Beauty Wednesday: CoverGirl Lipslicks Lip Gloss

cg lipslicksWe have a lot of different lip products — lipsticks and glosses, some sticky, some matte, some that stay put, some expensive, some cheap — but this $5 drugstore brand has been the constant in our purse for about 20 years now:  CoverGirl Lipslicks Lip Gloss.  Our favorite color is ‘Edgy’ — a plummy mauve on us — but we’ve tried a lot of the colors and like them all.  (Some other faves: We would say that “Hipster” is more akin to a reddish stain — a bit darker than Benetint — and “Bronze Goddess” is a bit of a taupey/brown tint.)  We like the product for a lot of things that it isn’t:  It isn’t sticky.  It isn’t shiny.  It doesn’t wear unevenly.  It doesn’t end up on your teeth.  It doesn’t smell or taste weird.  It isn’t too thick or heavy, the way some other tinted glosses are — a simple swipe of this moisturizes your lips and adds a hint of color; use a few more swipes for a deeper color.  And the fact that the product has been around for so long, we think, says a lot about it.  (The only thing that it lacks is SPF, alas.)  It’s $3.99 at   CoverGirl Lipslicks Lip Gloss, Edgy


  1. Love it! I have worn this stuff as long as I can remember. I love the texture and that it isn’t too shiny. My color selection has changed over the years, but I currently love “Demure” and “Cutie” (although this is a selection I reserve for weekends).

  2. C, thanks for the tip and the color suggestions! I will have to try this one out, especially at that price point!

    I always wear some sort of lip color, and my current favorite is one that Corporette recommended about a year ago— the redundantly named L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor. I drink water and Diet Coke throughout the day, so I HATE when lip color comes off on my teeth or on a glass! For the office, I mix together two colors: Amethyst (surprisingly, a true nude, not really a purple at all) and Grenadine (a dark rose). The color mixture is so pretty, and it literally lasts all day. If I want to do a touch-up during the day, I take off the old lipstick first using Maybelline Superaway Lipcolor Remover: . (Regular makeup remover will work, but the Maybelline one comes in a lipgloss-like tube, so it is portable and non-messy!)

    Ladies, I have tried basically everything, and I can vouch that, at least for lipstick, the best formulas are NOT necessarily the most expensive brands! CVS will sometimes let you return makeup if the color doesn’t work out, and this negates the “but I can’t try it on!” conundrum of non-department-store, non-Sephora cosmetics.

  3. So funny you should bring this up– I read a rec on another board, too. I hadn’t used Lipslicks since high school and I’m so glad I re-discovered it! “Hipster” is my new go-to when I need a little color. “Dare” is ok, a little brighter. Very budget friendly but the point I like most is how it feels on my lips– not as heavy as a lipstick or or as sticky as a gloss. Nicely done!

  4. Has anyone tried out the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain? LOVE it. Good color (you can put on more for more of a color saturation) and it’s a stain so it basically feels like you’re wearing nothing. And it’ll stay put for a while (3-4 hours IME).

    • Do you have any color recommendations?

      • Yes–I have and I LOOOOOVE IT. It’s not shiny–it doesn’t even feel like you have anything on–it is a true stain. I use two colors. One is a peachy nude and the other a mauve rose (#415). They are similar to wearing blush in that they perk up winter-pale me, and make me look more pulled together without the “LOOK! I AM WEARING LIPSTICK” image you get when you have too much stuff on for work.

        I also find that it lasts 3-4 hours and does not come off on cups or anything else. It just sorta fades.

        You do need to use a lip moisturizer (say, once a day) as it is a little drying. But it really stays in place and is no hassle.

        I LOVE IT!

      • I wear Teasing Blush (am fair-skinned and blonde).

    • Ha ha! I actually like to layer CG Lipslicks over CG Outlast. My one complaint about the Outlast is that the “marker” tends to dry out too quickly, but at that price it isn’t a big deal.

  5. I like Sephora’s lip gloss in the squeeze tube, without the SPF. It’s not sticky and doesn’t wear unevenly, nor does it taste horrible.

  6. I love this stuff! I’ve been using it for years!

  7. Hi,

    You might want to be aware of the chemicals that go into lipsticks. Whatever the SPF claims, it does contain octinoxate, which is a component widely used in sunscreens (but quantity unknown). There seems to be some evidence that we should be avoiding oxtinoxate, however (just check Google Scholar). There’s a database on cosmetics and personal care products (,_Edgy/) which says this lipstick also contains parabens, specifically propylparaben.

    Not to be a downer (and I don’t doubt that it must look good), but given the effort I usually put into avoiding pesticides and hormones in my food, I think it justified to do a little search on the potential toxins and carcinogens in my cosmetic products. A healthy you is a productive you.


    • Please keep in mind that UV rays have been scientifically proven cause cancer. There is some controversy over whether octinoxate is carcinogenic. Knowing what goes into cosmetics is laudable. Just watch your sun exposure too- whether you do it with a hat or sunscreen.

    • Raise your consciousness. But only look at this if you’ve got guts:

  8. I’m looking for non-lip gloss related advice. My paralegal apparently told the managing partner at my small firm (where I just became partner) that she can’t work with me because she thinks that I think she is incompetent and that I am too confrontational. Apparently, I roll my eyes at her, mutter under my breath things about her, and generally make her feel terrible about everything. Pretty serious accusations about my behavior.

    Something similar to this came up about six months ago, when I got feedback from the same managing partner that she had reported that I did not involve her enough in cases, which made her feel that I didn’t value her. About three months ago, she also told that same managing partner that I was too confrontational with her – but he didn’t inform me of her complaint because he did not think it was valid.

    So, prior to today, I knew that six months ago that my paralegal felt undervalued by me, but nothing else. She has been my paralegal for more than four years. She has never once said anything directly to me about her belief that I am too confrontational/difficult, a pain etc. She also works for two other older, male attorneys who I think of as more “aggressive” than I am (but I guess I can’t really judge myself that well) and she has no complaints about them.

    The paralegal and I have lunch together on a regular basis. I know the names of her children and she knows the names of mine. I ask about her kid and have attempted to be very accommodating by permitting her to have a flexible schedule and advocating that she be allowed to keep it when the other attorneys assigned to her grumble that she is not there (we pride ourselves on being a family friendly firm). I have supported flexible hours for her because I think she is very competent and professional, and I want her to stay at the firm.

    Honestly, I feel betrayed and hurt that she would complain about me behind my back. The managing partner has proposed that we switch paralegals. His paralegal is a rockstar, been around forever, and all business. She would be great, and I would love to work with her, but I’m worried that I need to be doing something here.

    The managing partner told me not to worry about this, that he is baffled about her issue, and that everyone loves me (small firm – only nine lawyers, and five staff). He also recommended that I not discuss this with the paralegal.

    Help?!? Switch and never say anything about this again?

    • Eeeesh. On the plus side, you just made partner (congratulations!) so some changes are to be expected right now. I think it’s clear that your relationship with your paralegal is not as friendly as you thought it was — don’t feel the need to salvage the relationship. I’d take the managing partner’s advice (after all, he is the managing partner), switch paralegals, and try to learn from whatever ounce of truth there may be in the first paralegal’s complaints.

      If possible, ask the managing partner to call everyone — both paralegals and you — into his office and announce the change — that way there’s no need for an awkward discussion with your para. Shake hands, smile, and work out the resulting stress/anxiety at the gym.

    • I had a similar situation last year–a colleague (she is a Director, I am a VP, but we both report to President) who I considered a friend, gave some harsh feedback to our boss at midyear review. It was similar–I am too confrontational, make her and my people feel like crap (that’s a quote); get easily irritated when people don’t meet my expectations, etc. I was shocked, devastated, and angry.

      I took a couple of days, wrote out my feelings and spoke directly (very professionally but somewhat emotionally) to her about it. I think she felt horrible because she thought she was giving anonymous feedback…”never thought she’d get caught”.

      Things have gotten OK again but to be honest, I will never trust her and believe she has real conflict avoidance/passive aggressive issues. BUT, I certainly felt better and have tried hard to take the feedback to heart and modify my behavior to improve my approachability, tone and body language.

      Good luck and congrats on the promotion.

    • Oh man that sucks! I would feel very betrayed if I were in your shoes. But if the MP thinks that you shouldn’t say anything, and if he doesn’t think you are doing anything wrong, then chalk it up to the paralegal’s insecurities and move on as best as possible.

      Just goes to show you can make everyone happy no matter what you do!

      Good luck, that is a tough situation.

    • If you are going to come out ahead with the switch (you get the rock star) and they are happy with your performance (which it seems like they are since you just made partner) then I think you are coming out ahead. Clearly the paralegal is not comfortable talking to you directly about this so I think not bringing it up with her is probably the right thing to do. I empathathize with how you must feel, this sounds awkward. Good luck and let us know what happens.

      • Congrats on making partner.

        I’d say – switch. Could be the MP is trying to be fair to both of you before judging (he can assess your PL’s performance personally & feedback about your style from the rockstar PL will indicate where the problem lies).

      • Thanks very much – I appreciate the ideas. I think I won’t mention it and simply switch. I think my future interactions with her will undoubtedly be weird, but I would just invite needless drama by talking to her about it directly. Thanks again.

        • And the next paralegal? Don’t go out to lunch, don’t try to be her friend. See the recent discussion on this point. Be professional and courteous and respectful, but don’t try to be buddy-buddy.

        • Different MJ :

          I think not mentioning it in a small office would be really difficult. If your office is big enough to have an HR/Office Mgr-type, have him or her take the paralegal into her office prior to the “public” announcement of the switch.

          I think the bigger issue is the betrayal factor–you thought your relationship was one thing and she thought it was another.

          If you want to try to make amends (and remember that this woman has had resentment festering for quite a while), I would take her aside privately, short and sweet, and say that you’re sorry that things didn’t work out, and you hope that you can get along going forward. Period. That’s all–no re-hashing, just a “let’s be civil” detente.

          You’ll see…things may defrost naturally, or perhaps she’ll hold a grudge forever. But honestly, the ball’s in her court. If it turns out she’s a crazy coot–you’ll be vindicated. If nothing else, you can take from this the advice of another poster–keep it cordial with your new paralegal, and tread (more) lightly with support staff in the future.

  9. I’m also a devotee, and in a pinch even use it on my cheeks (and, more rarely, lids) – it’s a 3-in-1 in my book.

  10. Delta Sierra :

    The best moisturizing lip stuff I’ve found, after years of duds, is e.l.f. Moisture-care. It’s only so-so as a lipstick, as it comes off on everything, but the only one I’ve found that always makes my poor sore lips feel better. Quite a few colors to choose from, and at $1.49 each, I buy them a half-dozen at a time and have them all over the house.

  11. I used this stuff in middle school.

  12. Elizabeth :

    Right now, these are Buy One Get One Half-Off at!!

  13. lawyergrrl :

    So, what are some good drugstore brand (read: inexpensive) lipsticks that people like that do not have parabens?

  14. ambergreen :

    I LOVE CG LipSlicks, especially Cutie and Hipster. I layer them for a natural, shimmery look :) Very pretty, this is HG and very cheap price. Cannot beat it, there’s a reason this product’s been around for DECADES! – While other new products come and go, LipSlicks remains a cult classic & favorite. The signature scent once put me off, but now I find it nostalgic & I “crave” the scent —- If it makes any sense! Plus, my lips are 100% moisturized, soft & there’s no obnoxious shine, stickiness or caking.