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Forbes has a slideshow showing 25 comfortable shoes for baby boomer feet (which, even if you aren’t a baby boomer, are good to look through), and in response, Barking Dog Shoes  rounds up their comfortable conservative footwear.
– Readers at makeup blog Temptalia are having a great conversation about what high-end brands are overrated (and underrated).
Working Mother has a new report on the Top 50 Law Firms for Women. (And, after last week’s departure memo from an overworked mom, Elie Mystal at Above the Law has some thoughts on whether the husband deserved the blame.)
The Atlantic reports on a study that says female job applicants are more likely to ask for more money when employers explicitly give them the option to negotiate. (Hat tip: Savvy Sugar.)
Real Simple makes it official: it’s ok to leave your slow cooker on while you’re at work. (Here was our most recent discussion about my love for the crockpot (along with my absolute laziest dinners, mostly using it.)

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