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– Awesome: Fashionista picks out some “aughties” fashion that is due to come back in style — belly button rings, Uggs, and sweatsuits, oh my!

– Lisa at Privilege shares her adventures in updos.

The NYT thinks it’s a step in the right direction that women in power can talk openly about their work/life juggle.

Get Rich Slowly advises how to win at office politics. Meanwhile, Savvy Sugar preps you for your performance review.

Mint suggests a surefire way to earn 3% over the next year: i-bonds.  Hmmn…

– To all the readers out there in their early 30s: we apparently are Generation Catalano (according to Doree Shafrir writing for Slate).

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  1. Guess the belly button ring is the extreme example of “If you wore it the last time it was in style, you are too old to wear it again.”

  2. Some of us still have it in from 1999.

  3. Sweats and uggs are the standard uniform on long island by many

  4. Card-carrying member of Generation Catalano, and proud of it.

  5. Aw. I’m sure it will be MISadventures, by the time I’m through. Thanks.

  6. anon in texas :

    in checking out fashionista website, while the story might have been fine, the popups at the bottom of the screen were extremely work inappropriate.

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