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  • New York magazine’s The Strategist shares tips from (non-celebrity) women about the clothes and makeup they’ve found to be really flattering.
  • Bustle tells you about the 23 beauty items most added to Amazon wish lists.
  • The Washington Post talks about Anthropologie’s struggle with its brand identity (and its sales) — yet another mall store that’s not doing well.
  • Harvard Business Review looks at the downsides of being recognized as a star performer and “future leader” at work.
  • The Economist’s 1843 explains how many people seeking relief from burnout have trouble relaxing because it feels wrong not being productive.
  • New York magazine’s The Cut reports on a study that found that weight loss by people using alternate-day fasting wasn’t that different from that of people who simply restricted calories.
  • In case you haven’t heard about the Google Docs phishing scam yet, Gizmodo has info.
  • The New York Times says Anne Shirley is back … but not exactly how you remember her.
  •  Your Laugh of the Week, from McSweeney‘s: Nevertheless, he persisted. (Oh, such bravery.) OK, here’s one more, from The Onion: “Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President After Reading 800 Pages Of Queer Feminist Theory.”

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  1. I LOVED the Harvard Business Review article. Actually, dad had given me a copy of that article since I am a partner at work and I am trying to become a NAMED partner, but that would involve the manageing partner adding my name to the Firm Stationary. I think I do want this b/c that way, I will truley make an indelible mark on the firm, as it has for me. YAY!!!

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