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  • Huffington Post offers 19 tongue-in-cheek reasons not to wear white after Labor Day, including sweaters like this number from Totokaelo, pictured. Vogue and Stylecaster also weigh in on why the old adage no longer applies.
  • Stylecaster also suggests 30 hairstyle trends for the change in seasons now that, “You can actually arrive to work without sweat dripping down your face and outfit.”
  • Racked shares where to find “nude” lingerie for all skintones.
  • The Strategist claims an athletic-wear crop top is a must-have for wearing under certain types of shirts.
  • Fast Company reports that Levi’s has created a bot to help you find the perfect pair of jeans.
  • Fast Company also shares these women entrepreneurs had better luck getting investors after they created a fake male cofounder.
  • NPR explains why employers are having trouble finding employees who are the perfect fit for their job openings, and why hiring policies are part of the problem.
  • Forbes offers 15 apps to improve productivity, mental and physical wellness, financial health, and time management.
  • Lifehacker offers the “ring theory” as a way to determine the “Kvetching Order” in times of crisis. Hint: “You can complain about the crisis all you want—but you can only carry on to the people who are outside you in the ring. To the people closer to the center than you, you should provide comfort only. That’s it.”
  • The Cut explains why so many Americans cared about the First Lady’s outfits earlier this week on her way to visit Texas, and why the media and the public will continue to scrutinize the First Family’s fashion choices.
  • Above the Law explains why “Justice O’Connor’s thoughtful judiciousness brought us a few steps closer to a future where gender equality will truly be a reality”
  • Laugh of the Week: The Guardian has you covered for the five outfits every woman needs.

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  1. trump heels :

    That article in The Cut was spot on. I get that she was leaving DC and getting on a plane and changed later, but come on. For this family to say that optics don’t matter when optics are all they care about is absurd. I particularly liked the point about her choosing to label herself. Optics and words matter, especially in times of crisis like this.

    • That’s a mighty fancy way of saying that mean girls get catty over the Trump women. It almost sounds intellectual!

      • So many peeople are jealous of the Trump women, I think b/c they are all very pretty. Unfortunately most of us are NOT as pretty as they are so women tend to take it out on the pretty ones. I know b/c it was me in High School that got put down by the less attractive women, and the same in college. In law school hardly any of the women were attractive so I got alot of attention. The probelem was all the less attractive women found men to MARRY them and I did NOT. So what good was being pretty if I could not find a guy to MARRY me? NONE! I wish I could just find a decent guy. Most guys do NOT want to marry me b/c I am suposedly high maninenance, but I am NOT. I have a job and can pay for my own clotheing. Why is life so difficult for peeople like me? FOOEY!

    • I don’t understand why the article pretends that this is unique to Melania. I still remember the uproar over Michelle Obama’s arms in a sleeveless dress.

      The sad truth is that, to most of America, a woman’s worth lies in her looks. Doesn’t matter which side you’re on, what you’re wearing is of utmost importance. Sure, the Trumps have encouraged and profited from this behavior, and that makes them particularly hypocritical when they complain about the criticism. But it’s not something that suddenly started happening in 2017.

      • trump heels :

        No, you’re right it’s not new. I think I’m just amused by their outrage when they pretend to know and understand the optics and marketing of themselves.

  2. anon for this :

    Question for those with academic experience: I’m helping edit my dad’s old academic CV to support a letter he’s providing for someone else’s legal needs. His teaching experience is highly relevant to the reference – much more so than his current work – but unfortunately gets buried behind the tech jobs he’s worked for the last decade-plus. Can I give the teaching its own section above the experience, or is that too nonstandard? Generally, how much leeway do I have in editing this?

    (Bonus question: he never listed his old conference presentations, although I can find some of the related publications on google scholar. Should I try to include those, even though it’ll probably be an incomplete list? Right now the only academic thing on here is journal articles and teaching.)

    • anonymous :

      I don’t have the answers here, but I’ve seen a “Teaching Experience” section separate from other work experience. (I think more often the question is whether to include the, e.g., tech work on the academic CV.) There can be a section for conference presentations. I recommend looking at some recent models. Many academics link to their CVs on their departmental webpages. Look at enough models to get an idea of the range of options available to you.

  3. Marshmallow :

    Ring theory is so, SO true. I will never ever forget the relatives who complained to us that their power was out after a natural disaster…. when we had literally lost our home not 24 hours before. Permanent damage to that relationship.

  4. A quick heads up to all of you about Nordstroms big sale starting today- there’s a lot in there that was also in the anniversary sale this month, including that aubergine purple Boss suit!

  5. My 2 cents :

    Re: the NPR article, I’d say that a huge problem employers have is failing to look for transferable skills and requiring that applicants have held the job previously (or a similar job, possibly at a lower level). I find it incredibly frustrating to read job postings that indicate that they are looking for someone with on point experience rather than looking for someone smart, persistent, and innovative who can be trained to do the available job.

    • Why do you think that prior experience is not helpful? I get that some skills are transferable, but training someone smart and persistent still takes time and resources, especially if they have no exposure to the industry or tools involved.

      • My 2 cents :

        It’s not that prior experience isn’t helpful, it just isn’t the only thing that a candidate can offer. I think organizations should hire the best person, not the best resume.

    • I see this a lot at my higher ed institution, and I think we lose a lot of potentially good people because of the overly strict hiring criteria. This seems especially true at the mid-level professional staff level.

    • THANK YOU for posting this.

      It is very frustrating, being in a job search right now.

      I would say, though, that employers are looking for the *exact same* experience, rather than looking for experience that is on point, but maybe not precisely in the same environment, or perhaps using different software, etc. I’ve read and heard advice to highlight my transferrable skills; I don’t know how many employers consider those.

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