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  • The Cut shares the story of Argent, which it calls “the official workwear brand of powerful women.”
  • The Cut also gives their picks for the best beauty products of 2017.
  • Quartz at Work explains why Arianna Huffington wears the same handful of dresses for the public events she attends.
  • The New York Times offers Ann Patchett’s opinion piece about how she managed her year of no shopping.
  • The New York Times also shares Gender Editor Jessica Bennett’s essay on “no-return” sexual encounters and “the gray area of consent” that women can experience.
  • The New Yorker‘s Jia Tolentino details how 2017 became the year that skincare became a coping mechanism.
  • Variety reports that Anita Hill will chair the newly formed Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace.
  • Ask a Manager has a roundup of the worst boss stories of 2017, according to her readers.
  • Vice’s Motherboard explains why volunteering is the best kept secret to cope with anxiety and stress.
  • Self shares what medications you should never mix with alcohol.
  • Apartment Therapy has some holiday gift ideas for the feminists in your life—or for treating yourself.
  • Laugh of the Week: The New Yorker‘s top cartoons of 2017, according to Instagram, will (hopefully) give you some cheer.

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  1. I read the NY Times Article “when saying yes is easier than saying no.” Fortunately, we as professional women can simply stand up and say NO when some schlub wants us to pull our panties off, or worse yet, starts getting physical when we tell the schlub to hold his own. I say we all need to be VERY clear with men who want to do stuff when we do NOT. Grandma Leyeh says we can start by saying: “back down, because I have no intention of letting you put your thing anywhere NEAR me!” That normally cools him off, but if it doesnt, a swift knee between the l’egs will do the trick. Dad agrees now that I am a single woman, but in his day, he often would not take no for an answer. That does NOT wash these days, he knows and he regrets bullying women 50 years ago when he was a young man trying to sow his oats (which he did behind the IRON curtain).

  2. Hi, this is an execellent p’ost! YAY!!!

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