Weekly Roundups

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Fornarina ad– We’ve seen this new ad for Fornarina a few places around the blogosphere, but it really is too insane to not share. (The vid is embedded below.) Enjoy! [via Bunnyshop]

– How has being a woman affected your career? According to Tracey I. Batt, not at all. [NY Lawyer (free sub req’d)]

– The curse of being a busy woman: stuff in your fridge and freezer hangs around far too long, sometimes. Here’s a guide to knowing when your food is still tasty! [StillTasty via Lifehacker]


  1. Wow. That video is a like a bad 80s nightmare. And Lindsay looks like a skeleton in it too.

  2. Last week, my boyfriend and I both did not feel like doing the groceries so we ate whatever was left over the weekend.
    On saturday, we had pancakes of pancake mix a year over date (that kind of stuff is fine until there’s worms or mold in it, honestly), made with long-lasting milk a week over date (just tasted it), with dessert pudding made of said milk and pudding powder 2 months over date (looked good, smelled good, was good). The pancakes were baked in margarine half a year over date (as long as it’s not bitter or sour, it’s fine).
    On sunday, we had long-lasting vacuum packed saucage (three months over date, smelled and tasted fine but I fried it extra hard just to be sure), with potato puree of above mentioned milk and potato puree powder (also over date, also “as long as there’s no worms” rule). We used butter several months over date (also as long as it’s not bitter). We also added freezer spinach which had been unfrozen and re-frozen a few times, usually not a good idea but I cooked it through some extra and it looked, smelled and tasted fine and it was just spinach, not cream spinach, so we decided to risk it.

    We were fine :-)

    Eggs are usually fine until they start floating when put in water (rotting gasses make them float), although careful, eggs more than a year over date might sink again!

    Medication is usually fine for ages after the expire date if kept in the fridge, especially painkiller medication. Antibiotics and solutions tend to no longer be safe after the expire date.

  3. (and in case anybody wondered where I got to try all that out – college dorm! duh ;) )