Suit of the Week: Nanette Lepore

Corporette's Suit of the Week: Nanette LeporeFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

Nanette Lepore is killing it these days, with a number of interesting suits out right now.  I like the asymmetrical back pleat, and I’m psyched about the return of flared suit pants.  The jacket (Nanette Lepore Folded Flounce Jacket) is $398, and the pants (Nanette Lepore Flared Trousers) are $278.

Psst: here’s a slightly less pricey option in gray (jacket, skirt, dress, pants), and a plus-size option (jacket, skirt, pants).

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Tales from the Wallet: Finding a Financial Planner

How to Find a Financial Planner | CorporetteWhen should I get a financial planner? How do I find a financial planner I like? These are some of the biggest personal finance questions we’ve gotten over the years — but I’ve never hired one, so I asked Corporette editor Kate Antoniades to ask the experts for us.  This is her first post for Corporette, so a big welcome, Kate! (If you prefer to manage your own money like me, we’ve talked about some of the best starter personal finance books, how to manage multiple accounts, and even what our general money roadmaps look like.)  – Kat.

How do you find the right financial planner? And once you do, then what? Reader K, one half of childfree couple (also known as DINK, double-income-no-kids),  asks:

My husband and I are early 30s, both professionals, and we are what are considered a childfree couple. We’ve known for many years that we don’t want to have children. We’re at a stage in our lives, financially, where we’d like to consult a financial planner to start mapping out our next money moves. The thing is, we can’t seem to find anyone who might specifically cater to childfree couples. The considerations are different than those with children — estate planning comes to mind first and foremost — and yet, the closest we can get is the LGBT financial planning niche, where the considerations are still not quite the same. Long term health planning is not one of the concerns we find most pressing, actually, so we’re more focusing on retirement and estate planning.

This is a great question that most likely applies to many Corporette readers. Here are the answers to some common questions about finding a financial planner to meet your needs:

Do I need a financial planner?

Choosing to work with a financial advisor is a smart move, says Farnoosh Torabi, financial expert and author of When She Makes More (she recently shared some relationship advice for women breadwinners). “A financial planner can help prioritize your spending, saving, and investing to help you achieve your goals.” He or she can also act as a mediator for couples who are having disagreements about money, she says.

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: ‘Time Line Wink’ Ponte Knit Skirt

Nic + Zoe 'Time Line Wink' Ponte Knit Skirt | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

I always like a good pencil skirt with an interesting detail, and this $128 one from Nic + Zoe fits the bill. I like that it’s different and interesting without being either feminine or masculine, which feels like it makes it very versatile. It’s available in sizes XS-XL at Nordstrom. Nic + Zoe ‘Time Line Wink’ Ponte Knit Skirt

Psst: Here’s a plus size knit skirt with an interesting detail as well.

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Coffee Break: Collins Tote

Milly Collins ToteHello, lovely: this tote has a ton of things that I’m in favor of. Pebbled leather, feet, interior pockets, and a slightly moto edge to it (although I’m also reminded of Coco Chanel’s layered necklaces, for some reason) — all thumbs up in my book. It’s $465, available in black and gray, at Nordstrom. (Note that Piperlime has it in blush.) Milly Collins Tote

Psst: Here’s a $50 version in black, and a $75 moto-inspired gray tote.


Busty Blazers

Which are the best blazers if you’re small and busty?  busty blazersReader K wonders:

One of my biggest obstacles when it comes to finding business appropriate clothes are my breasts. I feel like it’s impossible to find a jacket or blouse that won’t either pull or else drown me. Either my jacket is so big that I can’t find my arms (and definitely not my waist) or I can’t close it over the girls. I’m a 32G (by nature, not by choice) and a size two everywhere except my chest. I would like to look both professional and not like a child wearing her mom’s jacket. I work in banking, so jackets are a must. (And yet, I’m young enough that I don’t have the kind of funds to have tailor made clothes.) Am I all alone in the world? Is there anyone out there who makes professional clothes for small women with large breasts?

Interesting.  We’ve talked about whether jackets must button to “fit”, how to dress professionally with curves, where to get blouses for the busty, and even how to find such clothes on a budget — but not how to find blazers that fit an hourglass frame. In our last thread on the best suits for small women, Theory seemed to be the winner, which you may want to try — but I’ve never found the brand to be particularly curve-friendly. (If you’re petite as well as small-statured, here was our more recent thread on the best workwear for petites.) I’m curious to hear what the readers say, but here are some thoughts:

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Sonar Knit Long-Sleeve Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Helmut Lang Sonar Knit Long-Sleeve BlazerI looove this cool inverted-collar blazer from Helmut Lang. The company offers a number of pieces (including a dress) in this “sonar knit,” so I asked customer service at Neiman Marcus what that meant. They responded: “Sonar-knit is a process of sewing that creates waves, or gathered areas of material; it is not a tight as a pintuck or a ruched pattern of technique.” So: there ya go. I kind of like it even more now! Very cool. Psst: Here’s a $69 version and a plus-sized version. Sonar-Knit Long-Sleeve Blazer

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