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  • The Cut features the wardrobe of Alana St. Aude, a corporate attorney in NYC.
  • Racked explains why it’s better for retailers to show actual customers–not just models–wearing their clothes.
  • Walgreens will start offering expert beauty advice at select locations.
  • Fashionista shows you pieces from H&M’s new collaboration with Erdem.
  • Forbes reports that New York City employers can no longer ask about salary history as of Oct. 31, joining California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Delaware, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.
  • CNBC shares why Uber’s Chief Brand Officer Bozoma Saint John believes the worst advice she received was not to wear red nail polish and lipstick–it made her feel like she couldn’t show her “bold” personality at work [ad autoplays].
  • U.S. News states, “76 percent of hiring managers believe that ‘being interesting’ is the most crucial quality they look for when interviewing to fill a new position.”
  • The New Yorker offers Anita Hill’s take on recent sexual harassment allegations against powerful bosses. Meanwhile, Mother Jones suggests that there isn’t much evidence to show that sexual harassment trainings actually work.
  • Above the Law reports that in Louisiana, a judge ruled that asking for a “lawyer dog” wasn’t enough for a man to receive counsel–but as Elie Mystal writes, “Demesme didn’t ask for a ‘lawyer dog,’ he, CLEARLY, asked for a ‘lawyer, dawg.'”
  • The Strategist shares tips from an interior designer to “zhuzh up your rental.”
  • BuzzFeed provides 11 lazy, er, quick and easy (and tasty!) recipes from food bloggers.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Onion shows concern for a coworker who has brought in baked goods … for the fourth day in a row.

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  1. Anonymous :

    Thanks for sharing that article from The Cut. So fascinating to see what real women wear! I wish I had the job, lifestyle and body to wear what Alana does!

    • I agree, but the part of the article describing the conference just rubs me the wrong way. It seems competitive and materialistic in a negative way for women.

      • Totally agreed. That sounded miserable. Checking luggage for a conference to be sure you’re displaying enough name brand clothing?!?

        And I’m sorry, but a NYC finance associate, even a senior associate (she’s law school class of 2010) is spending FAR more time stuck behind her desk on conference calls than she is in “big meetings.”

        I do sympathize on having to plan which shoes to bring home, though. 90% of my heels live in my filing cabinet.

        • Anonymous :

          Yes and no re “big meetings.” I’m a NYC midlevel litigation associate, and I’m attending a black tie gala after work next week along with the chairperson of the firm and a few other senior partners. I’m basically a seat-filler but I’m looking at it as an opportunity to make an impression, so I really care about what I’ll be wearing. That type of clothing has a place in most associates’ closets even if you use it rarely.

          And I assume she played up the import of her day-to-day for this article. I certainly would– I’d tell a magazine about court appearances and negotiations with opposing counsel, not about the 3AM proofreading session last night.

    • Honestly, it made me glad I am a lawyer in DC and not NY. I would be so incredibly uncomfortable in those clothes/shoes, not to mention the cost.

      • Same. More power to her, but I do not have the stamina or pain tolerance for that. However, as someone with the same hair texture, it’s heartening to see a natural hairstyle on someone in a conservative work environment.

    • Cool, but :

      Interesting article, but I felt like a total potato reading it, haha.

      It is way too cold in my office to wear dresses and skirts comfortably on the reg. (Even WITH a heater AND a wrap.)

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