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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Crescent-Print Linen Paper Bag Skirt

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Lafayette 148 New York Crescent-Print Linen Paper Bag SkirticonBloomingdale’s is having some good sales right now, including this great skirt from Lafayette 148 New York. Two points we like about the print: it will conceal any wrinkles in the linen, yet it’s kept from being *too* busy by being black and white. We also love the front slash pockets. Was $248, now $148 at Bloomingdale’s.  Lafayette 148 New York Crescent-Print Linen Paper Bag Skirt

P.S. Incidentally, check out the shoe sales at Bloomingdale’s — take up to $150 off if you spend $500+ (or $50 off if you spend $200).

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Coffee Break: Medallion Locket

8Feel free to tell me I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, but I love the idea of a long medallion locket.  Love the intricate design on this one, love the rose gold, and can totally see it being great with a simple black turtleneck, or perhaps a more layered look with a draped cardigan.  It’s $75, exclusively at Revolve Clothing (available in silver also). House of Harlow Medallion Locket in Gold

To Belt, or Not to Belt?

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Italian Croco Leather Belt, 1"WiconReader R wonders about belts…

Can you do a post on belts? Specifically belts to be worn through belt loops on pants (not the over the shirt/dress accessory type). I realized this morning that I have not bought a belt in years and I have always been awkward about wearing them. I rarely tuck my shirt into my pants, preferring sweater tops I can wear out, so I don’t usually wear a belt with my pants. Should I? Is there something to my husband’s theory that pants sit better when worn with a belt, even if it’s not seen? Or is that visible “belt bump” under a sweater worn out a no-no? What kind of belt will I get the most mileage out of? Is there an appropriate belt for jeans (for those of us lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to the office occasionally)?

I remember reading years ago that a 1″ belt was an absolute must-have for a well-dressed woman, so I dutifully went out and bought a 1″ belt in what I thought was a decent leather. I found that it primarily sat, unused, because in general I prefer to leave shirts untucked, so the belt just never got added to the outfit when I was getting dressed in the mornings. To me, that’s the dividing line — a belt should be worn if you’re tucking things in; otherwise it’s a matter of preference. (There are caveats here, such as if your pants are too big for you, or the waist of your pants is too big for you — but keep in mind that while a belt will solve some problems (e.g., gaping, pants falling down), that it will create a “bunching” look, and ultimately you either need tailoring or new pants.  (Pictured:  Lauren by Ralph Lauren Italian Croco Leather Belt, 1″Wicon, available at Bloomingdale’s for $48.) [Read more…]

Tuesday’s TPS Report: Wool Fine Twill Cap Sleeve Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Wool Fine Twill Cap Sleeve DressThe clearance sale at Brooks Brothers is on, including this simple purple shift, made from New Zealander wool (woven by Loro Piana) and lined in Bemberg.    Love it with the brooch, as styled here; it also would be great with a statement necklace or even a scarf in a complimentary color.  Was $348, now $174 at Brooks Wool Fine Twill Cap Sleeve Dress

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The Corporette Guide to Interview Suits

Updated: Check out our Guide to Basic Women’s Suiting!

With interview season for schools right around the corner, we thought now would be a great time to do a general guide to suits — where to get ’em, how much to expect to pay, and what the general pros and cons of each type of suit are. In comments, please chime in — let us know your favorite brands, and why you like ’em.  Don’t forget to check out our guides to suits for petite women, as well as guide to suits for tall women and plus sizes,  and to check out our general “what to wear on an interview” advice.

Suit sets. These are often found in dedicated areas of department stores like Macy’s and discount stores like Filene’s — brands like Tahari, Kasper, Le Suit abound. These are generally sold as a set (you buy the jacket and the skirt together for one price). Prices may range from under $100 to closer to $350, and the suiting is generally made from polyester and lined. Pros: Price — with coupons and sales it’s not unusual to find extremely low-cost suits. Cons: Off-the-rack fit. The selection may include a number of very dated styles. Because they’re made of polyester, they can be sticky and hot in summertime; there may be other fun side effects like retaining smells even after dry cleaning. For my $.02, I’ve had great luck with Tahari skirt suits in basic black from this area of the mall — otherwise you generally do need to be very careful re: fit, particularly with pants. Pictured: Tahari by ASL Suit, Modern Classic Jacket & Skirt, available at Macy’s for $139. [Read more…]