Weekly Roundup

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  • Personalize your Blackberry with happy, fun decals and stickers. [Coveroo] (Warning: some are cute, some look like “tramp stamps,” and some make you wonder how there could possibly be so much overlap between the Barbie and Blackberry crowds.)
  • Younger women may be more vulnerable to layoffs — watch out, ladies. [WSJ]
  • Is it productive to embrace your femininity at the office? This thoughtful article asks the experts. [The Glass Hammer]
  • Forbes reviews the luxury purchases you can make now that will “last a lifetime.” [Forbes] (Our $.02: focus on the kinds of purchases where you can haggle — think jewelry and watches.)
  • Hot! Filing supplies. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]
  • Take advantage of some of the inaugural specials some spas are offering — they’re coming up with some amusing ways to, uh, say goodbye to Bush. [Gothamist]
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