Weekly News Update

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Savvy Sugar has some street style looks to steal for work.
Forbes has some interesting thoughts on why millennial women are burning out of work by age 30 (with some killer quotes from Kelly Cutrone).
The Careerist tells you how to kill your inner valley girl.
The Boston Herald looks at a new start-up, Zero Bound, that helps people relieve student loan debt through volunteer work.
Real Simple rounds up some of their most-Pinned problem solvers.
– Thanks to The Grindstone for quoting me in article about wearing fur at the office, and to The Financial Times for quoting me in an article about fashion bloggers.

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  1. Of Counsel :

    I hope no woman with serious aspirations as a lawyer at a conventional law firm is taking that Savvy Sugar article seriously. With the possible exception of the yellow and black dress and the yellow pencil skirt (both toned down with sweaters or blazers), none of those looks are appropriate.

    Regardless of the context, I also don’t find any of the outfits especially attractive or flattering.

    As there seem to be no other comments, perhaps this was so obvious no one else bothered to weigh in.

    • S in Chicago :

      I work in a business casual environment. Although jeans are not allowed, pretty much everything else is OK–literally folks with sweatshirts on when it’s cold out. I can’t fathom anyone at any level wearing a graphic tee. I’m actually wondering if you might be sent home to change. And don’t get me started on the night club shoes. This reminds me of one of those “What to Wear to the Office” articles you find in Cosmo that are always so wildly inappropriate. Annoyed I just wasted a few minutes that I’ll never get back.