Weekly Roundup

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Rare Vintage has some fun Chanel suits from the ’50s and ’60s.

Sweet Hot Justice advises how to find time for your therapist AND your busy job.

ForbesWoman explores chic commuting shoes.

Hiring Partner’s Office offers some good advice: avoid being overly familiar with your boss.

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  1. I would kill for those Chanel suits. I’m talking *murder* here, people.

  2. I would unload my savings for the striped one. If only I were a size 4.

  3. I don’t know if it has already been profiled, but Barrie Pace (for all you tall, thin, corporate-types) has an additional 50% off all styles… which means for a lucky few, Cole Haan air shoes for $70. Barrie Pace also includes brands like Kay Unger, Austin Reed, Suzi Chin, Donna Morgan, etc., though they are made under a “licensing” agreement; which… is it “real”? Who knows, but the prices are pretty good.

    Coupon code: 91WFIN50

  4. I love your suit of the week and similar posts. Please do more of them. While I don’t always like the clothes, I can always use suggestions for good workwear & I’ll never get sick of looking. That said, that Hiring Partner’s page is horrid. He/she sounds like a shrew and a miserable person. While I agree that familiarity may require common sense in a business situation, the fault may lie far more with the partner than with the associate for setting up such a situation in the first place. Thanks Corporette for making a great site!