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  • The Cut has the details behind Hollywood’s “Time’s Up” initiative to support working-class women who’ve experienced sexual misconduct.
  • Nylon shares info about the soon-to-be-released H&M brand, /Nyden, a collaboration of designers that will target millennials and will be led by Oscar Olsson.
  • Racked suggests if there’s a clothing item that works for you, buy one in every color to build up your wardrobe options for your personal uniform.
  • The New York Times shares a first-person account of how a woman felt that she’d need to dress when speaking to others about her experiences with sexual harassment.
  • Also in The New York Times, Lindy West asks, “Why is fixing sexism women’s work?”
  • Vulture reports that Hoda Kotb will reportedly make millions less than Matt Lauer, who she’s replacing on Today following others’ claims of sexual assault against Lauer. The Washington Post details Kotb’s professional challenges that led to her current position, including 27 rejections in 10 days as a recent journalism school graduate.
  • The Washington Post also takes a look at why at least 79 women — 49 Democrats and 30 Republicans — are running for governor or seriously considering it.
  • Pew Research Center has results of a new study that breaks down how women experience discrimination in the workplace.
  • Working Mother outlines 15 ways the workplace will change for women in 2018, including more diversity and more women in leadership roles.
  • NPR asks whether food-tracking apps help with weight loss.
  • Laugh of the Week: The New Yorker highlights a few examples of “toxic femininity” in the workplace.

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  1. Sloan Sabbith :

    Laugh of the week made me actually laugh out loud. The interview one almost killed me.

  2. The NYT also had a piece called The Case for Using a Paper Planner that is right in this s_te’s wheelhouse of topics of interest. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/04/smarter-living/paper-planner-guide.html

    Separately, but related to some of the other articles featured, they had an interesting op-ed y Daphne Merkin about the #metoo movement and whether it could use some nuance.

  3. Anonymous :

    This is probably going to be an immensely unpopular opinion. But “Why is fixing sexism women’s work?” Because it’s about us and it’s OUR WORK! Of course no one is going to advocate for us the way we will advocate for ourselves. And also because when men ask, ‘please tell us how we can help,’ they get yelled at for demanding emotionally labor; and when men say ‘me too,’ we yell at them for co-opting the conversation. If I were a man, I’d completely throw my arms up at this point and just mind my own business. There’s no winning.
    Maybe we should go back to Second Wave style feminism and leave all this identity politics stuff behind. I think the current wave of feminism and the way we’re framing things is utterly toxic and counterproductive.

    • Likewise, when women actually make a concerted effort to improve the lives of themselves and others, there are people complaining that they are being too frivolous about it, or too in-your-face, or too self-congratulatory, or spending too much time on shallow things like luxury fashion, or not doing enough to let their light shine, etc. I think it’s sort of funny when men in positions of power act baffled about having to be careful about what they say: do they not realize that pretty much everyone else in their lives has to, and does, watch their words very carefully, evaluating evetything for nuance, biting back jokes that might cause offense? But I’ve also never actually seen or heard a man get yelled at for an earnest attempt to help, so ymmv. I actually think the current wave of TimesUp and metoo has been very inclusive, and welcoming to men’s participation. I do think certain men get side-eyed when they seem to be trying to co-opt the story, but frankly they usually seem to be defending harassers or otherwise somehow trying to make men the protagonists of the story, so I think they’ve sort of earned the eye rolls.

  4. I wonder why you put links to article in Washington Post when one must have a subscription in order to read the articles.

    • Why not? Omitting links to publications that require subscriptions would cut out some great sources, including the Times and the Journal.

      Anyway, I found the link helpful. I have a subscription to the Post but don’t read it cover to cover and hasn’t seen that article, so thanks.

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