Coffee Break: ‘Twenties’ Knee High Socks

Fishnet Socks: Wolford 'Twenties' Knee High SocksTrouser socks: yea or nay, ladies? At one point I owned more trouser socks than I could count; now I barely own any. One of my favorite looks when I did wear them, though, was the fishnet trouser sock. It’s more durable than a sheer stocking, but edgier than an opaque trouser sock — and the amount of fishnet that ends up showing is just right for work (i.e., very little). The pictured ones are $30 at Nordstrom, but two more affordable versions are here and here. Pictured: Wolford ‘Twenties’ Knee High Socks



  1. Yea. I buy them by the $10 boxful at CVS (I think that’s 20 socks) every year or two — they wear out from use like any hose would, so I’m pleased with that frequency. I *hate* wearing closed-toe shoes barefoot, so wear them year-round with pants. In winter, on really cold or gross days, I layer a pair of thick socks on top of them for the commute.

  2. Absolutely wear with all pants, unless it is winter and I am wearing tights. No bare feet in closed toe shoes, which is also not work appropriate (hospital).

  3. Can someone explain why you’d need trouser socks made of hose rather than normal socks?

    • Anonymous :

      Well, they’re a lot thinner than socks so they look better with, say, flats or pumps. I think regular socks look weird with dressier shoes. An oxford or ankle boot looks fine with socks.

    • Anonymous :

      To wear with heels and pants. Regular socks don’t always fit in mine.

    • They give you some leg coverage/warmth with shoes that wouldn’t look right with normal socks. I can’t wear them with pumps because my feet slip out, but with mary jane or t-strap heels and pants, they’re perfect. I only do them in cold weather though. I go sockless if it’s warm enough.

    • lost academic :

      I accidentally bought some of these when I needed trouser socks. They aren’t interchangeable with socks with all shoes so consider that, but there’s a lot of value in them. But when your black trouser socks fade (before wearing out) they can look weird.

  4. Anonymous :

    Question. I’ve recently trained my hair to where it doesn’t need to be washed every day. I’ve gotten to the point where I just wash it 2x per week.

    I’ve also recently started doing a spin class and pure barre. I REALLY don’t want to give up not washing my hair. Any ideas? Is there a certain type of rubberband that doesn’t give creases? What do y’all do about sweat and creases when you work out and don’t want to wash your hair?

    • Anonymous :

      That’s so so gross. If your hair is getting sweaty and dirty wash it.

      Or ask Pinterest. I’m sure spritzing it with apple cider vinegar, vodka, and essential oils will do the job.

      • I can be Anonymous Too :

        Oh this comment is so gross. If your personality is sweaty and dirty, change it.

      • Anonymous :

        Why is her comment gross? It is accurate and true.

        • I can be Anonymous Too :

          She never said her hair was dirty, just sweaty. Sweaty hair does not require shampooing. You can use dry shampoo, hair refresher, or conditioner. Also, why call someone “so so gross”. You do you and if OP doesn’t want to go back to washing daily, she shouldn’t. It’s not good for your hair anyway.

          • +1

          • Yes; this. Personally, I can’t stand dealing with sweaty hair and then letting it dry and not washing, but I have tons of friends that do. Get yourself a good dry shampoo. On days I don’t wash my hair and can’t get it to style well I throw my hair up in a high bun. As long as you use a bit of hairspray to tame flyaways it looks classy and cute.

            On the subject of trouser socks, I have a ton. I hate having cold calves/ankles! Loves these cute fishnet ones!

      • Mean girl

    • Anonymous :

      I should add that I have a lot of hair but each strand is thin and slippery. I currently use (I think) these because they’re the only ones that I could find that really hold my hair: But they also crease it.

      • Anonymous :

        If you have long-ish hair, you can twist it in a bun to make waves (I’ll try to link after).
        Otherwise, I use a curling iron to straighten out any kinks.
        FWIW- I have a ton of hair and it is extremely curly (although fine & slipper when straight), so I only have this problem when I’m straightening my hair & want to get a couple of days use out of a blowout.
        Or, if you don’t work out everyday, time your workouts to the days you are going to wash your hair & do: hair down, hair down-workout, hair up-wash, repeat.

        • Anonymous :

          I just rubber band instead of using clips.

      • Anonymous :

        Similar hair type; similar predicament. I typically wash and dry well on day 1 at night post-exercise, rinse days 2 and maybe 3 in the morning and post-exercise, repeat. Weekends are more variable and depends on what I have planned, but have settled nicely into this routine. I should also note that I tend to not rely on dry shampoo, but do use it occasionally (1-2x/month) for a touch up.

      • I use baby powder.

    • I use the thin elastic headbands with nonslip coating. Keeps my hair off my face without ponytail creases. I feel like the sweat dries faster too.

    • I use these (not these exact ones, but a similar version):

      It took me awhile to get over the idea of sweat. I used to wash my hair every day and now I’m down to twice a week, even though I workout and get pretty sweaty 3-4 times a week. I shower, don’t wash my hair, and let the sweat dry and style it. It looks fine and you can’t even tell I got sweaty – it’s more of a mental thing.

    • These kinds of hair ties are supposed to be crease free.

      It sounds like your hair is similar to mine. These don’t leave a crease for me, but they don’t have the strongest hold (i.e: by the end up the workout my ponytail is much lower than where it started).

      If your hair is long enough, a bun is a great option for during workouts. Right now my hair is short/growing out (almost shoulder length). It doesn’t quite make it into bun territory yet, but oftentimes during really sweaty workouts like hot yoga I braid into 2 French braids (one would work if your hair is long enough) for during the workout so I have crease-free gentle waves when I’m done.

    • lawsuited :

      Re: hair ties that don’t leave creases check out Invisibobble traceless hair rings – they hold my slippery hair and leave no creases whatsoever. I got mine at Sephora, but they’re also available on Amazon.

      • +1 to these! My friend got them for me as a gift and I am really impressed.

    • applesandcheddar :

      I wash my hair only 2-3x per week as well. I usually wash my hair on days I take a hot yoga class and skip on less vigorous workout days. I sometimes use dry shampoo between classes. Also, if I am in a rush but have sweat a lot, I will put my hair in a pony tail and rinse out just the roots in the front and underneath then blow out – pretty fast and looks pretty good.

      • lawsuited :

        +1 I also wash my hair 2-3x per week. When my hair gets sweaty, I let it dry fully, assess how it looks, and then spray in some dry shampoo if necessary. My favourite dry shampoo is the Living Proof one (it makes my hair look and smell like I just washed it, no white residue), but my more budget-friendly alternative is Batiste.

    • If it’s sweaty, wash it. If it’s just wrinkled, flat iron out the crease.

    • Shopaholic :

      I use elastic bands without a metal thing so it doesn’t really crease my hair. When I get back to my apt, I wait a few minutes to let the sweat dry before I take my hair down. Then I put dry shampoo in my hair, put on a shower cap, and take a shower. When I get out, I take my hair out and blow dry my hair so the dry shampoo is no longer visible. It actually looks better after this than when I first wash it.

    • Anonymous :

      I use thin elastics like these:

      I have very thick but fine hair and these might leave a slight line but it disappears quickly. For barre/Pilates, I just take my hair down when I walk out of class and the line is gone by the time I get home. For spin, I sweat way too much that there’s nothing that would save my hair and I just make that a wash day. I have to get the elastic stretched just right, but once I do that it can hold a bun perfectly set without leaving a line.

      For running, I do have to double up with one of these and one of the smaller-circumference bands. But I also have to wash my hair or at least pull it back on run days, so I’m not as concerned about the line.

  5. Wearing them right now! I tend to only wear them in the (Florida) Winter when I want a bit more warmth and I’m wearing booties/shooties(?) with pants.

    Other times of year, I’m most often wearing skirt suits and dresses, with which I’ll wear shoe liners instead.

  6. Meg Murry :

    Gah, I am having a super annoying “This is why I just do things myself instead of asking for help!!” kind of day. With a side of “this is why I wind up micromanaging and/or trying things out myself and giving super detailed instructions before delegating”. And a triple side of “gahhh, customers are not always right, sometimes they are just downright stupid and they suck!”

    Don’t get me wrong, I know we are all human and everyone makes mistakes. Heck, I make mistakes pretty much every day. But when I make my own mistake, I know I have to live with it and take more time out of my day to fix it. I don’t have time in my day right now to fix mistakes being made because people trying to “help” me are being sloppy in addition to my customers saying “please do this project that makes zero sense, is already 2 weeks behind and doesn’t work with the instructions we gave you because we didn’t test it first”.

    At least one of my direct reports has been super awesome today, put her head down despite the chaos surrounding her and has gotten a lot of the things that were on my to-do list today done for me.

    Blech. So tired of running around like a chicken with my head cut off putting out fires, to mix metaphors. Is it Friday yet?

    • I wore knee high stockings for a number of year’s when I had to wear slack’s and did NOT want to look sloppey with sock’s and clunkey shoe’s. That is their function. But now I MUST wear dresses, some of whom are VERY short, and for that I wear controlled panty hose stocking’s, which I like, exept that the top’s are often tight in the tuchus for me and I ocasionally show panty line’s with my more tighter fitting / sheer dresses. While that makes FRANK stare, I perfer NOT to let other’s stare at my tuchus and panty line’s. FOOEY!

      As for the OP, hug’s. You must realise that NOT every one is as smart as we are, yet we MUST delagate to get thing’s done even if we wind up micromanageing. DOUBEL FOOEY! When Mason worked for me, I ALWAYS had to redo his work, but that was NOT so much because he was dumm as much as because he was alway’s with Lynn, mentally as well as physically. I found them on the conference room tabel once and he did NOT have his pant’s up. TRIPEL FOOEY on that! He would have been fired on the spot if the manageing partner caught them doeing that. But I handeled it like a pro. That is why we are managment. YAY!!!

      So learn to manage and not complain b/c we need worker’s to help, even tho they are NOT as smart as we are. YAY!!!

    • Wildkitten :

      Are you on the East Coast? My office is open today, which is soo incredibly stupid and dangerous, and all the junior staff are in the worst moods ever, understandably.

  7. applesandcheddar :

    Reposting because I posted late to the AM thread:

    Do any of you have a good weight lifting plan you follow? I am looking to put on some muscle, not drop any weight, but I am really overwhelmed by all of the weight lifting plans out there! I have access to a pretty nice gym will free weights, power racks, machines, etc, and I am willing to put in the time and effort. I have lifted before, but not in a long time. Thanks!

    • Anonymous :

      I replied to your original comment!

    • I second the suggestion of New Rules of Lifting for Women. Great program. The same authors also have a new book out, called Strong. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it’s gotten rave reviews and I’m looking forward to it. The NRoLFW book has 2 active Facebook groups that are very helpful.

      • Third NROL4W, and the same author put out a book called Strong that I have my sister who has never lifted before. She’s doing the program and loving it. About their food recommendations, I pretty much ignore all of those except the post-lift protein-heavy snack. I use chocolate milk/hot chocolate (yay!) instead. FWIW I was a college athlete and never noticed differences in muscle gain/weight control based on whether I ate 6 times a day or 3 as long as I was getting the right amount of calories, so I think you can take or leave that part without missing anything and just work with your current eating routine. Good luck!

      • Oops, I blacked out and didn’t see that NYC tech’s comment mentioned Strong already. Sorry!

    • Anonymous :

      I second the suggestion from the earlier thread for Strong Curves. I found it super effective and doable. I look better and my functional strength and flexibility has increased. Plus I felt like the author was really dialed in to *women’s* training and health in a way other books are not.

      I read New Rules of Lifting but the lifting program wasn’t quite as appealing/intuitive to me as Strong Curves. Also the part where the author recommends artificial sweeteners as part of a “healthy” diet really put me off.

    • I’ve been very happy with StrongLifts. The is the first time I’ve noticeably put on muscle. There is a great app that tells you the workout for the day. It does help to have a spotter, but if you have access to a power rack you can get by.

  8. Coach Laura :

    I always wear them with closed toe shoes. Fishnet often in the summer, polka dot or some other pattern other seasons. I buy whatever pattern in bunches of 15-20, so that every sock matches every other so I don’t end up with random singles.

  9. Travel gear :

    Hi folks, I’m going to be travelling long term (yay!). I’m shopping for a few travel-related items and I’m incredibly overwhelmed by all of the choices. Does any one have recommendations for (1) an inflatable travel pillow (rectangular shaped, not a U-shaped neck pillow), (2) a headlamp, and/or (3) a travel towel (lightweight, fast drying, doesn’t take up much space)? Also, I have a small day backpack (for casual/hiking use) and I’m thinking about bringing a small foldable le pilage purse for use when I’m in safer/more upscale areas (esp. because it packs down so small). I think instead or in addition to the purse I should bring a lightweight (maybe nylon?), nondescript cross-body bag to carry around cities – large enough to carry a phone, sunglasses, and a small water bottle. Thoughts/recommendations?

    • Anonymous preggo :

      I have a little rectangular travel pillow that looks like a mini-Thermarest from Relax the Back store that I like. REI (or any outdoor outfitter) for a headlamp. And I got my super absorbent travel towel from TJMaxx (though I suspect an outdoor store would also have options).

      I agree with your instincts on getting a cross body vs using an over-the-shoulder bag, though I did travel extensively in Italy with an over the shoulder bag and it was fine. As a mom, now, I’ve gotten wise to the wonders of the cross-body, and I realize how nice they are for keeping your hands absolutely free. If you’re willing to splurge, MZ Wallace would have some nice options for this.

    • For #3, I’d recommend a Turkish towel (like this:, it’s way more versatile than a ‘travel towel.’ Plenty of people even prefer them to fluffy towels for regular use! For a headlamp, buy something at REI or EMS or another outdoor store, I’m sure anything there would be better quality than something you’d find at say target or walmart.

      When I’m in big cities (especially when alone in ones I’m not familiar with), I have a small crossbody bag. It’s relatively flat, so not very bulky, but big enought o fit whatever I actually need for a day (which I eventually decided doesn’t generally include a water bottle – if I’m exploring a new city and I get thirsty, that’s generally a good indication to stop and rest and check out a local cafe anyway.) I just got mine at TJMaxx, basic black leather (although nylon would be more versatile for summer). I do keep the zippered part locked with a locking s-biner (like this: It means that opening the zippered pocket takes some actual intention, and is thus harder for a pick-pocket to do without your noticing (well, I assume, I’ve never caught someone trying to pickpocket me thankfully!), but it’s still relatively easy to undo when you want to purchase something yourself.

    • For cross-body bags, I like Le Sportsac. I have the Kylie and the larger Deluxe Everyday Bag. If you search on Zappos, you can see all the variations. Enjoy your travels!

    • Moonstone :

      Aquis towel in some color other than white, so it looks different from your hotel towels and you don’t leave it behind (ask me how I know). Cheapo folding backpack, anywhere on Amazon. And yes to crossbody, but just go in real life to someplace not expensive (Macy’s, Kohl’s, Penneys) and buy something non-leather that suits your trip but that you won’t feel bad not using again. Sometimes it’s too hard to find something good for a trip AND the rest of your life.

    • Anonymous :

      I got my headlamp and travel towel at REI. Totally worth it, and their customer service is great. I think my headlamp was Petzl and I think my towel was PackTowel brand, although I’m sure they are all somewhat equivalent, so I would just get what seems good to you.

      The other thing I’ve found very useful, but will probably depend on the region in which you are traveling, were dry bags. I had a small one for camera/phone and a larger one that fit a computer/clothing. It was nice to not have to worry about things getting wet, plus it helped me keep things organized. I think both were the low-end models because I wasn’t planning on wading through water, but were a nice step up from zip lock or other plastic bags.

      • +1 to Petzl for the headlamp. Eagle Creek makes lightweight travel bags. REI should have a good selection.

    • I use a microfiber towel that I originally got for doing hot yoga when I travel. Works great, dries quickly.

    • I think having a large le pliage as well as a cross body makes sense (to help with carry ons or with day trips where you don’t want a day pack). Since you already have casual outings covered with your day pack, I’d consider a “nicer” crossbody like the Lo&Sons pearl so it can be used for going to nice places.

      Head lamps – my expensive one from REI died (after years of non-use the plastic cap that keeps the batteries inside broke) but my 3 pack from Costco is still going strong so I think decent headlamps can be purchased at any price.

      The “swimmer” towel is awesome. REi definitely carries them in NYC.

    • Anonymous :

      I recently got this cross body for travel and I thought it was the perfect size, organized, and affordable enough to not feel bad about no using often.

      • Anonymous :

        Actually it was the one with goldtone metal, I got it in Berry — only pointing because I thought the gold accents made it dinner-worthy, and the berry was a go-with-everything non-neutral (like its not brown where you feel weird wearing with black and vice versa).

        • Anonymous :

    • Anonymous :

      Are Shammy swim towels still a thing? Use to use them for swimming and they are very small/lightweight, but it’s been years since I’ve been a regular swimmer. I assume some version of them still exists.

    • I’d do a le sportsac bag instead of le pliage only because they’re softer, lighter and can fit more. My go to travel crossbody bag is overland from rei. Very durable and lots of compartments.

    • Legal Nomads blog has a great run down of what travel gear you need for long term trips.

    • Good luck on The Amazing Race!

      (just kidding. I have no idea why this person is traveling. I am only projecting my wishes onto you… regardless, good luck!)

  10. Can anyone who is a member of Team Trouser Sock recommend a brand that will not cut off my circulation? I have literally had bruises from too-tight elastic!

    • After much experimenting, these are my current favorites:

    • Unless you have large calves, the no-name brand at CVS works great for me! After a long day I do sometimes have slight elastic impressions, but nothing terrible.

    • Anonymous :

      I have very large calves and I’m pretty sure my trouser socks are Hue.

    • I have very large calves; I love DKNY brand Trouser socks. I buy them in 2-packs at Nordstrom.

  11. Knowing my value :

    I have an annual reviewe coming up soon at work. I’ve been there a year and a half although I was asked to switch positions into a more visible and challenging role a few months in. I didn’t ask for a raise at that time although I got the normal 2-3% raise at review time last year. At my company, I know the party line is well you’re getting X raise and X bonus because that’s what people at your level make. What are resources and suggestions for planning to ask for more than the standard raise I know they will offer? Realistically I know they won’t fire me for asking for more but how to psyche myself up to just do it?

    • Anonymous :

      Plug the numbers you’re looking for in this retirement calculator and see how much future you will thank yourself for asking. As you said, the worst they can say is NO, so if you have a proven track record and can point to accomplishments throughout the year, then there’s no harm in asking.

      • Anonymous :

        It’s telling me I need $7 million to retire. Does that seem extremely high to anyone?

        • Anonymous :

          It just told me I needed $8.4 million.

        • Anonymous :

          Looking at how they are calculating it, their estimate of the income they assume you can comfortably live off of is probably a little high if you currently have a high income:

          “First, we determine what your income will be at the time you retire by growing your current income at an annual rate of 3.8% (the inflation rate of 2.3%, plus the salary growth rate of 1.5%). We then assume you can live comfortably off of 85% of your pre-retirement income. So if you earn $100,000 the year you retire, we estimate you will need $85,000 during the first year of retirement. For each subsequent year, we increase your income need by 2.3% to keep up with inflation. We then factor in Social Security by subtracting your estimated benefits (more on that below) since that income will reduce the amount you will need to save.”

  12. Efficient Savings :

    I’ve been loving the financial conversations here lately, and have a question of my own: My husband and I have a large chunk of money (roughly $100K) in a savings account (currently with Capital One 360 – so we’re currently earning minimal interest) that is for a down payment – though we won’t be buying for probably another two years. Is there ANYTHING at all we could be doing with this money in the meantime to get a better return? It doesn’t need to be liquid, we have an emergency fund and other savings… but I’ve looked and looked and haven’t really come across any options. This is my last ditch effort to make sure I’m doing the right thing!

    • Anonymous :

      Better than nothing: put it in a CD. Yeah, rates are crappy, but less crappy (usually) than what savings accounts are paying.

    • You’re doing the right thing. Leave the money there. If you try to get a higher return, you’ll either increase the risk to unacceptable levels for that time frame (i.e. stock market), or lock up the money (CD). I wouldn’t recommend locking up the money because the benefits are so marginal (CD rates are terrible too), and what if you come across the perfect property a little earlier than you anticipated?

      • Anonymous :

        Thanks to you both! I figured but wanted to confirm, since it seems crazy that there isn’t a better option than a savings account.

    • You could buy $100K worth of TIPS (treasury bonds that are inflation protected).

    • Depending on your current interest rate, it may also be worth considering a high[er] interest savings account- I recently moved a chunk of money from a low-rate account to Ally, where I get 1%, and am seriously kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I think there are a few others that are also up there.

      • Efficient Savings :

        Yeah – I’ve been too lazy to do that since the gain seems so minimal, but it’s quick so I may as well. I actually just moved a third of my savings into a 1 year CD with Capital One 360 (a 1.3% APY – which seems to be the highest right now for a year CD), based on some quick research I just did on bankrate.

  13. Anonymous :

    No Nomsense from…sigh, Walmart.
    The only thing I will purchase from them; I wait until I am low and stock up to get free shipping online.

    • You can buys these at OneHanesPlace, which is their overstock site, and I bet they’d be as cheap, and you wouldn’t be shopping at THAT PLACE.

  14. Wildkitten :

    This is perfect, on the Oscars:

  15. Anonymous :

    TJ: My husband’s large umbrella (not a compact folding one) broke recently, and I’d like to get him a new one as a gift. Can someone recommend a nice, professional full size umbrella? (He likes those better, just his preference)? I’m not sure where to start looking for a good-quality one.

    • Maddie Ross :

      My favorite umbrella is a Totes golf-sized umbrella that double-folds so it’s not too much larger than a compact umbrella. If he’s insistent on a golf-sized umbrella, I think the ones actually made by golf brands seem to be better and studier (Taylor Made, Titleist), esp. in the wind.

    • Anonymous :

      I’d look on Amazon. They have a lot of choices and sizes and different brands.
      This is kinda cool for a full-size umbrella:

    • Anonymous :

      I love my Fulton umbrellas (I have 3 probably, in my car,office and at home the oldest one is 6 years old and going strong)

    • A little pricey, but Brooks Bros. makes a great full size umbrella. We’ve had one for several years and it has held up great.

    • WildkittenBot :

  16. Anyone have any good “large calf” trouser socks they recommend? I struggle with them cutting off my circulation by the end of the day. Thanks!

  17. Hello, my personal life is a disaster and I need to work on nourishing my soul (couldn’t think of a less cheesey way to say it).

    I downloaded some Pema Chodron on audible.
    Reinstalled the kindle app so I can have easy access to reading material
    Going to get a haircut
    Will upgrade my phone so I’ll have more space and can take more baby photos

    There’s other stuff to face but think if I focus on myself it will help the situation. I also remember some good book recommendations within the last few weeks so will search for those.

    Thanks for your help.

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