Weekly Roundup

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(At left: This week’s round-up is rather bleak, so we decided to illustrate it with something happy. Cupcakes? Puppies? We ultimately decided to go with the cute guy and the kitty. Check out the video, posted below, if you haven’t seen it before. Hat tip to La Pauline 2.0.)

– Women in BigLaw are hitting their heads on the glass ceiling. [WSJ Law Blog] But then, is it a glass ceiling or a sticky floor? The Downtown Women’s Club Blog rehashed a recent teleclass on the subject. [DWC]

– If you’re a woman in Big Law, don’t get your hopes too high for a huge bonus. [Above The Law]

– If you should be laid off, some advice on how to make a graceful exit. [The Thin Pink Line]

– How to order a bespoke suit from overseas. [WSJ]

– Sadie at Jezebel admits a dark secret that others agree with: the wrap dress, long written about as a “classic” that every woman must own, ain’t that flattering. [Jezebel]

– The next time you need to carry files with you (deposition, anyone?) you may want to consider totes like these and these — they’re probably easier to maneuver than a banker’s box. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]

– The Simple Dollar reviews “The Little Book of Bull Moves in a Bear Market. [The Simple Dollar]

Finally: Presenting “Hey Little Sparta,” by Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams.

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