Gift Idea: Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

slow-cookerHappy Thursday! As it’s getting down to the wire for holiday gift-buying, especially once you factor in shipping, wrapping, etc., Amazon comes through as always. I happened to find this great thread where readers were talking about their favorite kitchen gadgets, and one of the things mentioned was the Instant Pot. I don’t have one yet, but I keep hearing amazing things about them, and as someone who is into slow cooking myself I think this would be a really good gift for anyone else who’s a fan. It’s only $79 (list price $119) for this 7-in-1 that’s a combined slow cooker, pressure cooker, and rice cooker (plus other functions), and it’s eligible for Prime shipping. (Can anyone recommend an Instant Pot cookbook?) Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker


How to Take Advantage of a Quiet Office at the Holidays

How to Take Advantage of a Quiet Office at the Holidays2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how to take advantage of a quiet office during holidays, but you may also want to check out all of our posts on holiday business etiquette.

It’s coming: the dead period around the holidays when many of your coworkers are out on vacation, projects are done or winding down, and no one wants to start anything major before the end of the year. In late December, a quiet office can feel like a ghost town to people who are still there — but you can take advantage of it in many useful ways. What do you do when the office is quiet around the holidays and you’re still at work? 

We’ve rounded up several ideas of things to do in a quiet office:

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Gift Idea: ‘Vetiver 46’ Liquid Balm


vetiver-perfume-le-laboThey’re calling this product “the new way to carry your signature scent anywhere.” To me it doesn’t seem that different from the regular roll-on kind of perfume, although it might be slightly bigger. The scent itself is really lovely, a very deep and dark and sort of woodsy feel. I bought this for myself because I’m obsessed with vetiver — and I thought it was a men’s cologne when I got it. So if you knew a woman in your life who prefers less feminine scents and more masculine, dark notes, do took a look at Vetiver 46. It’s $90 at Nordstrom. Le Labo ‘Vetiver 46’ Liquid Balm


Gift Idea: Quilted Purse Shapers


Readers recommended these purse shapers in our last discussion on closet organization, and I think they’re a great solution to the problem of having purses that get slouchy if you don’t stuff them with papers when they’re not being used. I like the quilted look because it feels more luxurious, and these come in a variety of sizes. They are a little pricey at $14.99 to $29.99 (at the Container Store), but I think that’s one of the reasons they make a great gift idea for the women in your life who may be handbag fanatics. (And if you give one of these to someone who ends up not liking it — and returning it — there’s a ton of other stuff they can get at the Container Store.) These are well priced for a gift for a colleague or a mother-in-law, for example, and they have great reviews. Quilted Purse Shapers by Innies


Coffee Break: ‘Pass the Bubbly’ Scoopneck Long-Sleeve Pajama Set

best-pjs-for-giftsIf you’re looking for a gift idea for an older woman in your life — or really, for any woman — these are really nice pajamas. (This year, I’m buying gift cards to Soma for a lot of the older women I know.) I think the Cool Nights pajamas are intended for women who may be getting hot flashes at night, but honestly, they’re some of my favorite pajamas. I love that they come in short lengths (plus regular and tall), so if you’re a shorty like me at 5’4″ you don’t have to flop around in your PJs. They’re machine washable and they wash well, and the latest pair I bought has pockets, which is great. Soma has a lot of cute bras too, and readers have recommended their Vanishing Edge panties. This set is available in sizes XS-XXL and is on sale for $49 (from $70) at Soma. ‘Pass the Bubbly’ Scoopneck Long Sleeve Pajama Set


Coffee Break: Navy Blue with Pink Stripes Lunch Bag

cute-lunch-bag-cyntha-rowleyThis cute lunch bag is easy to clean and has adjustable shoulder straps and a small handle at the top. Of course, I love the colors, considering they’re the blog colors, but I also like how this bag is sort of feminine but also sort of masculine at the same time. If you’re looking for a new lunch bag for yourself or for someone in your life (holiday gift?), this one is $25 at Staples. Cynthia Rowley, Navy Blue with Pink Stripes Lunch Bag


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