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  • The Cut reports that for the second time in the 12-year-history of the National Book Foundation, all five of the nominees for “5 Under 35,” which recognizes debut fiction writers, are women.
  • Racked shares that Madonna’s beauty line, MDNA SKIN, which has been available in Asia since 2014, is now available in the U.S.
  • The Wall Street Journal has advice on accepting a “stretch job”—even if you don’t feel qualified enough. (WSJ articles are behind a paywall.)
  • Above the Law reports that a former partner of Biglaw firm Winston & Strawn has filed a complaint of gender discrimination, alleging that “she was robbed of opportunities to develop her business, had her salary slashed, bonuses denied, and was ultimately forced out.”
  • The Daily Dot defines the new term “he-peating” as when a woman’s idea gets shut down and “a male colleague not only repeats this same idea, he gets credit for it.” (Ad may autoplay.)
  • Ask a Manager has an update to her earlier post about an advice-seeker who learned that an ex-girlfriend he “ghosted” following a three-year relationship was going to be his new boss.
  • NPR shares that the first woman has completed the U.S. Marines’ Infantry Officer Course. About 10% of all participants drop out on the first day, and about one-third don’t graduate.
  • The Guardian presents why, according to a sleep scientist, the world is facing a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic.” Scroll to the end for the stats about sleeping. (Ad may autoplay.)
  • Bustle explains that the history of gynecology is “racist, sexist, and extremely scary.”
  • Chase.com provides six factors to consider when deciding whether a home equity line of credit is right for you.
  • Laugh of the Week: McSweeney’s explains why you should “fire up that computer, hop on that treadmill, and start doing the finest work of your careeeeq3!r” (As long as you don’t mind a few typos.)

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