Business Archetypes: Which Type Are You?

businesswomen archetypesThe LA Times has an interview with Hillary Clinton’s former “spiritual” advisor, Jean Houston; she says Hillary failed to embrace her archetype of “classical wise woman or priestess,” which would have quelled fears about the “rising feminine.” Um, yeah. It’s been a while since we were in a discussion about archetypes, but we do see them every day throughout the business world, particularly when women work with men in close proximity. Here’s the five types we’ve observed… and sadly, none can be classified as the “wise woman”:

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture  white jacketBehold: the perfect white jacket from Juicy Couture to combat office air conditioning in the summer. The shape and fabric of this jacket should be enough to keep the look from veering into MD-territory, and the length is perfect to layer a long tank, perhaps in a light blue or pink. We also love the flower-shaped buttons — it’s just enough to be feminine but not enough to be over-the-top girly.

10 Things You Should Know about a Business Lunch

business lunch 2016 Update: We stand by the advice below, but you can also check out our most recent discussion on dining etiquette for business lunches.

No, we’re neither Debrett’s nor Emily Post, but we know a thing or two about conducting ourselves properly at a business lunch… we’ve also seen some truly bad manners. Thus, whether you’ve been to a million business lunches or you’re just starting out, 10 Things You Should Know:

1. As soon as everyone at the table is seated, that napkin goes in your lap. If you need to get up at some point, the napkin should be folded and placed on your chair. (Not the table — no one likes to look at a dirty napkin.) At the very end of the meal, when everyone is finished eating, you should fold you napkin and put it beneath your plate, to the left. This holds true even if you’re eating at a diner with paper napkins.

2. Your water glass is to your right. Your bread dish is to your left. If you get confused, put your hands in your lap and touch the index finger of your left hand to your left thumb, and do the same with your right — your left hand should form a “b” (for BREAD) and your right hand should form a “d” (for DRINK). We’ve also heard to think “BMW”: bread, middle, water.

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Monday’s TPS Report: Armani

Armani JacketGreat, great jacket from Armani. Classic, fitted, beautiful. The sort of piece you’ll have for years.

Black ties and faux pas

Cher in 1988We’re not sure why WSJ has this story *now*, given that black tie season is over (isn’t it?) but today they have a great article on why businesswomen need to be very, very careful in choosing an evening gown.

It’s not just a matter of image; sometimes, there can be real trouble. Lisa Goldstein, an attorney and founder of consulting firm Rainmaker Trainers in Philadelphia, says that during a client dinner with spouses, a head of a law firm was propositioned by her male client and his wife. The client “suggested that they swing together,” says Ms. Goldstein, who was informally consulted on how to recover the professional-client relationship. The lawyer felt that her revealing evening dress had set the wrong tone, sending “signals that were misinterpreted,” says Ms. Goldstein.

Ye-ow. We’ve seen some truly bad outfits at various black ties, and can remember more than a few personal gaffes ourselves (after the jump)

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Weekly 360 Review

Brookstone  travel alarm clock– HungryGirl rounds up the great brain foods — perfect for when we’re tired after a long day of blogging AND working our day job.

– Brookstone has a great travel alarm clock that doubles as a digital picture frame; it holds up to 50 shots and costs $39. Perfect for the consultants among us who have to travel for long periods of time. (Hat tip: Best Buys Daily.)

– WSJ has an interesting interview with Nilofer Merchant, who worked her way from Administrative Assistant to CEO of her own company by age 40. Her key to success: “‘[F]ailing fast’ and ‘failing often’ and always getting right back up again.”

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