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  • Racked offers more than 30 options for shopping for plus-size fashion online, including Eloquii, pictured here.
  • Lenny shares French photographer and fashion blogger Garance Doré‘s lessons from a failed attempt at IVF: “We’re complete even if we don’t check all those stupid boxes. We’re complete without a shiny job. We’re complete without a shiny wedding. We’re complete without a shiny baby.”
  • Allure states the magazine will no longer use the term “anti-aging.”
  • Glamour reports that a woman who claims she was fired for having an unexpected heavy period at work is suing her former employer for discrimination.
  • The Cut offers a lengthy excerpt from a new book by Ellen Pao, former interim CEO of Reddit and founder of Project Include, titled Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change, which is about her experiences with sexism in Silicon Valley. The book will be available next month.
  • Ask a Manager features a letter from a teacher who “ghosted” a long-term (three years!), live-in girlfriend by moving to another country without telling her, and now the ex-girlfriend is about to be the letter writer’s new boss. (The letter doesn’t specify the teacher/letter writer’s gender.)
  • Above the Law examines how Adderall addiction can go beyond law school into bar exam prep, and even into the practice of law.
  • The New York Times explains how to take advantage of hotel amenities.
  • NPR shares the results of a study in MCN: The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing that found many nurses were ill-equipped to talk to moms about postpartum health risks. (Also posted in CorporetteMoms News Roundup last week.)
  • Laugh of the Week: It was hard to pick a laugh of the week about the crazy Louise Linton instagram fail (her insta account is now set to private). So here is this fall fashion guide from McSweeney’s, and this tongue in cheek post from our friends at ATL.

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  1. Kat I read the article from THE CUT about Ellen Pao, and feel we share more then a first name. She was objectified as a sexueal being at a VENTURE CAPITOL firm by men who were smart but who could not find women willeing to have s-x with them. I feel that in my past job’s, my bosses just used me to stare at my boobies or to pat my tuchus as I walked by trying to do my job. When I worked for the goverment in DC, the senior lawyers all just thought of me as a dummy who got into law school b/c of my looks, and kept up my GPA by doeing sexueal stuff with the professor’s. FOOEY, b/c that was NOT true, but even the professors thought b/c I was cute that I was to dumb to even know that they wanted to sleep with me (and do stuff in bed). But MOM warned me about men who wanted to have s-x with student’s so I did NOT ever go back to a professor’s apartement with them b/c I knew what they wanted to do. That is what I think Ellen Pao must have felt when her bosses thought of her in a sexueal way. We women MUST stick together in the hive and protest against men who just want for us to pull our panties down for them. That is NOT why we went to school to study hard. We are NOT interested in being objectified for sexueal objects by men who can NOT otherwise get us to have s-x with them. If we do NOT it is b/c we are NOT attracted to them. Why cant men just understand this and back off when we tell them we do NOT want to have s-x with them? FOOEY!

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