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Refinery29 rounds up three ways to style wet hair that actually are kind of cute. Meanwhile, Design*Sponge collects some gorgeous art scarves.
– If you haven’t seen it on Facebook already, UniteWomen.org pulled out a great quote by Hilary Clinton rebuffing an interviewer from Kyrgyzstan attempt to ask her about her favorite designers, responding, “Would you ask a man that question?”  Boston Review links back to the original interview on State.gov.
Marie Claire has an “Alpha Girl Cheat Sheet” with some advice on navigating tricky situations.
The Careerist reports on the BigLaw interview process.
The WSJ advises how to handle a “screamer” for a boss.  (Yep.  Had my share of those.) Savvy Sugar recommends how to have a work/life balance.
ProBlogger suggests three exercises to do at your desk to “avoid becoming chair shaped.”

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  1. Love styling my hair wet. I know its frowned upon. But I do it whenever I can get away with it.

    • Roberta Panté :

      You THINK you get away with it. People notice and they judge you for it.

      • Blonde lawyer :

        I often style my hair wet. Judge away. If I wear it curly, it has to air dry naturally and that takes hours. I’m not getting up at 4 just to have bone dry hair when I get to the office.

      • LadyEnginerd :

        Oh, people have their pick of things to judge me for. Styling my hair when wet is really not up there on the list. :) Besides, I judge people who judge people on their hair.

  2. Checked out the Hillary Clinton link. It’s true, that would probably never be asked of a man in the same position. It’s a rather stereotypical question especially given the context of the interview.

    • Amelia Bedelia :

      that question and answer was taken out of context, though. If you read the entire interview, it was a cheeky fun questions and her answer produced laughter.

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