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  • Teen Vogue shares 10 beauty products you didn’t know you needed, including this color-changing lipstick by Lipstick Queen founder, Poppy King.
  • Feedspot has ranked Corporette No. 1 among the “Top 30 Work and Office Fashion Blogs & Websites for Professionals.”
  • NPR reports that the number of complaints regarding hair and skincare products, including hair loss, breakage, skin irritation, serious injuries, and even death, has more than doubled from 2015 to 2016, according to a study published earlier this week.
  • Fashionista investigates how Shoes of Prey and other customizable clothing companies are changing the way we shop.
  • Bustle shares secrets to prevent summertime chafing that could be helpful for your Fourth of July outings.
  • Harvard Business Review reports that female entrepreneurs are treated differently by venture capitalists than their male counterparts, which in turn affects how much funding women entrepreneurs receive.
  • Code Like a Girl shares how a “woman with a lot going on” is unfairly treated because of her many accomplishments.
  • The New York Times shares some of the 1,000 stories of workplace sexism that they received from readers after their recent request.
  • Poynter asks whether women should stop using exclamation points in work communications. The answer? “We need to stop attacking or demeaning each other for the way we speak, write and work.” (Using exclamation points in emails is something we discussed a few years ago.)
  • The Associated Press reports that a judge has ruled that Ivanka Trump must testify at deposition in a trademark infringement case involving an Italian shoemaker.
  • Thrillist presents 15 places you should consider for your next vacation, both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • The Cut offers 28 sleeping hacks from Salma Hayek, entrepreneurs, and others.
  • NPR reviews Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman (affiliate link), a collection of “deeply thoughtful” essays by cultural critic Anne Helen Petersen regarding how famous women are criticized for being too… (fill in the blank).
  • Laugh of the Week: McSweeney’s shares an unemployed woman’s experience selling her eggs for a “bargain basement price.”

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  1. Money Mama :

    Anyone use a financial planner through Fidelity? I have investments there and got sort of talked in to making an appt with a CFP. I have been doing meetings with a planner on a bi-annual basis, but his advice is always quite complicated and expensive. Fidelity’s CFP’s are free, and I like the idea of continuity. The other guy I have been using doesn’t do yearly checkups – it’s just schedule when you want. I don’t have lots of $ to invest, but would like to keep track of my retirement savings in a more meaningful way.

    What troubled me is that this guy said that my money needs to be “managed.” I’m more of a set it and forget it mindset.

    Hive – thoughts?

  2. Congratulations, Kat!

  3. Congratulations, Kat! #1, #1, #1!

    • +1 for Kat, but what happened? Is Kat haveing a baby? If so, YAY!!!!

      I was goeing to comment on the NY Times article and the comment’s from women. I agree men are sexists, and we have to work for everything and are not generaly appreceated for who we are as females. It is time men stop to think that it is WOMEN who do the work and bear the children and we do NOT get credit for any of it from sexist men. My ex demanded everyting and did nothing (but grunt in the toilet and stink it up). I do NOT miss that. I want a man who will be kind and genetal and support me and our children. I want to be rewarded for doeing my wifeley duties and NOT have to kow-tow to men who just want me to take my panties off for them any more. FOOEY on them!

  4. Hive Member :

    Is anyone else part of Lawmas on FB? A recommendation on their for a Land’s End dress got a mention in US Weekly. Work-appropriate and loved by 500+ Lawyer mamas!

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