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Weekend Open Thread

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This is a fun dress, and I think you could wear it a lot of places. It’s definitely for a certain time of the year, though — November through January and perhaps into February. But that’s why it’s 40% off: $82 down from $138. It’s available at Nordstrom in three colors, green, navy, and purple, and it has a lot of good reviews. Vince Camuto Burnout Velvet Sheath Dress

I also love these two velvet plus-size dresses.


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Weekly News Update

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  • Stylist Bridgette Raes suggests some suit-free styles that are still appropriate for job interviews.
  • Macy’s isn’t doing so well (Consumerist) and neither are other department stores (New York Times). Mall brands like J.Crew aren’t exactly thriving, either (Business of Fashion), and that includes BCBG (Racked). (If you’re a fan of their wrap dress, stock up now!)
  • Meanwhile, Vanity Fair has Ivanka Trump news: She “has decided to step down from management and operations of the Trump Organization and from her eponymous fashion brand, and will resign from all officer and director positions she currently holds within each of them.”
  • Through Jan. 31, if you donate a bra at Soma stores to support women at shelters in the Network to End Domestic Violence, you can get $20 off two full-price bras.
  • YouTube star Chriselle Lim talks to the director of global social media for Kiehl’s about how she maintains her creativity in a corporate job.
  • The BBC reports that some companies are moving away from open offices and back to more private spaces (woohoo!).
  • STAT details the new guidelines on fish consumption for pregnant women, women who might become pregnant, nursing moms, and kids.
  • Here’s one of Secret’s new series of ads along the theme of women’s empowerment: A woman prepares for a presentation with a power pose (have you heard the latest about that?) and a pep talk from a friend [autoplay video].
  • If you’re protesting this weekend, read this advice from a “real lawyer,” Lee Apotheker, that’s gone viral this week. Also, Samarra Khaja has some downloadable/printable signs for Saturday.
  • Speaking of the events this week, here’s your Laugh of the Week from The Onion, who will surely miss Joe Biden as their muse.

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Frugal Friday’s Workwear Report: Lacy Split-Neck Blouse

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

I think a white blouse is something that you should refresh your wardrobe with reguarly, especially as we head into spring. I think the details on this one are very bohemian but still professional, and I like the split neck. I would probably wear a white camisole under this rather than a nude camisole (or nude-for-you camisole), but you do you. This top comes in regular (XS-XXL) and petite sizes (XXS-XL) at Loft, and — wow — it was $59.50 but is now $15.88, with no code needed! Lacy Split-Neck Blouse

Here’s a plus-size option.

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Coffee Break: Ginger Satchel

We’re on a bit of a ladylike, feminine, classic, elegant kick right now, and this bag is no exception. This gorgeous satchel from Ferragamo just looks so elegant while also having a very modern and fresh look. I could see someone like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn carrying this bag with aplomb. It’s available at Zappos/Amazon for $2,250, while Bloomingdale’s has it for $1,990. The “ecorce/golden brown” color is at 6pm for $1,195. Salvatore Ferragamo Ginger Satchel

Here’s a more affordable option.


Work-Appropriate Nails: Length, Shape, Color, and More!

work appropriate nailsHere’s a topic we haven’t discussed in FOREVER: nails and the office. What’s your definition of work-appropriate nails? Do you think there are any definite nail DON’TS for the office? What is your favorite nail polish color and nail shape to wear to work? And, readers — as busy women, do you prefer gel or acrylic over regular nail polish? Reader L has a great question:

I have read a good deal of advice online about work appropriate nail colors, but I cannot find much on length and shape. I like to wear acrylics that are modestly long and rounded in order to enlongate my stubby fingers. They are short enough to look natural, but they are about a centimeter past my finger tips. I also always wear nude or light pink polish to soften the look. I will be starting at a somewhat conservative firm in the fall. Can I keep my nails?

We’ve talked in the past about finding a nail salon near your office, nail care for the minimalists, and the best nail colors for work. But we’ve never talked shape/length, and even our work-appropriate nail color discussion was many moons ago. So let’s talk, ladies!

For my $.02, I’m hoping Reader L meant a millimeter instead of a centimeter — holding up a ruler against my very short nails, a centimeter past my fingertip looks like it would be double the length of my nail.  (#NoNosferatuNails!) (Admittedly, my ruler is neon pink and see-through, so, uh, perhaps the measurements are off?) I’m going to take a hard line position and say that if your nails interfere with regular typing, they’re too long. In terms of the best shape of nails for work, I think it really comes down to preference.

In terms of color, I think colorful nails have come a long way towards being work-appropriate; when I started this blog we were debating whether dark red nails were professional! I still think it’s very much a “know your office” thing, though — so I’d advise women to stay away from wackier colors and designs if it’s your first week on the job or if you have a big meeting with new clients.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on work-appropriate nails? What length do you like to keep your nails? What shape and color are your favorites to wear to work?

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Thursday’s Workwear Report: Piping Detail Blouse

This Halogen top comes in the pictured burgundy as well as ivory. I like the piping, the pleated details at the shoulders, the extra wide cuffs, and the button at the top with the covered placket. This would look great under a suiting blazer or a cardigan, or you could tuck it into a skirt — there are a lot of different ways to wear this blouse. It’s machine washable, too! The top is $69 at Nordstrom in sizes XS-XL. Halogen® Piping Detail Blouse

Two plus-size options are here and here.