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Some of the best improvements to this site have come from readers — so if you see something you’d like to change, add, or tweak (or if you see a neat feature elsewhere on the web and think we should try it here), let us know.  You can also contact Kat privately, but I thought I’d start a page to collect public suggestions.  Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hi corporette team, Hi Kat

    It would be great to get an article about single females freelancers after 40. Some tips and ideas.
    Thank you
    Kind regards


  2. Elizabeth :


    Enjoy your site very much. I would love to see suggestions (with links) for office-appropriate vegan/cruelty-free clothing and accessories. Perhaps have a regular section devoted to vegan professional clothing? Or possibly note with a “V” symbol when an item is vegan? Thanks in advance for considering!


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