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Working Mother has some tips for how to “green” your workday.
FINS warns us all to beware the glass cliff.
The Careerist wonders why powerful women aren’t helping each other out.
The Huffington Post has a handy infographic of the various doctors you should see during different periods of your life.  Fuuuun.
Lifehacker rounds up some great custom clothing places to try. Hot on the heels of Jezebel‘s ringing endorsement of eShakti, I’m officially intrigued. (Oh: and apparently eShakti has a special $20 off offer if you’re first to sign up — considering most of their dresses are only $60 to begin with, that’s pretty great.)
– Got a friend graduating? Savvy Sugar has suggestions for graduation gifts.

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  1. momentsofabsurdity :

    Re: Custom clothing

    Thanks so much for the commenter who recommended heartmycloset on Etsy. I had a custom dress made (this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59110896/cindy-custom-made-pencil-dress-all-sizes in navy with a white belt) and it fits great! Measurements are slightly off in some places but I measured myself and I can see where she’s off because of the weirdness of my shape — so now I know better for next time. I got it lined for a very reasonable fee, the fabric is nice, the dress is impeccably made and generally — I adore it. I’ve already decided on the next dress I’ll order from them!

  2. buttercup :

    Corporettes in finance, check out this article on women CFOs:

    I always think it’s interesting when high-level business women talk about whether they make an effort to mentor women or not. One of the CFO’s interviewed…”She doesn’t belong to any women’s groups or networks, and isn’t setting targets for her own staff. ‘I have some great women and some great men; I try to be gender neutral,’ she says. ‘One of the things I took from GE is to just recruit the best talent; they could be purple, green, or blue.'”

    • I also think that the ones who say they don’t necessarily make an effort to mentor women are engaging in a subtle version of CYA/protecting their flanks.

      If they work in a male-dominated company culture where there’s also a high level of backstabby competitiveness, she’s probably had to work very hard to get buy-in from the men around her.

      The last thing she wants is to do a public appearance, and get quoted in a way that could be twisted by her enemies (and trust me, if you rise to the top of any such organization with lots of backstabby competitiveness, you will have enemies, regardless of your demographics).

      Because what they’ll do is start to paint her as a “feminist harpy who hates men and only wants to push qualified men out so she can replace them with her disciples.” It’s not true, but in a culture of backstabby paranoia, it’ll be believed, plus, if there’s any whiff of misogyny in the culture, it’ll become the gospel, and her enemies will have more people willing to help them undermine her.

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