy London’s workwear tips.
  • From New York magazine’s The Cut: more changes at J.Crew, including 250 employees losing their jobs.
  • Laura Shin writes in Forbes about Charmaine Pocket, who has made $1 million (!) through her work on Fiverr.
  • Above the Law has five survival tips for new associates.
  • At Ozy, Leslie Nguyen-Okwu wonders if we should ditch the germ-laden handshake and adopt the bow.
  • Science of Us comments on an essay that warns against destigmatizing mental illness in a way that “normalize[s] severe suffering.”
  • Jennifer Wright writes at Harper’s Bazaar, “Being a parent is a source of joy and challenge and meaning for many humans of all genders. But it’s not the most important job there is.”
  • GOOD shares some of the funniest signs from last week’s March for Science. (Did you go?)
  • Molly Ringwald tells the tale of that Pretty in Pink prom dress, at Teen Vogue: “If I’d had it my way, I would have burned the dress on the Paramount back lot.”
  • Your Laughs of the Week (enjoy a bonus laugh today) are from The Daily Mash and Rachel Bloom of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (video NSFW).

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  1. Yay Kat! I read the story in Teen Vogue about Molly Ringewald and the dress in Pretty in Pink. The manageing partner said I look pretty in pink also, but I will only wear darker reds b/c Pink tend’s to fade out with my blond hair. It was an execllent article, and I commend it to the ENTIRE hive! YAY!!!

  2. Anonymous :

    I’d love to read a series about a week in the life of a professional woman not necessarily a mother! Real Simple magazine used to have something similar every issue and I loved it until they got rid of it. I love seeing how regular women with a variety of jobs in all different circumstances manage their days.

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