Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Perfect V-Neck Sweater

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Untitled pictureReader C writes in to note:

I got four of these lightweight sweaters from Martin and Osa and might go back for more… they’re a silk blend, really soft, perfect warmth for an air conditioned office, look good alone or under a suit jacket (and they don’t get bulky), plus they hang well on the body and don’t pull across the chest, which is nice for those of us who regularly encounter that issue. I got mine in the store for $19.95 and used a 20% coupon they mailed to me, but there are plenty of coupon codes floating around the internet.

Great deal, and the sweaters are classic.  We’d wear a button-down beneath them for the office, or perhaps layer a tank in a contrasting or complementing color.  They’re $19.95 at Martin & Osa.  Perfect V-Neck Sweater

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  1. Already all colors sold out except in XL. Too bad.

  2. I sent this in and am wearing it in black right now! If it’s sold out online, call your local store to see what they have in stock. The one in Natick, Mass. had a huge pile when I went on Tuesday.

  3. I’ve got my order ready (and found a cute drawstring top tee on sale as well) and can’t get a coupon code due to our network security — argh! Can anyone help out a fellow shopper?

  4. I think its just me, but when I try to wear a button down shirt under a light sweater I can never get the pieces to lie correctly. The shirt bunches or the sweater pulls. I’ve tried sizing up on the sweater which just makes the sweater look too baggy and I can’t size down on the shirt otherwise it would be to small. Is there some trick to making everything lie nicely?

    • I’d also love to know the answer to this – I have the same problem and I’ve always suspected it’s because I’m just too curvy to wear shirts that button. Whenever I see the sweaters with collar and cuffs attached, I pick them up, because I love the look, but I’m secretly afraid that those may in fact be the dorkiest things ever.

      • I know what you mean about those all-in-one tops. I haven’t bought one for that very reason. I am also afraid that the color from the sweater part will run on the shirt collar/cuffs which are usually white.

        • Theory makes the most respectable versions of the combo sweater. Anything else I find just doesn’t hold up past one washing.

          • as weird as it may sound, i have found some of the sweater/shirt combos at DRESS BARN of all places, and they have held up with washing.

    • I’ve found that the key is the weight of the sweater. Nothing too thick/chunky knit, but if it is too lightweight, the button down will almost “push” it out and you end up with a lumpy, distorted look. Whereas a solid mid-weight cashmere, for example, has enough heft to hold the shirt in against your body (without being a too-tight look).

    • Delta Sierra :

      Anon – totally not just you. I gave up on this combo years ago. It’s a nice look, but I have no desire to spend all day fidgeting with it all, ugh. The sweater just has to be heavier, which in most offices means you’re boiling hot all day. So, weekends only for me.

      • I wear this all the time! I have found that it is best to leave the shirt un-tucked because otherwise it looks like you have a pot belly. As a disclaimer, I’m not curvy at all. I’m not really thin either, just no hips!

    • I am curvy as well, and I have discovered that the only way I can pull of this look is if the button down shirt is sleeveless. There are obvious downfalls to this (then you have a cute collar but no cuffs, sleeveless button downs with collars are not super easy to find, etc) but I have a few very cute outfits that work well.

  5. That particular shape/length does not work on me–too long and unstructured on me. Can anyone recommend a sweater with a wider waistband at the bottom and or slightly shorter in length?

    • BR has nice v neck cashmere/silk blend sweaters in lots of colors that have the band, aren’t too long, and even come in petites. But, they are a bit tighter — so word of warning.

      Also: I am a big fan of Uniqlo for basic sweaters in everything from cotton to cashmere. They have a huge store in NY, and I think are available online as well. The quality is great, and designs are super basic and classic. They have great button downs, too. If you go to the store, alterations on jeans/pants are free.

    • Target has a huge selection right now and I remember a few that had a wider waistband or were shorter. They all cost $10-25.

      AIMS- I love Uniqlo but haven’t found a way to order anything online. If I’m missing something, please let me know. I still have all the thermal undershirts I bought there (in Japan) in 2003-2004 for $5-12 US a piece.

  6. I have never heard of this brand/store. 19.95$ seems a bit low — how is the quality of this stuff? Are we talking Siegel’s catalog or is it a bit more decent??

    • My roommate swears by them, and she always looks very put together.

    • I have a dress and a sweater from this store and so far they have held up. The sweater is washable and goes back to its original shape pretty well. I love this store and I think they have great basic pieces. They usually have pretty decent sales, too.

    • I like this store. It is owned by American Eagle- I have found the quality to be comprable to J. Crew. The sizing is similar to J. Crew as well.

  7. Completely sold out except in L/XL

  8. I purchased the M&O silk/cashmere cardi awhile ago, and it’s a fantastic work item, and super soft – it’s on sale now too for $49.95.

  9. I too have struggled with the blouse/sweater combo. Throughout college I worked at a Coach store where we were required – year round – to wear white button downs with a black sweater. I found that the only way to get the look right was to wear a medium weight cashmere or wool sweater. It was very uncomfortable at times spending the whole day in a blouse and wool sweater, especially in the summer, but I didn’t really have a choice.

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