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Beauty Blogging Junkie tells you her secrets to concealing her dark circles.  Meanwhile, Pretty Shiny Sparkly rounds up the best bronzers.
The WSJ rounds up advice from female CEOs on how to get ahead.
Buzzfeed ponders how Hillary Clinton got us to stop caring about her makeup and clothes.
ForbesWoman lists six things that stop 20-something women from achieving financial success.  Above the Law picks up an amazing story of someone paying off $114,000 of his student loan debt in cash.
Savvy Sugar finds out how organizing guru Peter Walsh organizes his emails, and Lifehacker helps you get to sleep by describing how to “force quit” yourself at the end of the day.
– Thanks to People Stylewatch for quoting me in their June 2012 issue!

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  1. TJ — Going to Annapolis for the weekend. Any suggestions of things to see, do, eat??? Especially interested in restaurants that serve blue shell crabs. Thanks!!!!!

    • I LOVE the gelato place right next to the water – it’s on the side closer to the Naval Academy entrance, near the Philips Seafood.

    • Are you talking about steamed hard blue crabs or soft-shell blue crabs? Clarify for suggestions, please…

  2. dark circles :

    Does anyone second the recommendation for Khuraira Age Control Concealer? If not, what do those with extreme dark circles use? I’m fighting a constant battle with my dark circles.

    • microscience :

      I also have daily dark circles, along with very deep set eyes, and am always looking for a better way to deal with it. I can’t comment on Khuraira Age Control. I put moisturizer under my eye then use Bobbi Brown concealer and powder duo to cover, but by the end of the day it is all creased up and doesn’t look good. I’ve also tried the clinique de-puffing under eye cream, but that just seems to irritate and make my eyes even darker. Anybody else have advice (besides sleep more and drink more water)?

      • I have tried both Khuraira Age control concealer and dark circle complex primer and I recommend for extreme dark circles use the primer then a concealer over it. The primer works wonder and its for all complexions.

  3. Thank you for featuring my best bronzers post, lovely! xo

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