Happy Presidents’ Day – 46 Sales (and Kat’s Top 12)

sales175 punyHappy Presidents’ Day, you guys — I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend. I rounded up 46 sales happening this weekend; my favorite 12 (the ones that I’d check first) are in bold.  Ladies, where are you shopping today? Have you already gotten any great deals this weekend? 

  • 6pm – Winter clearance! Good deals on bags from Cole Haan, boots from Cole Haan, Frye, and Stuart Weitzman, and clothes from Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, and NYDJ.
  • Amazon – Spend $100 and receive 20% off on clothing for women, men, kids and baby. Select styles.
  • Ann Taylor – 40% off full-price styles, including new arrivals.
  • Anne Klein – Presidents’ Day Event – Savings up to 60% off when you take an additional 25% off sale
  • Banana Republic – 40% off your purchase with code BRSALUTE.
  • Bare Necessities – 5 Days Only: $20 off your $99 purchase, plus free shipping — use code PRES20.
  • Beauty.com – 20% off select hair care tools, including T3 and Solano.
  • Bloomingdale’s – Big Brown Bag Sale, save 20-65%.
  • Bluefly – Presidents’ Day Sale – Clearance sale, select styles extra 50% off.
  • Brooks Brothers – Clearance 50-60% off, plus free shipping on $200+ — ends today.
  • Club Monaco – 30% off already reduced merchandise with code WEARNOW.
  • Cole Haan – 30% off almost all bags & accessories, and select already reduced sale items.
  • C.Wonder – take an additional 50% off sale styles.
  • Design Within Reach – save 15% on everything you need to make the modern bedroom.
  • DSW – Shoe clearance, 235+ styles $25 or less.
  • DVF – Additional 20% off with code FEBRUARY20.
  • eBags – Presidents’ Day Savings – save up to 70% + an additional 10% site wide.
  • Express – Last day, 40% off every single item.
  • Figure 8 Maternity – The Great Winter Sale – save up to 60% off in their largest sale of the year.
  • Halsbrook – Take an additional 30% off on already reduced merchandise with code PRESIDENT30.
  • Hugo Boss – New additions to sale, now up to 50% off.
  • Inhabit NY – 70% off all fall & holiday styles.
  • J.Crew – online only, extra 50% off final sale items with code EXTRA50.
  • Karen Millen – 20% off our seasonal edit, plus take an additional 20% off all sale styles with code KM20LOVE.
  • Kate Spade – Tons of new styles just added to sale.
  • Last Call – Extra 35% off everything, including new spring styles.
  • The Limited – 50% off all full-price items, plus 30% off all sale items.
  • LOFT – Extra 60% off sale styles.
  • Lord & Taylor – Take 20% off regular and sale, 25% off clearance plus extra 10% with your LT Card and promo code PRES.
  • Macy’s – Presidents’ Day Sale, extra 20% off ends Monday with code PRES.
  • Madewell – extra 30% off all sale styles with code XOXO.
  • New York & Company – It’s the Semi Annual Pant Event — all pants & jeans, buy one get one free. Also, Presidents’ Day Sale – up to 80% off.
  • Nine West – Sale up to 70% off over 150 styles, plus get an extra 20% off select sale styles (prices as marked).
  • Nordstrom – Shoe Clearance, save up to 40% (check out my deeper dive into the brands on sale, here).
  • The Outnet – Up to 60% off on Alexander Wang and Roland Mouret.
  • Piperlime – 25% off chic steals.
  • Pottery Barn – Ends tonight, save up to 60% on hundreds of items including new markdowns. Today only, free shipping on almost everything with code FREESHIP.
  • Rachel Roy – Presidents’ Day Sale, up to 60% off RRR sale.
  • Rebecca Taylor – Sale on sale. 25% off all sale styles (save up to 60% off). Use code 25OFFSALE.
  • Scoop NYC – The ultimate closet warehouse sale. Enjoy up to 80% off after taking an additional 50% off all sale styles.
  • Shoes.com – Presidents’ Day Sale, extra 25% off sale shoes with code PRESIDENT.
  • ShopBop – almost 2000 items added to the sale! Save up to 7% off fall/winter collections.
  • Stuart Weitzman – Winter Sale, tons of boots marked 50% off.
  • Tory Burch – Extra 25% off sale styles with code SALE25.
  • West Elm – Extra 15% off markdowns, ends tonight (plus get free shipping with code FREE15).
  • Zappos – End of season clearance.


  1. Traditionalist :

    How perfect! I survived my first D.C. winter switching between two wool coats (think J. Crew Lady Day), a pair of ugly earmuffs, a great pair of Lands End snow boots, and a few pairs of black/gray tights. But now I’m looking to take advantage of these end of season sales to stock up on some things for next year, including maybe a warmer coat and some sort of stylish hat, maybe a cloche.

    If you had $250 to spend, what would you get?

    • Cashmere something(s).

    • Silvercurls :

      LLBean’s quilted down coat that comes to below my knees, with a zipped collar that can extend up to my ears. DC doesn’t get as cold as solidly as other places, but it’s not exactly toasty warm here between November and March.

    • Down coat with a hood. Waterproof or water resistant.

  2. Just curious how many people actually have the day off? Informal poll. I am an attorney in private practice and definitely do not have the day off. Though I will say my commute today was a breeze.

    • biglaw – our office is closed, but most clients aren’t, so I’m in anyway.

      • I am working today. I don’t think I have ever had President’s Day off…

    • I’m a government lawyer (not federal) and am working today.

    • Olivia Pope :

      My office doesn’t close for another holiday until May. (Private practice attorney)

      • Same here. I wish we got Prez Day off instead of MLK so it’s more spread out!

    • I work for a private university and am working today. I’ve never had a President’s Day off, so I forget that other people get it.

    • Work for a National Lab (DOE) and don’t have the day off.

    • Private practice, biglaw, and office is closed but I suspect 1/3-1/2 of my colleagues will go to the office. I’m at home but will probably only do about 1/2 a day of work.

      Husband works in private practice at a smaller firm, and he doesn’t have the day off.

    • Baconpancakes :

      Corporate data firm, yep, we have it off.

    • House of Cards -- fashion Q :

      Our schools are closed, so lots of people planned 3-day weekends. Schools are now open b/c of making up days lost to snow, but it’s still pretty empty.

      BIGLAW, officially open.

    • Working today in academia (though it feels like I’m the only person in my building).

    • Midlaw, office is open (we have no holidays between New Year’s and Memorial Day, and my prior large firm in this city was the same). Traffic was also not noticeably lighter so I too wonder how much of the working population has the day off. I’ve never had it off as a student or employee.

      • Veronique :

        In-house attorney with the exact same experience, other than traffic being slightly lighter. I always forget about President’s Day because I’ve never had it off at school or work.

    • I work for a nonprofit, I guess we don’t believe in Presidents ;o)

      • I harbor grave doubts about the existance of Franklin Pierce too. ;)

      • Philanthropy Girl :

        Another npo girl here – and yes, definitely a normal work day here. At my last NPO job, however, the pay was so crummy and the benefits so terrible we actually got just about every holiday ever off to try to make up for the crummy pay and benefits.

        • The one thing we get to ‘make up for it’ is a generous number of vacation days, I take a lot of those. But then we don’t get very many holidays for some reason, which seems like a contradiction….

    • Middle Coast :

      Regional governmental agency – office open today, working and watching it snow.

    • I had a pseudo-holiday. Our office is closed, but I have to travel later today in order to make morning meetings. The holiday hours just gave me some extra time to study since I’m taking the Bar exam (second state) next week.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      My office is technically closed so today was optional. I don’t get paid if I don’t work though, so I’m at work. I completely forgot the subways would be on a weekend schedule so it took me 4 trains to get to work. Waiting on the platform for #3, I apparently looked like I knew what I was doing because people kept asking me for directions. Hopefully I didn’t lead anyone astray!

    • Interrobanged :

      In-house counsel. Not closed. Business goes on even though it’s President’s Day…

    • Killer Kitten Heels :

      Small-law boutique, open.

      On the bright side, my commute was a breeze, so at least I got a day off from commuter-h3ll.

    • ContractsinTX :


    • We don’t, but Mardi Gras break is coming up so no need.

      • I miss having Mardi Gras break. :(

        • Awwww… I enjoy it, mainly because I do my Mardi Gras celebrating on Friday and Sunday, then I just get Monday and Tuesday as bonus days off work. I’ll sometimes drive to Baton Rouge to shop because in BR, it’s just Tuesday.

    • anon-oh-no :

      im in biglaw and my office is open. my husband’s office though (even bigger law) is closed, so he’s working from home.

    • backgrounder :

      Financial consulting, open. No holidays between New Years and Memorial Day :(

    • Ekaterin Nile :

      Midwest Biglaw. Our office is not closed.

    • Publicly traded large manufacturer corporate headquarters here. We’re not getting a vacation day until May.

      Our manufacturing facilities in Mexico get vacation days all the time! I want to move!

    • I am IN the office, b/c I have a motion practice tomorrow, but I am the ONLEY one in. FOOEY! I put in alot of work for this firm, and I am a partner, but I would LOVE to be out shoppeing today at Lord & Taylor or Zara, but my work come’s first, b/c I am a professioneal who MUST get the right result’s for my cleints.

      I saw a game with Willem. It was fun. He said that if I were a convenioneal woman, he would bring me home as a liekeley spouse. But I would have to be like Belgan women, who must cook, clean and bear children for him. Willem said he would be goieng back to Belgum next year and would be happy to take me with him if we were MARRIED. Willem makes money in Euro’s, which are NOT the same as dollar’s so I would have to spend money in Euros there. He showed his parent’s my picture and they want him to bring me to meet them. I want to get MARRIED and have children, and I think I am NOT goeing to have both unless I start NOW. Willem has NOT even grabbed at me and has NOT pressure’d for sex, tho I know if I said yes he would NOT disagree. I have to find out wether Grandma Trudy would suport me if I want to go to BELGUM and marry him. They have better dental care then in the UK but Grandma Leyeh says she does NOT like his name, but no one else is willing to marry me and Willem has never even seen me naked or slept with me. Mabye I should go and meet his parent’s. What a dillemna! FOOEY!

    • Senior Attorney :

      Government so I definitely have the day off.

      I even had last Wednesday off for Lincoln’s Birthday. Crazy, man.

    • Regional BigLaw. Office closed. A lot of my group is in, but firm as a whole has only sporadic attendance today.

    • Orangerie :

      Not working, investment management. Stock market holiday = office holiday.

  3. House of Cards -- fashion Q :

    For any of you who watch, I love the dress that the Jacqueline character has been wearing. Any thoughts as to where it’s from? I know that Robin Wright’s character’s outfits have been scrutinized and documented (and are too pricey for me), but surely a house member who is ex-military has a budget and shopping habbits more like mine?

    • Try J.Crew’s tall crepe short-sleeve dress

    • This is the opposite of answering your question, but do you mind linking to sites that document Claire’s outfits? I just started watching this weekend (as in, started with season 1) and most of my search results described generally the brands she wears or attempted to find similar less expensive items, but none were of the “Worn on TV” style where they give you the exact match item. Part of it’s just curiosity, part of it is wishful thinking that I’d be able to snag a sale find (ha yeah right, I’m sure that stuff would sell out fast if on sale and known to be a Claire item).

      • House of Cards -- fashion Q :


        This confirms what I’ve long thought about Theory: if it fits Claire Underwood, it won’t fit right on me due to body type differences.

        • Anonymous :

          Thanks for the link! Though drat, you made me realize what she wears most likely would not flatter me for the same reasons.

          • House of Cards -- fashion Q :

            Yup — to the extent I’ve got junk, it’s all in the trunk. And it seems that they used things just a step above Forever 21 for Zoe, so no luck there, either.

          • Wildkitten :

            Yeah this show makes me wish I was 30 lbs skinnier and a completely different shape. #NotGonnaHappen

  4. Anon for this :

    Ladies, I have a dilemma heavy on my heart this morning and am going around in circles with it. Please let me know what you think.

    My husband and I both applied for jobs at out-of-state Employer (totally different departments and functions). Both jobs looked great and would have been a step up for us. We each made it to the first round of interviews, but I have been passed on as a finalist while my husband was just notified that the job he wanted has gone to someone else. There is no other way he could move with me: no other job is available there to suit him, and I know they can’t create one for him to accommodate me even if they do want me that much. It’s a small town far from much else, so you don’t just move there and see what happens career-wise either.

    The next step was going to be Employer paying my way for the final, on-site interview round. But I’m about 95% sure I cannot accept the job. It would mean living apart indefinitely and being alone in a place I would never move otherwise. My question is, should I even go for the final interview? On one hand, I feel like it’s an opportunity for practice at the very least, and maybe seeing the place and learning more about the position would enable me to either feel better about declining the job or else decide that it really is worth moving there alone. On the other hand, it’s a lot of time and effort (preparing and then traveling there), it might just make me even sadder about not being able to take the job, and I’d be using Employer’s resources for the trip kind of in bad faith since I’m barely considering taking the position.

    So far I have done nothing, and I have at least a day or two to figure this out.

    • That is tough. Are there job opportunities for yourself in other places, or is it a niche field without a lot if openings? Because I would hesitate to go through the motions unless it were necessary for your career growth, if that makes sense. If you are 90% no, then why waste your collective time & money?

      • 95%, rather.

      • Anon for this :

        There are other possibilities, including probably in our current location, where my husband has a good and secure job. This position is pretty unique, however, and I’m just worried that nothing else like it will come along, or else if it does I won’t be competitive enough for it.

        You definitely hit on part of the issue, though: I might be getting carried away with feeling like this is my only chance of moving up in my career when it isn’t.

    • Maddie Ross :

      Did you and your husband discuss how you would handle this before you applied? I don’t mean to be snarky in saying this, but surely you all thought there was a chance this might happen. If so, how did you discuss you would handle then?

      If you didn’t discuss and have a plan, I would be tempted, if I were you, to go to the interview and see how it all shook out.

      • Anon for this :

        Yes, we did talk about it. We agreed that neither of us could accept unless the other got an offer. Hence my 95% certainty that I’m not taking the job if offered, but my question about whether to even interview.

        I don’t know how much else there is to “shake out,” that’s part of the dilemma. It feels like maybe postponing/belaboring the inevitable?

        • Maddie Ross :

          In that case, it seems to me that you answered your own question – if you talked about it and decided that neither of you could accept if you both didn’t get it, why would you spend the time continuing to interview? It just seemed to me that if you hadn’t discussed it, or if you had discussed it and said “if one of us gets the job, we’ll make it work,” that it would be a different story.

        • Reiss Smithfield :

          I feel like I’d interview… you might decide you love it so much that you can work something out. Who knows, many another opportunity will pop up for your husband. I’m a stronger believer in not closing doors until you have to.

        • House of Cards -- fashion Q :

          Where does that leave you? Any mobility in current city? Any possiblity of husband coming with you and telecommuting for a year or two before the next move? Is a move inevitable for both/either of you to advance in your career?

          If it’s that you’re adjuncts now at a university and you get a professor gig at New Place, could he do something that would let you advance and then you both go where he gets a slot next?

          I ask b/c in some fields, never advancing doesn’t postpone advancement, it really clips your wings long-term. OTOH, in my field, I couldn’t take a year or two off from working (but working remotely would work — not the case if you’re a anesthesiologist though).

          • Anon for this :

            Telecommuting is not an option for either of us. We do live in a large city now where mobility is possible, whereas in the town I’d be moving to, Employer is probably the only place either of us could work. This is another reason that moving there might be self-defeating in the long run.

        • anon-oh-no :

          I would actually tell the company of the issue. explain that you really like them and would love to accept an offer if you received one, but you have a situation (as you described above). At that point, you could find out if they could find a spot for your husband, and if not, you save everyone the time/money of flying you out for the interview.

          • This. I don’t think that there’s any harm in being honest here. Maybe they really, really love you and will figure out how to make it work. You’ll never know unless you ask.

          • Orangerie :

            +1. Nothing really to lose if you go this route.

    • I think I would turn down the interview and tell them why. I would do it graciously, because you never know what will happen in the future and you don’t want to burn any bridges. I think they will appreciate the honesty.

    • Not quite your question, but I would be very reluctant to move somewhere where there’s only one employer, regardless of whether you get the job or he gets the job or you both get the job. If either of you hate it/get fired/get tired of it, where does that leave you? I wouldn’t even entertain the idea myself.

  5. Sort of related to the poster above regarding applying for out of state jobs–

    I’m a second year mid-law associate. I love my job, but I miss my home town. I am working in a city that has been my home for the past 8 years, but I really, really, really miss home. The dilemma: I’m dating a guy who is Mr. Right. We’ve been together for the past year, and things are great. However, I spoke to a recruiter today regarding a promising position with a firm in my hometown. I previously received a summer offer at this Firm, but it didn’t work out due to scheduling (since was going to split between that firm and my current firm). After speaking to the recruiter, this sounds like a great opportunity, and I was literally giddy at the thought of moving back home–closer to friends, family, and familiarity.

    I have not yet submitted my materials, nor have I mentioned to Mr. Right that I am even interested in leaving. I have set up a time later this week to speak with recruiter about my resume. Thoughts? I don’t know how to feel and how to mention this to Mr. Right without breaking his heart.

    • House of Cards -- fashion Q :

      You may not break his heart.

      Without knowing the distance involved, your homesickness is a factor in your life and you all are factors in each others’ lives. It sounds like you have some thinking to do about a lot of things. Might he be worth staying for? Might you be worth moving for? Might there be options C, D, and E?

      I know someone who left Firm A to go to Firm B in City B. On his way there, he met his future wife in the original city. But how was he to know that then? Eventually, he goes to Firm C back in the original city. FWIW, these places where two hours away from each other. But it’s a happy ending and a richochet, so you never know. But happy and different endings can just happen. So you talk and you think and you decide (and decide again and again). Life is just like that. Good luck!

    • Anon for this :

      If I were the guy you’re dating, I would prefer that you told me this is going on but also were open about how torn you feel. Nothing in your post above sounds disingenuous or bad at all, so why not just share? If it’s a strong relationship, it can handle this conversation. What happens next can be dealt with later.

    • So he’s Mr. Right but has no idea you’re homesick and unhappy in the city you both live in? Obviously you have to tell him! I don’t understand how a serious year long relationship would not include a discussion of where you both would like to live.

      • anon-oh-no :

        this. it seems like this is a conversation that should have/would have happened before you got to this point if this guy really is Mr. Right.

      • We have discussed it–and his list includes current city and a city an hour away from my hometown, along with various other random cities. I guess I just didn’t really realize how much I missed home until this weekend. So there really hasn’t been an opportunity for it to come up because I didn’t know that it was something I really wanted. But now I do. I guess the conclusion is just to let him know what’s going on–no matter the outcome.

        • Devil's Advocate :

          What do you miss about your hometown? How sure are you that you’ll get it back if you make the move? For me, my life would be totally different now in my hometown than it was when I left – because I’m older, don’t know many people there and have different responsibilities. Just want to play Devil’s advocate here: are you sure you’re not missing something in your life that you can get where you are now.

          • House of Cards -- fashion Q :

            Also, if you summered there, you can keep in touch with people there if this doesn’t come to anything (so it’s not a now-or-never proposition). Sometimes a bit of mental breathing room helps me, so I’m not feeling like I have to decide the rest of my life in this very tiny minute.

          • I miss the little things–the comfort of being near my very closest girl friends and family. The culture in my hometown is also very special and near and dear to me. I’m fairly confident that I couldn’t get any of that where I am now. I’m still fairly young (late twenties) and most of my friends and family are still living there. Although I haven’t lived there since I was 18, the city has grown and changed in ways that I had never imagined years ago and is becoming a very attractive area for job/business growth. Particularly for me with respect to my contacts and potential for business development. Contrast that to current city, where I have a fantastic job and boyfriend, but all of my friends and family live elsewhere. Couple this with the fact that this city is hostile to any sort of young professional social network. Everyone here is married or paired off, so it’s nearly impossible for me to gain “new” adult friends. These things have all been bothering me since graduating law school and getting a job here a couple years ago, but I just realized the other day that I’d be much more satisfied as a person if I go home.

          • OP, do you mind sharing the cities you’re talking about? I’m really just curious as I read this board a lot to get a sense of what it’s like to live in other places. I’m in San Francisco and find my friends often talking of moving elsewhere so I find the antedata interesting/useful. No worries if not, just thought I’d ask.

  6. I apologize if this has been asked recently, but can anyone recommend a good financial planner in NYC? I need to get a handle on my retirement. It would be extra great to find someone who can explain everything as if I were six years old!

    Thanks in advance.

    • www.mrmoneymustache.com

      Just great for a general philosophy about saving.


      Also great for education, thinking about your comfort level for investing.

    • Wildkitten :

      I like this woman’s website, not sure if she’d be what you’re looking for, and I don’t actually know her in person: http://knowingyourworth.com/

      • I know Ashley and have also used her financial services in the past – I highly recommend her! She is very friendly and helpful and can get you started with the basics and more.

  7. Does anyone know of a personal stylist in DC that specializes in “hip” looks? I’m a lawyer in her late 20s and I want someone to take the guesswork out of figuring out my haircut/makeup/go-to looks, etc. At the same time, I’m wary of going to a stylist who is too invested in the typical conservative DC look. My inclination is edgier. I’m just wondering if this is something I can find in DC, or if I’d need to go to NY to find someone.

    • Wildkitten :

      Is Capitol Hill Style too conservative for you?

      • I’m a big fan of the personal shoppers at Nordstrom for helping me pick out stylish professional attire. I know this won’t help with go-to hair and makeup, but at least it might help with the clothing. The service is free and there is no obligation to buy anything so if you don’t like what the stylist picks out and suggests for you then there is no risk.

      • anon-oh-no :

        I feel like Cap Hill Style is way, way too casual. But second the recommendation of a Nordstrom personal shopper. (and if you dont like the first person you try, try someone new). They can do everything, including shoes, accessories, undergarmets etc. And i’ve even had them bring make up folks up in the past — though you have to choose the counter (brand) you want.

        • anon prof :

          that is so interesting, b/c she seems very conservatively outfitted to me–almost stuffy for someone who is still pretty young! (I don’t live in DC)

          • Anon-oh-no :

            I didn’t say she wasn’t conservative, just that she tends towards casual. She rarely has suits posted and most of the rest of her stuff is for casual Friday and Monday. When I worked on the hill about ten years ago, everyone but interns wore suits, except in recess. And even then, lots of people wore suits because of various meetings taking place.

    • I’m about half way through the styling process with Tara Luizzi and she’s been great so far! I’m a few years older than you and she has been very receptive to my concerns about looking too old or frumpy. I’ve been very happy so far. I’d recommend checking out her website – www . tarastylesdc . com.

    • East Coast Anon :


  8. Stormborn :

    Are people watching True Detective? Because y’all should be. Everyone catch up this week so we can talk about it next monday :)

    • anon-oh-no :

      just started watching this weekend. need to catch up on the rest. so, so good.

    • Yes and YES. Last night’s episode was really good! I can’t believe (and can’t imagine) that this story line can get wrapped up in just 3 more hours, but it will be fun to watch.

    • Senior Attorney :

      YES! Will be all caught up as of tonight.

      Matthew McConaughey is just killing it. Woody Harrelson, too. So amazing!!

    • Senior Attorney :

      Oh, and check this out: http://io9.com/the-one-literary-reference-you-must-know-to-appreciate-1523076497

      • Stormborn :

        Eh, I’m aware of the reference but think everyone can appreciate it the show without it. McConaughey is just killing it (maybe literally? DUN DUN DUN)

        • Senior Attorney :

          Well, yes… I thought it was fun but certainly did not mean to endorse the “must know” title of the article.

  9. Can I just say how annoying Macy’s website is? I had a really frustrating time trying on jeans on Saturday (what fits my waist is huge in my thighs because I’m straight up and down). I have one pair of jeans I like and could not find them on Macy’s website (they’re INC, so a Macy’s brand). I finally found them today in the curvy fit so I searched the weird name of the wash and they had them! Why didn’t they come up in the list of jeans in that brand? Argh.

  10. Famouscait :

    I’ve got a cocktail event coming up at the end of the month for my work, and I’m wondering if it’s bad form to wear a sleeveless dress? Here ’tis (I’ll be wearing it with black hose and satin peep-toe pumps):


    Our nighttime lows will still be in the 30/40’s, so I’ll need to wear a jacket on my way in. But I’d love to take the blazer off once inside. Thoughts?

    • I think it is a know-your-office question. I don’t see people wearing sleeveless dresses to our work cocktail events (exception – holiday party) and I definitely don’t see people wearing dresses (sleeved or not) that are as short as this one is on the model.

      • Famouscait :

        Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I work in the arts, so the event I’m wearing this to is a social reception for our donors at a museum. So it’s not a work event as most people would be imagining. As far as the length, it’s not as short on me as it is on the model.

    • Sleeveless would be fine in my office, but this dress would be too short and juvenile.

      • Famouscait :

        It reads as juvenile to you? Why?

        I’m curious not just regarding this dress, but because this is a silhouette that works really well on my figure. This one was a winner for me because there’s no possibility of exposed cleavage, it hits the right amount of “dressiness” for this particular event, and has pockets (which I have no particular need for, but make me happy). Sexy is not what I’m aiming for at this event but I also don’t want juvenile, which is why your comment intrigues me…

        • The combo of sheer inserts, pockets, and that short fit-n-flare skirt strikes me as something from the junior’s dept. Totally willing to believe it looks fab in real life on you though.

          • Famouscait :

            Thanks for your faith in my fabulousness. ;)

          • I think the rules are also really different for arts cocktail events vs. law cocktail events so the feedback here may not be very good. You know your audience best.

            I would feel very uncomfortable exposing that much skin to my older, male, very conservative colleagues (not because the dress is really scandalous but because it would just clearly advertise the fact that i am a young woman, when pretty much no one else in the room is) but would feel very different about exposing this much skin to a group of younger, hip, mixed-gender crowd (when presumably there is more diversity of dress and types of bodies in those dresses).

        • I work in the arts and this would be perfect. Love it. I’d probably style w a leather jacket – warm for outside cool temps and cuter to leave on if you want.

    • I think that for an evening donor event, sleeveless is pretty common/acceptable now. Esp now that female news anchors pretty much always wear sleeveless dresses. Plus, I think the high neckline and that the coverage goes all the way to the ends of your shoulders makes this very appropriate, as opposed to spaghetti straps or strapless.

      i say go for it!

    • just Karen :

      I think sleeveless is fine for what you are describing, but this dress does read young to me, so it wouldn’t be on my list for anything tied to work.

      • Agreed. Sleeveless is fine, and I don’t mind the silhouette of the dress, but the fabrics make it look very young. Which may be fine, if you are young and this is your first professional job. But no house and peep toes — that is a look that you would have to go much edgier to pull off and have it look intentional and stylish.

        • I also instantly thought “child’s dress” when I opened the link. I don’t think it’s the shape per se, it’s the combo of the shape, fabric, insets, and length. It looks really juvenile to me, as well. That said, I’m almost 40. I’d look ridiculous in that. But if you’re a younger woman and this is an artistic event, it’s probably fine.

  11. Just wanted to pass along a recommendation for this amazing blazer i just bought. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/trouve-structured-jacket/3530837?origin=category-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Navy&resultback=920&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-browseresults-_-1_2_D

    It’s trouve brand and comes in black and a really great navy. It’s really sleek and sharply tailored but also stretchy so it’s comfortable. I am in absolute love. The one five star review is from someone really curvy but i am a really tall, straight figure and it works well on me too which makes me think it would flatter a variety of people.

  12. Anonattorney :

    I have a friend who has gone baby-crazy on Facebook. She posts a new picture nearly every day, and has a new onesie for each week, and now, each month. Why does this bother me so much?? I feel like a baby grinch.

    • I like babies, but I think new parents often experience a brief loss of perspective that results in the posting of a stream of virtually indistinguishable picture of the baby (one picture of a sleeping baby person looks a lot like another picture of sleeping baby person). I also have a friend who posts a picture of every baby gift that she receives (and I know its because she wants the givers to see that their gifts were received and appreciated). Ultimately, I just hide them from my friends feed for a while, in the same way that I do anyone who posts incessantly about one topic, and then when the baby fever of the early days of parenthood has passed, I un-hide them.

      • Anonattorney :

        I can’t put my finger on why it irritates me so much. Is it just boring? Or narcissistic? Am I just jealous because I don’t have a baby yet? So many deep questions to ponder.

    • Olivia Pope :

      It’s fine to hide her from your feed!

      I am a selective baby Grinch. There are some social media babies that I happily follow because the pictures are cute/funny. Other babies are boring and I don’t need to look at them.

    • I have a FB friend who’s the same way with her cats. I hid her.

      • Oh man. Yes. I have a cat pictures friend as well. And a “here is a picture of every meal I eat” friend.

        • And “I worked out today but it doesn’t count unless I post it on Facebook” friend.

          No one cares what you lifted/ran/squatted/zumba’d/etc, friend.

    • As someone with a baby (although I actually don’t post that many pictures of my baby), I kind of don’t know why you would want to be FB friends with me if my baby pictures annoy you? That’s a huge part of someone’s life, and while I get that it can be annoying (even heartbreaking to someone with infertility, which I was for 8 years), I’m not going to hide or curb my enthusiasm for my children or baby. And if someone is harboring resentment over that, then we shouldn’t be FB friends. Or maybe friends at all.

      Or, there’s always the hide option.

      Or, the perspective that you probably post stuff that annoys other people too?

      • Don’t mean that to be as snarky as it probably sounds. I had a FB friend who posted a picture of her baby literally every day of its life–for months. We are no longer FB friends (for reasons only partly to do with the incessant baby posting). Just intend to say–you have options, and it’s probably not that big of a deal to utilize them.

        • Anonattorney :

          Yeah, I like her too much to hide her. :) I am more just trying to figure out why I find it annoying.

          I love this woman, but I don’t need to see “One Week,” “Two Weeks,” “Three Weeks,”1 Month,” “2 Months” onesies. Or has it just become the new baby book?

          And I don’t really post anything on Facebook. I just lurk around and look at (and apparently judge) other people’s posts.

          • I can’t speak for you, but for myself, when I find myself getting annoyed over someone else’s baby photographs/stories, etc, then one of three things is going on: (1) I disagree with some parenting choice they’re making (while fully acknowledging that they have the right to make it and I don’t really have the right to judge, but I still do silently), (2) I think they are putting WAAAAAAAY too much information on the internet about their family, or (3) I’m just plain jealous that they have a baby and I don’t.

          • Senior Attorney :

            I think to some extent it has become the new baby book.

            I would love to see weekly photos of my friends’ new babies, with or without appropriately-labeled onesies.

            I post a photo from the gym every time I’m there, which is almost every day. I try to mix it up and make ’em fun in some way, but I daresay a lot of people think it’s stupid and boring. And I trust those people will just block me or ignore the photos or whatever.

            And honestly, I can’t remember anything anybody has ever posted about their actual life that has really annoyed me. I would much rather see a million photos of your baby or your lunch or your engagement ring than a bunch of political “shares.”

          • Anonattorney :

            Oh man, political shares are the worst.

      • Anon-oh-no :

        I was going to say something similar to your last comment ( and I agree with everything you said) — everything anyone posts on Facebook is annoying/boring/not interesting to some of their friends. But it’s what is going on in people’s everyday life, which is the whole point of Facebook. If people didn’t post this stuff, there would be no Facebook.

    • I also like babies, and when my friends and relatives post pictures of their babies (usually no more than once a month), I eat those pictures up. But I also find it annoying when my other FB friends/acquaintances post pictures of their babies every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I think it is partly because I am not that close to the parent, so it’s not that likely I’ll ever be really invested in the child (if I ever even meet the kid). I’m sure that there’s also a certain amount of “she has a baby and I don’t” envy on my part.

      I once complained to my mom about someone who was doing this, and she just remarked that the person in question must have too much time on her hands. So I think there’s that, too – if your baby naps a lot, it’s probably kind of boring to be home alone with the baby all day.

    • Jessica Glitter :

      I guess the thing to remember is a lot of baby posters have family members and friends who DO want to see the weekly or monthly pictures. My grandmother doesn’t email or text and she lives 1,000 miles away, but she is on Facebook (I don’t understand it myself). So sometimes I post pictures on facebook JUST because I know she would enjoy seeing them, and it is the only way she will (unless I snail mail them, I suppose).

  13. Hi everyone,

    I have been reading Corporette for years but have never left a comment – so here goes my first:

    I am wondering whether anyone knows what sort of salary you can expect as an in house attorney at a Fortune 100 company for an entry level position in NYC (coming from BigLaw with just under 4 years exp)…. I suppose I should be expecting a pay cut but just trying to gauge how much! Thanks so much in advance!!

    • Olivia Pope :

      Try this again tomorrow and I’ll bet you get responses! Holiday sales posts usually don’t get even this many comments.

  14. Lo & Sons (makers of the O.G. and O.M.G. bags) are offering 20% through the end of the day, code PRESDAY2014. I have been watching for a sale so I could finally pick up an OG bag. Success!

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