Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

giftguide-stocking-stufferCall me crazy, but I always like to do stocking stuffers as thoughtful little presents that may be everyday, almost boring things — but done better. For today, I’ve rounded up some small gifts that definitely fit that description.

Our previous gift guides are linked below — note that each one has a Pinterest board that is still being updated as we find more good stuff:


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Gift Guide: Personalized, Small Gifts for Your Assistant or Secretary

secretary-giftsWhat sort of gifts are you getting for your secretary or assistant this year?  In our last poll, the majority of people noted that they just gave their assistants and secretaries cash for a holiday present.  Still, a small, personalized gift in ADDITION to the cash gift is a nice touch (time and budget permitting, of course) — it shows your assistant you really do care about him or her.  So today I thought I’d round up a few small gift ideas to accompany that larger cash gift.  (Note that Above the Law‘s discussion on how much to give is more recent than ours — I agree with their New York rule of thumb of taking your seniority and multiplying it by $100, but know your office.)

Our other gift guides are below — note that each one has a Pinterest board that is still being updated as we find stuff. (Here’s our “personalized additional gift” board to go with this post.)


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Gift Guide: For the BFF

best-friend-gift-guideThe best friend: another hard-to-gift person. This one will vary widely based on how “big” a gift you guys typically exchange — but here are some things that I would consider. Ladies, what are you getting for your best friend’s gift this year?

We’ve previously covered gifts for moms, MILs, and mom-like mentors (with the “live” Pinterest board here), as well as gifts for guys like husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends (with the live Pinterest board here).

Full details on the suggestions, below the jump… note that as with other guides we’ll keep updating the Pinterest board for best friend gift ideas if we find anything else on point or readers suggest something awesome.

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Gift Guide: For the Guys

giftguide-175Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, or friend, guys always seem impossible to buy for.  These are some of my favorite gifts (and gift categories) for guys — which are yours?  Don’t forget to check out our full list of suggestions for guy gifts at our Pinterest board (which we will continue to add stuff too).

Looking for a gift for your mom, MIL, or mom-like mentor? Check out yesterday’s list and our board of mom gift ideas.

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Gift Guide: For the Moms

Mom Gift Ideas | CorporetteI usually do single product gift recommendations during the few weeks before Christmas, but I thought I’d be ambitious this year and do a few recommendations for a variety of categories. We’re starting Pinterest boards for each category and we’ll be adding to them throughout the season, so please check ‘em out. The first category for the blog, though: For the Moms. Whether it’s your mom, your mother in law, or that special mom-like relationship you have with someone at work, these gifts can be next to impossible to buy. (Check out our guest poster’s excellent guide to buying jewelry for women in your life from last year — lots of great tips.) See info for the pieces below the jump… and keep checking our Pinterest board for more mom gift ideas.

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Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

gifts for boss 2Should you get presents for your boss? If so, what gifts should you get? Reader A wonders:

I’ve been with my company for less than a year, and it’s also my first corporate job. I work in a very small team, consisting of my two bosses and myself. As holiday season is almost upon us, I was wondering if you had any guidelines for what (if anything) is appropriate to give as a small gift for two supervisors who have been very generous with their time and expertise while I’ve been learning the ropes. Any suggestions welcome!

Hmmn. Hmmmn. We’ve talked about gifts for associates who refer you new business, hostess gifts for a dinner party at your boss’s house, and gifts for your secretary, but this is a new one, and I’m curious to hear what readers say. For my $.02: I would be verrrry careful about giving gifts to a boss because I think it’s unnecessary, and it’s easy to offend. A too-personal gift (like towels or something) may create the impression that you don’t know the difference between family and the office. On the other hand, a too-impersonal gift (a random gift that reads “this is my go-to gift when I don’t know what to get,” like a bottle of wine or a box of fruit) simultaneously smacks of “why even bother” along with “wait, does she think we were supposed to get her something?” A gift that’s too small (like a $25 gift card) is both cheap and insulting (as in, you think your boss needs a $25 gift card) — but a gift that’s too generous raises the problematic interpretation of, “she isn’t working for the money.”

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