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  • Fashionista toured Eileen Fisher’s “Tiny Factory,” where old clothes are recycled into new outfits.
  • Business Insider shared tips on how to dress for your first job, including Kat’s ideas for a capsule wardrobe, and also suggested when you should wear a suit for work, featuring Kat’s thoughts about why suit pieces should be versatile.
  • Racked provided details about the new Universal Standard x J.Crew collab, which offers sizes from XXS to 5X.
  • The New York Times explained why John Fluevog’s retro-styled footwear is making a comeback.
  • SELF suggested how to recycle beauty product packaging.
  • SELF also listed 13 drugstore beauty products for when you don’t have La Mer money. (Sound familiar? We shared a similar Glamour piece a few months ago.)
  • Harvard Business Review reported on a study involving CEOs that found high-achieving women don’t expect to be supported at home or at work.
  • Ask A Manager shared what to do if you think a coworker is rejecting your ideas and claiming them later without giving you any credit.
  • The New York Times also shared an opinion from a 40-something woman who doesn’t have children and is happy, even though no one seems to believe her.
  • For your Groan of the Week: Innovation Women shared a new version of the Female Conference Speaker Bingo Card, this time featuring reasons why women say “no” to speaking engagements. (Why a “Groan”? Because there is really no good excuse for all-male panels, but they keep happening.)

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  1. What’s the point of indicting Russians? We can’t get them to come over here. Seems pretty useless.


    • to increase awareness that election meddling is a real thing, to demonstrate it is not going unnoticed … so many reasons, is this a real question.

    • Anonymous :

      Is this a sincere question? So many reasons!

  2. A Regular Reader :

    Re: Beauty product packaging

    In an effort to reduce plastic bottles and waste in the bathroom, a month ago I bought a “shampoo bar” – a bar of solid shampoo to use in the shower (or bath) and I’m loving it now. I got it for about $6 at Whole Foods and I think I’ll try it again before moving up to the $$ at Lush or something.

  3. to increase awareness that election meddling is a real thing, to demonstrate it is not going unnoticed … so many reasons, is this a real question.

  4. Oh, Kat and Kate:

    I LOVE the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ARTICLE about how female CEO’s think and how they advice for all of us to think big and get ahead like they did! I think you and I think alike! YAY!! I particulearly think that we, as HIVETTE’s can learn alot from these CEO’s on leadership, b/c they have been through all of the things that I have been through (as well as many of us in the hive) who have had to fight our way through male prejudice and s-xueal attitudes where men think of us onley as s-xual beings there to service them! FOOEY on that! We have minds as well as bodie’s, and men should think of us first as women with brains. That is what my boss does, and I am very gratful to him for treateing me as an equal, especially since I now am PERSONALY responsible for 71% of our gross monthly billeings!!!!!!

    If everyone read and took the lesson’s of the HBR article to heart, we can all have a good chance of being a CEO! I am following their lead in order to become the manageing partner at my law firm after the manageing partner retires, or takes senior emeritus status!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  5. The Universal Standard x J.Crew collab is TERRIBLE. Most of the clothing is drapey, shapeless, and downright ugly. And if I’m going to buy something from J.Crew, I want structured prep. Who’s got structured prep in extended/plus sizes?!

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