Tuesday’s TPS Report: Whip It Silk Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Nanette Lepore Whip It Silk TopReader P writes in to recommend this silk top from Nanette Lepore, which, she notes, “works in so many ways and perfect on an hour-glass figure.”  We like it also (particularly the combo of silk and stud detailing), but the obvious point here is to know your office — in a more conservative office this would work best under a buttoned-up suit, with very traditional pumps — remove the jacket to take it from desk to dinner.  Otherwise, we’d wear it with a pencil skirt, or perhaps a high-waisted skirt.  It’s on sale at Saks, marked from $248 to $185.   Whip It Silk Top


  1. Legally Brunette :

    Hmmm, very very interesting. I usually never wear silk blouses to work, but this is pretty, although I would absolutely only wear this under a jacket.

  2. Oooh, pretty!

    I have a question about Kat’s styling suggestions–would you tuck the top into a skirt? It seems to me that tucking it in would ruin the effect/impact of the top. I think it would look best untucked with slightly wide leg trousers and high heels (and jacket, if need be).

    (On another note, did anyone else note how young the model looks? For a split second, I thought “junior’s department? huh?”)

  3. Also on sale at Nordstrom.

  4. This is lovely! However, $185.00 for what, in effect, amounts to a camisole is a tough pill to swallow…I would have to “whip it” into my wardrobe twice per week to make it worth while (and that is certainly not happening)!

  5. I love it. Infact I have been eyeing it for a while! Looks like its time to bite the bullet.
    IMO, its not for lawfirm, but perfect for weekends!

  6. Also, look at other sites that look for similar look for a lot less. I have seen this one profiled on few of those sites!

  7. I sent this suggestion to C. I wore this (in red) over black pants paired with a wrap-around cashmere sweater last Friday. I have never, ever received so many compliments on a top as I did this one.

    And it’s not a camisole. It’s lined and easily works day to night. I can’t wait to wear it over jeans. And as I wrote to C, if you are hour-glassed shaped–as I am–it’s incredibly flattering.

    • Is the lining enough to hide skin-tone? Because it seems like we can see through the top to the model’s black pants/skirt.

      I don’t know what I’d wear under this if it wasn’t lined enough.

      • I have the red version–this comes in red and black as well; the white completely washed me out–the the lining is substantial. I can’t speak to the lining on the white version.

    • I did not intend my “camisole” comment to be snarky – sorry! I just know that if I wore this beautiful top to work it would get stuck under a blazer or cardigan. You are right though, it is fabulous as an evening piece, or as weekend-wear with jeans. I am a huge fan of Nanette Lepore.

    • This is really pretty, thanks for letting us know about it! What color jacket/cardigan would you do with the red? Was your wrap sweater black? It looks like a bright red online (like you, I am pretty sure the alabaster would wash me out), I’m not sure what else would work with it.

      • I did black as I am most cofortable in that color. (I also live in NYC and wear black in July!) I am olive-y in complextion–Mediterrainean-ish–so black and red is *always* a good combo on me.

        • I could see that! I am at the other end of the color spectrum, super pale redhead. Maybe it would still work on me though. I have a great black Theory jacket (stays open, no buttons) and pencil skirt.

  8. Considered buying this but skipped because I think this needs dry cleaning (unsure if handwash OK) and not sure I’d wear it to work (biz casual code) even with a jacket – though people at work seem to think anything goes!

    Sorry to be gross, but I think if you sweat, it would show up immediately on this one.

    But love it for an evening out.

    • Delta Sierra :

      You can usually hand-wash thin silks like this, but ironing it? Oy. Life is too short.

      Evening out, yes. Work, no.

  9. This is not intended to be a snarky comment!

    And I like this top (not for work, though).

    Disclaimer aside: My immediate reaction to this particular selection is that it looks like what would happen on Project Runway if they were asked to design a fashion forward look for Princess Leia. I can’t really explain why I think this (the white? the metal? ) but I can’t shake it.

    • Corporate Tool :

      Now that you’ve said that, I can’t get the image out of my head.

    • Good call… Definitely a vision that sticks with me!

    • That is really funny. I can totally see this on Princess Leia – not necessarily a bad thing, she was awesome. I am still probably going to get it!

      • You’re thinking it bc it’s like a cream version of the studded brown bikini she wore when tied to Jabba the Hut. (Not a huge SW fan, but this popped right into my mind).

    • That would be the best project runway challenge ever.

      • Wouldn’t it? I am picturing Seth Aaron coming up with a pretty fantastic get-up for Chewbacca.

  10. I love this shirt. I agree with many others that it would probably end up layered for work, but is a great transition piece–toss off the cardigan for happy hour! I also have a soft spot for studs :)

    • Then you’ll probably like this belt from AT Loft: http://www.anntaylorloft.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=24757&N=1200018&pCategoryId=3361&categoryId=236&Ns=CATEGORY_SEQ_236&loc=TN&defaultColor=Dark Brown&defaultSizeType=Regular

      I just bought it today (along with a bunch of other great stuff that just came out!), and the leather is surprisingly soft.

  11. My problem with silk shirts is that I keep getting water-stains on them. I’ve pretty much stopped buying. I’m kind of a clutz and I need things that are possible to clean!

    That said, gorgeous shirt, but I never wear things to the office that I have to keep covered up all day. I want to keep that suit jacket off as much as possible. I’d love it on a night out, though!

    • Ditto, I always seem to spill things on silk. I think I would like it better in the red as well. Still too expensive for me regardless!

    • Delta Sierra :

      I went through a period of wanting all my blouses/shirts to be silk, but y’know what? Too much maintenance. I’m over it. Especially when, like you, I am a hopeless spiller.

  12. housecounsel :

    I am in love with this top. It’s one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen on this site. I think I could wear it to work under a classic black pantsuit, and I’d definitely wear it as the OP did.

    How is the fit? I have trouble with Nanette L. making tops big enough for my (trying not to invoke censor), um, girls.

    • I have ample, um, girls but a very narrow waist and I was praised several times during the workday as to how well it worked on my body-type. It’s form-fitting but modest; sexy without being revealing.

      • gee, really? i’m a DD and find that nanette lepore is one of those brands that always works for me?

  13. Dry clean only = not for me! I admire those of you who take the time/remember to get things dry cleaned, but if I can’t wash it myself, I’ll only wear it a couple times a season :-(

    Side note: This is only available up to size 10 — which is annoying since its a silhouette that would work on a woman larger than size 10

  14. This is not for work at all. In fact, for most people, this is not for anywhere. Something this striking you will wear at most three times – you don’t want it to become your trademark. The hallmark of a good professional wardrobe is to select things you can wear over and over, that will become part of your personal style but not be boring….right? This top is part of a circus costume!

    • But this site would be really boring if it was all Brooks Brothers all the time. I like looking at and discussing more trendy pieces. Even if I would never buy the item featured, it gives me things to think about when I do my decidedly down-market shopping at TJ Maxx/H&M/Target for a few trendy pieces to mix in with the expensive staples.

      • You would be amazed at the up-market finds at places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory … I have a gorgeous Tahari suit that retailed at several hundred dollars that I found at Burlington Coat Factory for under $100… Make sure you have time and patience when you go :-)

        Also excellent is Filene’s Basement – I’m still sad that the location near me closed last year!

        • Oh, I agree! When I said down-market I guess I really also meant price point – I tend to buy my trendier tops that I wear less frequently at discount stores (like Filene’s) or knock-off stores (like H&M) and save my splurges for conservative basics that I know I can wear for multiple seasons.

    • While you certainly have a harsh way of putting it, I can see your point. On someone who has a very basic wardrobe (i.e. lots of neutrals, few prints, embellishments, etc.), this blouse would most likely stand out and be noticed every time it is worn. And, as previously discussed on this site with the floral print dress, noone wants to be the studded-blouse girl. That being said, for someone who has an interesting wardrobe with other fashion-forward pieces, this blouse would be an excellent edition!

      • I WANT to be studded-blouse girl, but alas, I just can’t be her. Anytime I pick out something this super-trendy to try on, I laugh too much in the dressing room.

        Which is not to disparage anyone who loves this blouse and can make it work for them. One person’s over-the-top is another’s bread-and-butter.

  15. This would look very nice under a plain black pantsuit.
    But who drew on the 10 year old model’s eyebrows with crayon?

    • I had the same thought re: the eyebrows. I know that stronger brows are in these days, but this is a little over the top.

  16. Agree with # 75 – definitely NOT for office. (Would have to be under a BUTTONED jacket til after 5, after office.)

  17. I am wearing my red flat Stuart Wetizman shoes that I ordered from this web-site right now — In a deposition. They look fabulous.

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