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  • Fashionista provided some style inspo with the best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week. They also shared a roundup of the top trending street style items from fashion month.
  • Who What Wear reminded us that spring is just around the corner with 14 fresh options for bright, office-friendly blazers.
  • The Washington Post reported that women are ditching high heels due to changes in the workplace (more remote work and casual offices) and commuting habits.
  • Racked declared Meghan Markle the “princess of the pants,” with pictures to prove it.
  • Racked also shared an attorney’s personal experience of trying to figure out, “What does dressing ‘professionally’ mean for women of color?”
  • The Strategist gave advice on how to dress for an interview at a tech company. (It’s not all hoodies and t-shirts.)
  • LearnVest warned of the dangers of drunk shopping.
  • Joy Reid, writing for Moneyish, explained why women should be competent, and not soothing in the workplace.
  • Joy Reid was also recently a guest editor of FOTO, where she honored several women of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • The New York Times paid homage to some of the women left out of The Gray Lady’s obituary pages over the years.
  • The Cut shared why Celine Semaan started #ArabGirlMagic.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: Hopefully you can’t relate to this worker profiled in The Onion who quickly learned just how terrible her job is.

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